Bathtime with Mustela

Bathtime with MustelaBathtime with Mustela   Bathtime with Mustela

Bathtime with Mustela  Bathtime with Mustela

Bathtime with Mustela Bathtime with Mustela

Bathtime with MustelaBathtime with Mustela

Bathtime with Mustela


As moms we always want the best for our kids in every aspect of their lives, including their skincare from the day they are born. We notice every little impurity right away because we want to make sure they are as protected as possible. Only a few hours after Eli was first born I noticed he had a little birthmark on his back, and it might sounds cheesy, but its one of my favorite things about him! Every time I see it when I bathe him and it always brings back the sweetest memory of the very first time I got to hold him.

Eli’s skin is a bit different than my other two boys. It’s a little more dry, which is something I didn’t have to worry about with the older boys. Since noticing his skin is dryer, I have been on the hunt for bath and body lotion products that will actually help his skin get better as he gets older. I love this Gentle Cleansing Gel because it has a nice lather and is buttery smooth. The pump makes it easy to access when my hands are wet and slippery, and the fact that it works on the hair and body is so convenient.

When I heard about Mustela I was initially hooked because of the amount of knowledge they have on skincare for babies of all ages and stages. After using it on Eli, my favorite part about their lotion is the scent. I love that it is a mostly natural product that still has a pleasant smell to it. I didn’t love using other products that were natural before Mustela because the scent never left him smelling fresh and clean. Many of them have no scent at all, and I missed the fresh smell of a clean baby! The quality of Mustela’s products doesn’t stop with a great scent. In every product, Mustela uses main ingredients that are naturally derived, and each product contains Avocado perseose, which actually acts as a protective barrier to the skin to preserve skin cells from the environment.

I knew Eli needed a targeted line of products that worked directly with his unique skin type. Mustela’s new bebe line caters to four baby skin types (normal, dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone), which was so helpful in deciding which products would work best for him. It was so easy to shop for products by skin-type, with all the information I needed right in front of me. After baths I always play a game with Eli where I lay him down and squirt drops of the Hydra Bebe Body Lotion on him from way up high. He loves it! I use the Hydra Bebe Cream on his face since it’s thicker, and that is the area that tends to get the most dry.

For late crazy nights when I don’t have time to throw them in the bath, the No Rinse Cleansing Water is my saving grace! I just squirt it on a washcloth and rub them down quickly. Its super easy, virtually no mess or cleanup, and he still gets to go to bed clean and fresh. I highly recommend it for those busy nights!

I no longer have to worry about finding products that meet Eli’s skin needs, and as his skin changes and matures I know I can continue to find products from Mustela that will work for him no matter what skin type he has.


in partnership with Mustela | photography by Jordan Zobrist




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