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Lemon bathing suit White crochet swim cover-up Lemon bathing suit Straw beach bag + embellished sandals White crochet swim cover-up Lemon bathing suit White crochet swim cover-up Lemon bathing suit White crochet swim cover-up Lemon bathing suit Lemon bathing suitLEMON BATHING SUIT (SIMILAR HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE) ALSO LOVE THE CUT OF THIS ONE  ||  WHITE CROCHET COVERUP  ||   SANDALS  ||  STRAW TOTE BAG  ||  SILVER RIMLESS SUNGLASSES


With the temperatures getting hotter and summer just a few weeks away, I am really looking forward to taking the boys to the pool and beach to beat the heat! I still need to sign the boys up for swimming lessons, and I’ve been thinking about having Eli take lessons this summer too. Normally I don’t have my boys start that young, but we will be swimming a ton this summer, and I’ve discovered that this kid is fearless around water! He dives right in and thinks it’s hilarious. So I think I might play it safe and throw him into the lessons too.

Hitting the beach with the kids always makes me double think what I plan on wearing. Lets face it, there are tons of cute suits out there right now, but they are definitely not all mom friendly. I’m always rescuing Eli from running into the deep end, picking up toys, carrying around the kids and bags, etc. and I don’t want to have to worry that I’m showing off more that I want to. Finding mom friendly suits has been my number one struggle with buying bathing suits lately. I have been on a mad hunt for the best mom friendly suits, and there are so many good ones on Zappos right now! One of my absolutly favorites is this lemon suit. How cute is that print! Plus, it fits all my criteria for being kid friendly.

The thing that I love best about Zappos is their one day free delivery. I ordered a handful of sizes and styles, and I got them delivered right to my doorstep so I could try them on with kids climbing all over me in the privacy of my own home, rather than in a public dressing room. And the ones that didn’t work, I just popped back in the mail. Super simple.


Here is what always I look for when shopping for mom friendly beach looks:

  • Chest support: This one is obviously a must. After three kids you better believe I need plenty of support! I can’t handle suits that have zero padding or support; those will not even be considered! I love this suit because it actually has underwire coverage that continues up and around the chest, so it actually stays there, along with light padding. It also comes with removable straps if you want even more security.
  • Rear coverage: I mean, there is no way I’m going to feel comfortable around my boys, let alone bending over and moving around, without full coverage in the back. I have been so disappointed to find so many cute suits bare pretty much everything back there.
  • Easy on/off shoes: I got some really cute sandals last year that laced up and tied, but they were such a pain at the beach. I love these because they are adorable, on trend, and they just slide on and off. I didn’t realize how important that was until I had to deal with a difficult sandal.
  • No fuss coverup: I love this white coverup because it is light, white, doesn’t wrinkle too easily when it is wadded up in my bag, and it is easy to move around in. With all that goes into bringing kids to the beach, you know how important a good coverup is.
  • Big carry-all bags: A giant bag is crucial, and this one is big enough for two towels, snacks, my coverup, and sunscreen for me and the boys.
  • Good style/print: The sound of “mom friendly” suits might make you think of weird cuts and ugly prints, but there are plenty that are so cute! You don’t have to sacrifice style to get a great fitting mom friendly suit. Zappos has so many good options.


There can be so much planning that goes into taking kids to the pool and beach throughout the summer, so it’s really important to make sure I know what makes me feel most comfortable for whatever the day throws at us. Establishing these mom friendly essentials has helped me be more carefree and comfortable, and with the help of Zappos I have been able to easily find beach looks that are not only trendy, but also practical and mom friendly.




photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. The suit’s link says the product doesn’t exist ? But it is super cute!

    1. I know it sold out so quick!! I’m hunting it down though! I’ll post it when I find it restocked!

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