Pink Kate Spade pink coat Pink Kate Spade pink coat Pink Kate Spade pink coat  Pink Kate Spade pink coat  Pink Kate Spade pink coatPINK COAT (on sale for 40% off! I’m wearing a size 2)  ||  SILK SCARF  ||  WHITE DISTRESSED JEANS  ||  BLUSH TIEKS  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  BAG


I spied this coat months ago here and I spent weeks obsessing over it. At the time, I knew we were going to London but didn’t realize quite how cold it would be out there, so I wasn’t actively looking for coats for our trip. Also at the time, this coat was not on sale. As our trip approached, I just couldn’t get this coat out of my head and when I saw that it went on sale for 40% off, I snagged it. I read a few mixed reviews on the quality of the coat online, but I took my chances and I’m SO glad that I did!

This coat, you guys. It’s one of the prettiest pieces of clothing I have ever owned. The color is this gorgeous light purply pink orchid, and the buttons are rose rhinestones (which might sound like a bit too much, but they are amazing in person!). The wool is thick and such good quality. It is by far the warmest coat of all the ones I brought with me. I bought a few different sizes and ended up sticking with the size 2. I wore this coat on one of our days exploring Notting Hill, and we found this darling house that matched it perfectly! I paired it with these pretty blush Tieks that were a live saver to my feet and to my suitcase! I’m a bit Tiek obsessed. They pack up so small and compact! With all the gorgeous pink doors, homes, flowers, and trees in bloom, this coat was right at home in London!



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  1. I would love to hear your recommendations for specifically London but also Paris. I am taking my sister on a surprise trip so looking for others opinions on what they enjoyed.

    1. Hi Delaney! I a putting together a full blog post with everything we did/loved in both London and Paris! It should be up on the blog later next week!

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