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As a mom of all boys, sometimes I wish I had a little girl to dress up in similar dresses as me. But even though I’m not buying girls dresses, it doesn’t mean that I cant have fun matching my little dudes sometimes! This spring I’ve been stocking up on cute sneakers to run around town with my boys in. With spring break currently happening in our house, and summer around the corner, my kicks are going to get some serious wear at the park, library, pool, and the handful of kids’ museums we want to explore. I love the look of these Adidas Sam Smith sneakers, and I about died when I saw that Zappos also had them available in a teeny tiny version for Eli! I think this is such a fun way to “match” him without it being too cheesy! 😉 He is quickly outgrowing his shoes, and needed a pair that were a bit more durable now that he is walking, climbing, and running everywhere. I love that the kids version from Zappos have a velcro closure. So smart! I got tired of having to wrestle with my other boys’ kicking feet as I tried to tie their little laces when they were toddlers.

Funny story; when I ordered Eli’s shoes, I ordered a size 5 thinking they would be a good fit with room to grow. Zappos delivered them to my door the next day (how amazing is that?! and free!), and I was so excited to try them on Eli. Oh my goodness, they were so tiny! I could barely get his toes in the shoes. Just to be safe, I jumped on my Zappos app and ordered these same shoes in a size 7 and 8 from my phone. The following day I had the two new sizes, and to my total shock, the size 8 shoes fit him the best, with a little extra room to grow. What happened to my baby? He is growing like crazy, and he’s so big right now! I’m so glad I ordered a few extra sizes just to be safe, and now I can easily send back the other two pairs that were too small. The convenience of shopping at Zappos has spoiled me! I have a hard time actually going into a store anymore when it is so easy to find the items and styles that I need for myself and my growing boys online at Zappos. Now Eli and I are ready to tackle all the grocery store isles in our cute matching kicks.





photography by Jordan Zobrist Photography

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    1. Haha! It was like, a great discovery when I found out thats all it takes to get him to cooperate 😉 You can tell which pictures I’m handing him jellybeans in 😉

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