Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night. Couples casual date night.ON GARRETT: BLACK POLO  ||  BLACK BASEBALL HAT  ||  SHORTS  ||  SNEAKERS

ON ME: WHITE TOP ||  BLACK LEGGINGS  ||  MINT SNEAKERS (so obsessed with these! so comfortable!)  ||  GRAY SWEATSHIRT  ||  SUNGLASSES


We might not make it out every week, but date night is pretty high on our priority list. Most weeks are crazy with Garrett’s job, the boys, my work, school work, baseball, etc, etc. By the end of the week we often feel like two ships passing in the night. All I want at that point is to be able to talk to him without being interrupted by a bottle chucked at my head, having to spell out certain (backslash swear) words, or use our top secret special language that we like to use in front of the kids (that is actually hilarious; they get so frustrated that they can’t understand us, and it’s the coolest feeling ever).

We usually dress up a bit and go out to eat, but by the end of dinner I end up feeling too full and I can’t wait to get home and change into comfy clothes. So last week we decided to get a sitter and just go workout together. It. Was. Awesome.

Does working out together on a date sound super cheesy? Maybe it is; I don’t really care. I haven’t gotten to go to the gym, or go golfing, or play tennis, with just Garrett in years. We both got some good exercise in, and then we had a yummy, healthy, and reasonably priced dinner at Tender Greens (I love that place so much). We ended our date night feeling accomplished, healthy, and pretty good about spending half the price that we normally spend during date night!

As far as clothing goes, I have loved Nordstrom’s cute activewear for years (more looks in this post and this post). But I just recently started checking out the men’s activewear section for Garrett, and it’s got great stuff! This Nike polo is great quality and would be perfect for the golf course. Garrett also loves the fit and clean lines of these shorts, which are made out of this awesome lightweight sweat wicking fabric. So my advice to you for date night this week is to get your man a few active pieces at the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale (along with a little something for yourself… how cute are these mint Nikes?), and do something active on your next date night!




in partnership with Nordstrom | photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. My husband an I do nearly all our running training together, and are climbing partners. It’s awesome to be able to share an active lifestyle together, and put the phones, work, and business aside for that time.

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