How to mix and match kids clothes How to mix and match kids clothes How to mix and match kids clothesHow to mix and match kids clothes  How to mix and match kids clothes How to mix and match kids clothes

My older boys are at an age where they can get up in the morning and dress themselves (best thing ever). Most nights I try to lay out their outfits for school so it’s easy for them to throw on their clothes first thing in the morning, but there are many nights where I am just too exhausted and don’t end up doing it for them. After buying boy clothes for the past seven years, I’ve come up with a few tricks I use to really stretch my dollar when it comes to buying the boys’ clothes. The older they get, the more active they are and the harder they are on their clothing. I’ve narrowed down the stores I get their clothes at to places I know I can quickly find well made clothing that is affordable and cute, and Kohls has definitely made that list.


While there are many days where I just have to let the bright colored character tee and mismatched shoes slide, another trick I’ve learned over the years is how to buy clothing that my boys can mix and match easily, that results in a cute outfit! Basics are my favorite go-to for the boys for this reason. I can always count on Kohl’s for great basic solid tees, striped tees, and tanks that pair easily with solid or lightly patterned shorts and pants.


I recently stopped by Kohl’s to check out their spring Jumping Beans clothing line, and I left with 9 tops and 4 shorts, all for only $75! That’s enough clothing to mix and match 10 different outfits, and I only had to go to one store to do all my shopping! It’s a one stop shop for all three boys, which makes it so easy for me to run out and grab clothes as the boys need them. And the best part about buying clothes that can mix and match is the boys get freedom to choose what they feel like wearing. Cash can get up in the morning and pick out his own Jumping Beans tee and shorts, and I know he will have on a cute outfit that goes together. Cash loves it because he feels like he’s a big kid who is in control of his outfit, and he likes wearing the clothes. They are soft cotton that is comfy, and he isn’t bugged with feeling constricted or itchy from the fabric. It’s a win-win for us when the boys are excited about the clothes we’re buying them, and we’re saving ourselves time and money getting quality pieces that work for multiple outfits, all in one place.



Grey pocket poloGrey/white striped tankRed/grey striped teeGrey shortsStriped tan shorts


Grey/white striped poloRed/blue tankBlue striped teeGrey terry shortsGrey cuffed shorts



in partnership with Kohl’s  |  photography by Jordan Zobrist



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    1. My white shirt is from Nordstrom (Treasure and Bond brand) and my striped top is H&M!

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