Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad SWIMSUIT  ||  SUNGLASSES

Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< The boys loved having their own room, they felt so cool! >


< Legoland was a dream come true for these two! >

Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< I caught this right after Garrett asked, “Who is the cutest boy in the world?!” We’ve taught all of our boys to raise their hands when we ask that. I love it! >

Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

Vacation at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< I got spoiled with a facial and a relaxing day at the Sheraton Carlsbad Spa. It was such a dream! >

Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

Vacation at the Sheraton CarlsbadSIMLAR DRESS  ||  NUDE HEELS  (size a half size down on these!)

< On our way to church Sunday morning! Eli was a little less than thrilled. >

Vacation at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< The sunset as we walked back to our hotel from Legoland. >

Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< Love these three dudes! >

Vacation at the Sheraton Carlsbad

< For those who asked when I posted this on my Instagram- I used this self tanner. This is after only 1 application! > 


Family vacation to Legoland at the Sheraton Carlsbad

Vacation at the Sheraton CarlsbadFLORAL ROMPER  ||  SIMILAR GOLD SANDALS ||  BAG

Back in January we took a little weekend family getaway down to San Diego for Cash’s 5th birthday. We gave him the option of having a birthday party or going to Legoland, and he picked Legoland. (thank goodness..much less stress for me!) While I was planning our trip, my biggest concern was convenience. Since it was a short weekend stay, I wanted somewhere close to the theme park where we could just hang out and relax and not have to do a ton of driving around to entertain the kids. We ended up deciding on the Sheraton Carlsbad, and we were so happy we did! When we checked in, the sweetest man at the front desk saw how excited the boys all were, and pulled out a little bag full of lego guys. It was his own personal collection and he hands them out to kids visiting the hotel. It turns out, he used to work at Legoland and knows the place like the back of his hand. So he told us all the best rides to start with and helped us plan our day. It was quite the welcome!

I didn’t know this when I booked the hotel, but the Sheraton has their own private entrance to Legoland! It is literally across the street from the park. So the next morning, we got the kids all ready, popped Eli in the stroller, and walked across the street and down the hill to a gate that opened to Legoland. And there was NO line! I couldn’t believe it. The boys are the perfect age for Legoland. We have never been before and I was so impressed with how well it catered to kids. Lots of rides were designed for the kids to wait in line all by themselves (it made them feel so big and important). There was one ride where they got their own little drivers license and got to drive a car around a mini little town. There was an area for parents and strollers to sit and watch. The boys went on this one over and over and it was so fun to see them have such a blast.  When the park closed and we were all wiped out after a fun day, I can’t tell you how amazing it was to just cross the street and be right at our hotel.

That next morning I worked out at their gym, and we spent the day swimming and playing at the hotel. While the boys napped I got a little pamper session in at the hotel spa. I had the most amazing facial (I’ve only had one other facial before!) and I’m hooked! I got full use of their spa facilities, so I went in their steam room twice, took a shower, and got all ready for dinner there. It was such a dream. If your kids are around ages 3-10 I would highly recommend a Legoland vacation and stay at the Sheraton Carlsbad. One day at the park and one day swimming was the perfect amount of time for us.

These past few weeks I have been busy planning for our next getaway. This time it’s just me and Garrett. We celebrate our TEN year wedding anniversary this year, and we have been planning on taking a big trip for this anniversary for years. We talked about going a lot of different places for this trip, but we decided on London and Paris! The trip is coming up quickly and I can’t wait. We have a lot of fun little adventures planned while we are there, but I do have a random question/favor! Garrett is a huge Chelsea Football fan. He loves that team with all of his heart. He is a member of their official fan club/group and we both really want to go to a Chelsea game while we are out there. Like..we planned this trip so we would be there during a few games. The problem is, tickets are hard to get. You have to be a member of a their fan club to be able to even purchase a ticket, but you are only allowed to buy ONE ticket per member. So there is a chance he might be able to buy a ticket to one of their games..but he will only be able to get one. Does anyone out there have any inside info on a way to get 2 tickets to a game? This is probably the most random request of all time ever, but it’s worth a shot!

I can’t wait to share our upcoming trip…even though I’m a borderline stress case about leaving the kids!

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  1. Welcome to London. Hope you and your family love my city as much as we do. There is so much to see.

    Good luck on the football tickets they are notoriously hard to come by.

    As a fan of fashion you should absolutely visit the V and A museum. The clothing there is amazing. Not to mention Liberty the famous homeware and fabric emporium that is just a beautiful shop to wonder around. I would also recommend the Peter Pan playground in Regents Park for the family.

    1. Hi Natalie- the hotel did host our stay, but they didn’t sponsor this post. We truly loved our stay there and how convenient it was in location to Legoland. I just wanted to share the convenience of it for any families planning a similar trip!

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