Plaid cape + beanie + hunter boots.

Simple cape tutorial.

Plaid cape + beanie + hunter boots.

Plaid cape + beanie + hunter boots.

Plaid cape + beanie + hunter boots.

Simple cape tutorial.PLAID CAPE (made by me, tutorial below or here. Similar HERE and HERE)  ||  PANTS  ||  HUNTER BOOTS  ||  SOCKS  ||  SIMILAR BEANIE

I love capes because they are the perfect excuse to wear a blanket out in public. I’m always cold, and they are a great alternative to a puffy jacket. While I don’t get too many opportunities to wear them in LA, I brought along this cape I made a few years ago up to Big Bear. I found this cape for only $39 that has a really similar color palette to the one I made. I love the tan/grey neutral shades.

I created an incredibly simple tutorial on how to make it (like…anyone can make it. I promise!). I decided to revisit it today in this post- for those of you still buried in snow! Scroll down for the full tutorial.



photography by Julie Flynn Photography

Wool Cape Tutorial

  • a large cut of wool fabric that measures 60″ x 60″
  • matching thread


Could this tutorial be more simple? No it could not.
Step 1: 
Cut your fabric to a 60″ x 60″ square
Step 2: 
Measure in 30″ from all sides and mark the center of the fabric with a pin
Step 3:
Cut a straight line from the center of one edge to the marked pin.
Step 4:
Mark 12″ over on either side of the cut, and cut from that mark to your center mark, creating two triangles.  (as shown in the picture)
Step 5:
To hem the raw edges, fold over 1/2 and 1/2 again, pin in place, and stitch with 1/2″ seam allowance.  I only did this to the front and back of my cape, since the sides were selvedge edges that were a big frayed, but the fabric came already sealed to prevent more fraying.  I liked the look of these unfinished edges.



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