8 things that boost my confidence. 8 things that boost my confidence. 8 things that boost my confidence. 8 things that boost my confidence. 8 things that boost my confidence.

With so many things in the world to pull us down and make us feel less than enough, I wanted to share some ways that I find confidence on a daily basis. These are simple things we sometimes take for granted, but finding confidence in ourselves really does start from loving who we are, where we are at, and changing our perspective on the things we surround ourselves with.

8 Things That Boost My Confidence

  • Being a mom: At the very top of my list is being a mom. Before I became a mom I was a perfectionist. I always wanted my house clean, and I never went anywhere without makeup on. I wouldn’t be caught dead being at a restaurant or movie by myself. Becoming a mother caused me to stop focusing on myself and what others thought of me, and it’s forced me to put all my time and devotion and love into my babies. They are my focus now, and I couldn’t care less what I looked like! Sure I love to have a great outfit on and good makeup, but I have NO problem running errands in sweats with no makeup. And I would go see a movie by myself in a heartbeat! I have the confidence to not care who sees me or what people think because my kids are more important to me than any of that.
  • A good fitting bra: I swear I wore the wrong size bra through most of college. When I have a bra on that fits weird or is uncomfortable I am constantly self conscious of whether it looks weird, too big, too pointy…whatever. I’m so glad I found Le Mystere bras. They are comfortable, well made, and most importantly they make me feel confident when wearing them. They give me support in all the right ways, and a good amount of padding without it being too much. If you are in need of a new bra I would highly recommend them (plus they have free shipping on all online orders!).  My favorite is the Infinite Possibilities Plunge Bra; it’s such a good fit, and it doesn’t pinch or hurt when I wear it.
  • Paying a compliment: This brings me confidence in the same way that being a mom does. I’m not thinking about myself, I’m thinking about a positive aspect about someone else. Paying a genuine compliment to someone, and knowing it was well received, always makes me feel happy and more confident!
  • The perfect lip color: My current favorite lip color is Bare Minerals “Smooch”. It’s a great nude/pink, and it lasts forever. Simply adding this to my beauty routine in the morning makes me feel good, even if that’s all I’ve got on my face! I love the way little touches like a great lip color can make me feel ready for anything the day holds.
  • A full night’s rest: When I start doubting myself, and get down or frustrated, I usually haven’t been sleeping well enough or long enough over the past few days. Late nights are sometimes necessary with my work, but they have sure started taking a toll on me mentally. There is so much positive that comes mentally and physically from a good night sleep!
  • Smelling good: It’s no secret I love perfumes. They are one of my favorite things ever, and I have been collecting them for years (Jo Malone ‘Wild Bluebell’ is my current favorite). Spraying on a beautiful scent before I leave the house makes me feel beautiful. I love the confidence my favorite perfume brings.
  • Making lists: They help release my self doubt and stress. I love the feeling of knowing I have everything I need to do in a day already spelled out in front of me. It gives me the motivation I need to tackle the day, and confidence knowing I am staying on top of things.
  • A white top: I always feel the most confident in a simple white top. It’s so simple, but so true. Everyone has their go-to favorite clothing pieces, and I have always loved how I feel in a white top. White tops are so easy to wear for any occasion, so being able to throw one on for the day and know that I’m ready for anything feels really good.



in partnership with Le Mystere  |  photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. Love everything you listed! So true I’m such a lists maker and have loved my Start planner for that. Being a mom has definitely taught me so much about myself as well. Great post!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I’ll have to look into Start planner. I am constantly learning new things about me…kids kind of force you to do that! haha!

    1. The things you are proud of is a great idea! I might steal that idea from you!

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