This Wonderful White is one of my favorite scents

My favorite candle scents   My favorite candle scentsFloral vanity styling. Completely obsessed with this Red Current candle container. It will last me forever!

Blush bow skirt + floral top Floral vanity styling.My favorite candle scents   Blush bow skirt + floral topPINK FLORAL TOP (this top would be pretty with the skirt too)  ||  BLUSH SKIRT  ||  GOLD CHOKER NECKLACE


I have always been obsessed with scents. Perfume and candles are my two favorite gifts to receive and to give. Fragrance is so nostalgic to me, and I connect many memories with smells. The smell of pink lemonade chapstick instantly transports me back to 8th grade walking the halls of my middle school and passing notes in class. Tiffany’s perfume is what I wore on my wedding day, and it reminds me of my reception. Old pages of books remind me of learning to read at the library with my mom, and the smell of Big Red gum reminds me of driving in the car with my dad to school in the mornings.

I have such a strong connection to scents, and I have always been really particular with what scents I spray or candles I have burning in my home. I have always been partial to floral scents, and I mentally connect a light pretty scent from a candle burning to a clean and organized home. That’s why one of the first things I do to get motivated to clean my house when it is cluttered and messy is light a candle. Votivo candles have been my go-to candle lately. They are such high quality! I can set a candle on my fireplace mantle and my whole living room smells amazing without even lighting it. And unlike some candles I have that burn really quickly, these ones last so long. All of the candle scents are rich and so fragrant.

I got to test some of the top Votivo candles and reed diffuser scents, and here are my top 5 favorite scents:

  1. Rush of Rose: I’m not surprised the rose scent is my favorite. Some rose scents can be too strong and smell like an old lady to me, but this one is perfect. It’s my favorite rose scented candle I have ever had. It’s a fresh, light rose scent, but still so fragrant. It makes my house smell like a fresh rose bouquet in just a few minutes, and it reminds me of the rose garden our next door neighbor had in his front yard. I would always stop and smell all the different colors of roses he had when we went on walks.
  2. Wonderful White: I was surprised how much I loved this scent! It’s very clean and elegant, and it’s always the scent I light while I clean. It reminds me of clean white lilies on Easter, and it is so perfectly named.
  3. Red Current: These scented candles come in the most amazing gold containers (I have this one and I’m obsessed. It is huge!). I was drawn to them initially because of the containers, but the scent is so good. It has a deeper musk to it. I love musk scents because I feel like they smell better the longer the scent lingers, and that is the case with these candles. It is slightly earthy, but in a feminine way (I’m not usually drawn to earthy scents, but I love this one).
  4. White Ocean Sands: I can’t wait to burn this candle every day in the summer. I’m not a huge fan of beachy scented candles when they smell too strongly of coconut or pina colada, but this scent is a little more sophisticated. It definitely reminds me of a summer day at the beach, with a faint hint of rose essence.
  5. Pucker Up Pink: This scent is a touch of fruity strawberry, but it still has floral gardenia undertones. It is light and clean, and perfect for spring.


With today being National Fragrance Day, I have partnered with Votivo, one of my favorite candle brands, to give TWO lucky winners a Votivo Fragrance Package (values at $75).


  • Leave one comment on this blog post letting me know what your favorite scent is, and your email address. Are you a floral girl like me? Do you love citrus scents? Woodsy? Fruity? I want to know!

(Please leave one comment per entry and I will select 2 winners and announce them on this post on Friday.)
*winners can pick up to 3 fragrances and the contest is open to US residents only. 

ALSO: Today only use the exclusive code VTFRAGRANCEDAY17 for 15% off of your entire purchase from These candles would make a great Easter or Mothers Day gift!



in partnership with Votivo  |  photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. This shoot looks so luxurious! Citrus scents are my go to. They remind me of orange trees in Arizona.

  2. I love sophisticated woodsy and floral scents, I seem to always default to vanilla-based scents.

  3. It’s hard to find candles that spread their scent throughout an entire room! My fav three scents: Gilded Magnolia, Pink Mimosa, and White Ocean Sands!

  4. I love clean and woodsy scents, sometimes florals but I have to be in the mood for them!

  5. Oh goodness–the scent “Gorgeous Grey” sounds amazing! It has both vetiver and amber in it (two scents I’m crazy about) with a touch of GRAPEFRUIT. That sounds so interesting!

  6. We just bought our first house and I’m dying to fill it with yummy candles! This sounds amazing and wonderful white is right up my alley for clean and sophisticated.

  7. We just bought our first house and I’m dying to fill it with yummy candles! Wonderful White is right up my alley with clean and sophisticated scent. Love it!

  8. I love florals as well. I wore Jo Malone “Red Roses” on my wedding day, and it continues to be my favorite scent.

  9. I love all floral scents! Something about them makes your home smell fresh & clean! 🙂

  10. I LOVE the Red Currant! It is my absolute favorite. I typically like citrus scents!

  11. I have always loved clean scents and used to like fruity, but the older I get, the more I am drawn to the more floral notes. But to be real, if I could find a scent of candle that matches my laundry detergent, I’d be set!

  12. I’m a beachy girl for sure! Anything that can transport me out of Utah and onto the sunny beach is a win for me! I would love to try white ocean sands!

  13. I used to love all of the sweet smells, vanilla and cake batter were my fave. Now that I have passed the 25 mark, I think my scent “palette” is changing. I’m LOVING clean smells, I think I’d love Wonderful White!

  14. I used to love all of the sweet smells, vanilla and cake batter were my fave. Now that I have passed the 25 mark, I think my scent “palette” is changing. I’m LOVING clean smells, I think I’d love Wonderful White!

  15. So many of their scents sound amazing and I would be thrilled to try! Super intrigued by Gorgeous Grey!

  16. My favorite scent is lilacs. It reminds me of the lilac bushes that lined the backyard of my childhood home. They never lasted long, so it was such a treat to be able to have that scent in the yard for the short time they were in bloom.

  17. I tend to lean towards crisp, clean, soft scents. But I do love a woodsy & musk accent from time to time.

  18. I love seasonal scents. Tropical and fruity in the summer. Cinnamon and apple in the autumn. Warm vanillas in the winter. Florals and clean linens in the spring.

  19. I love fruity fresh for perfume and anthropologie-smelling stuff for my home. (:

  20. I mostly love citrus scents but I would love to try a rose one. I’ve never really smelled an artificial rose scent that I’ve liked. So many fun choices!

  21. I love the scent of lavender! It’s always been very soothing to me. I love all floral scents though!

  22. I typically go for musk scents, so the Red Currant sounds amazing! I saw that gold container on your Insta-story the other day and it was GORGEOUS!

  23. It’s kind of an odd one but, I love the smell of frankincense!
    vandango33 at gmail dot com

  24. My absolute favorite scent is vanilla. I will always pick anything vanilla first. I also love citrus scents because they smell so fresh and clean to me!

  25. My favorite house scent is a mix of floral and woodsy. It’s the perfect combination!
    Next would be citrus

  26. My favorite scent is lavender it’s so relaxing and I like citrus scents in candles for a clean smell.

  27. I like foodie scents the best. Of these scents, I think I would like the Honey or Spiced Chai

  28. When I was in college I worked at a beauty boutique in San Francisco. We sold Votivo candles and I can almost smell the red currant scent just thinking about it.

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