His + hers winter styleON GARRETT: WOOL COAT  ||  NAVY CARDIGAN  ||  WHITE BUTTON-UP  ||  SIMILAR TIE  ||  DRESS PANTS  ||  COGNAC DRESS SHOES my favorite shoes Garrett owns

ON ME: SIMILAR CAMEL COAT also love this option  ||  WHITE BUTTON-UP  ||  NUDE PUMPS best pumps for the price! Runs 1/2 size big  ||  SIMILAR STATEMENT EARRINGS  ||  LEOPARD CLUTCH  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  NECKLACE

He’s modest about it, but Garrett has a very good eye for style and fashion. He often predict trends long before they hit mainstream. I love that his job requires professional attire. I also love that LA is chilly enough these days to add sweaters and layering! I recently had Garrett jump on Nordstrom.com to add a few new pieces to his business clothes. He wears dress clothes all day everyday (except Saturday), and I’m usually pushing him to get a few more pairs of pants or shirts. He is pretty dang picky with fit of clothing. After months of searching, he finally found a gray pair of grey slim slacks that are the perfect fit. Leave it to Nordstrom to be his one stop shop as well as mine! I’m also completely obsessed with this wool peacoat. We are planning a big 10 year anniversary trip, and this coat will definitely be coming along with him! I’ve also converted him to shopping at nordstrom.com- it’s so convenient for him to get things delivered right to our house or his office, and he can avoid the dreaded dressing room. (Why do men hate dressing rooms?)

He works just around the corner from our house, so every once in a while we escape for a quick little pizza lunch date. After commuting an hour to and from work for over a year, it is so nice to have him working so close to home! For this post, I thought it would be fun to tell you a few fun facts about us as a couple. We have been best friends since high school, and have 14 years of laughs and memories together! Here are a few things you may not know about us…

1. The first time he asked me out I was sitting in my car in the high school parking lot putting ketchup on my breakfast croissant. He made a comment about the fact that I was putting ketchup on my breakfast croissant. He also noticed that I was wearing green contacts that day to match my green sweater. From that moment on we both knew I would always be a little bit extra, and that he would always notice and remember every single minute detail.


Classic coats for him + her

2. Just before we started dating in high school, I thought it would be fun to try out for the cheerleading team (he was the quarterback). I was a senior and hadn’t taken a dance class since I was 5. I remember making a complete and utter fool of myself at try-outs, so I just peaced out of there without even waiting around to hear who had made the team. As I drove out of the high school parking lot, Garrett was just pulling in for football practice or something…wearing sunglasses and his letterman jacket and driving his royal blue 1977 El Camino. He waved at me and I ducked down praying he wouldn’t ask me what I was doing at the school so late.


Classic mens style

3. After high school Garrett served a 2 year mission for our church in El Salvador. The only way we could communicate was through letters. HAND written letters. I also kept a sticker chart shaped like an LDS temple and placed a sicker on it for every day he was gone. I still have that sticker chart.


His + hers winter style

4. When we were dating in college, someone from our church came up to us one Sunday and said, “Last week at church I saw you guys high-fiving as you drove off from church. It was adorable!” We both looked at each other thinking “oh boy..are we a high-fiving couple? People can’t know this!”


Classic coats for him + her

5. For our wedding reception I surprised Garrett and sang to him a song I had specially composed and arranged with our band. I made him sit in the middle of the dance floor and I belted my heart out to him.


6. On our honeymoon, we decided to bring a fresh smoothie we made in our hotel room down to the pool in the glass blender like a couple of idiots. We went to Aruba, an island that is notoriously windy. The wind knocked over the blender and it shattered glass all over our cabana. The hotel charged us a $25 fee to replace the blender. Ever since then we measure things by the cost of a blender: “I saved an entire blender with that coupon!”, “a movie ticket there costs the same amount as a blender”, “That meal was definitely worth 2 1/2 blenders.”


Classic mens style

7. While we were in school in Provo, UT we both thought some of the cheesy jingles on the radio for various businesses were completely ridiculous.  “Stanley steamer gets carpet cleeaaannnnerrrr!” We dubbed them TUS’s. Totally Unnecessary Songs. We still yell to each other from the other room, “Ughhh! TUSSSSSS!”


Classic coats for him + her

8. We both learned a silly language when we were in 6th grade we would speak with our friends (we call it “uh-the-guh”, its like pig latin but more complicated). We speak Uhtheguh whenever we don’t want the boys to know what we are saying. It drives them nuts and it’s so much fun.


His + hers winter style

9. Our family gets obsessed with a certain song and we play it in our house all the time. Bradley is starting to get embarrassed when we dance and it’s the best. We dance like crazy all around him and he closes his eyes. Its literally our parent dream come true.



ON ME: SIMILAR CAMEL COAT also love this option  ||  WHITE BUTTON-UP  ||  NUDE PUMPS best pumps for the price! Runs 1/2 size big  ||  PANTS  ||  SIMILAR STATEMENT EARRINGS  ||  LEOPARD CLUTCH  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  NECKLACE



in partnership with Nordstrom | photography by Kendra Maarse

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8 thoughts on “LUNCH DATE + 9 FUN FACTS ABOUT US

  1. When we’d been married about six months, we were playing some game with another couple who’d been married like 8 years and when Bart and I won, we high-fived and the other couple was like “we know you’re newly-weds because you still high-five.” Still makes us laugh all these years later.

  2. You guys are hilarious, cute, and awesome! I waited for my husband on his mission too, high school sweethearts and all. It’s the best! Any chance you’d ever share a video of your reception song?

    1. Yay! Haha- you know the pain of saying goodbye for 2 years! But it made us so much stronger as couple! I have our wedding video somewhere on DVD- I need to get that uploaded to my hard drive!

  3. LOVE Garrett’s beard! He looks so handsome and manly ? You guys are so great. I loved reading all your fun facts!

    1. Thanks Bethany! It makes him look so much older, but I love it! haha- gotta love the white in his beard! I hope you and your family are doing well!

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