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Mom style Embroidered kimono + gold knotted flats  Mom style Embroidered kimono + gold knotted flats  Mom style Embroidered kimono + gold knotted flats  Embroidered kimono + gold knotted flats  Mom styleON ME: JEANS  ||  WHITE TEE  ||  KIMINO ||  GOLD SANDALS  ||  RING

I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by! It has been so great to have as much time as I want with the boys, but it can get crazy! I have loved not having to run on a strict schedule every day, needing to be somewhere 15 times a day with school, sports, etc. But now that we are in the middle of July, I have been trying to maximize the rest of the time I have while the boys are home in order to make the final days of summer really count.

I have to keep reminding myself that there is still plenty of time to fit in all the fun activities we have been talking about doing. Zappos has been a huge lifesaver with all the days we have been spending at the pool this summer. They carry some of our favorite brands for the boys, including Volcom and O’Neil, and they have the fastest delivery time to maximize our time spent in the sun! We have been taking advantage of the fact that the boys’ shorts have worked great in the water, so they have actually been using them in the pool too. It’s been so nice and easy to head to to pick out clothes I know they’ll be able to wear wherever we go this summer. That means no dragging them to the store, and more time spent doing the things they want to do!

Here are some of the ways we plan to make the most of the rest of the summer:

  • Trips to the pool three times a week (the boys’ shorts are great in the water, so they actually go swimming in them too!)
  • Visit the LACMA museum in L.A. (we have always wanted to go!)
  • Take a weekend trip to San Diego as a family
  • Fill in our summer reading chart
  • Go to the park with friends
  • Summer movies in the park
  • Family tennis night
  • Science experiments

photography by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. You and your boys are the most adorable!! You are super mom! Love your list of activities. My boys will have a month off after camp ends and before school starts, so I need actitvies like these to keep them busy. Thanks for the ideas!

    Xo, Deanie

    1. Thank you! Its crazy how many activities we need to have planned to keep them occupied!

  2. Leanne I just love how you include your boys in your blog and in all your gorgeous pictures!! They are quite the characters and they are all so photogenic!! It’s always great to have a game plan of activities for the summer, this was something I always did when my children were younger. Just a trip to the park or the big wooden playground in town made my children happy. Time passes by so quickly but so many happy memories were made that I will cherish forever. Happy Friday Leanne and enjoy your weekend with your boys??

    1. Thanks so much Donna! I really am so lucky that I get all these beautiful shots of them as they grow. And yes..they have more personality than I know what to do with! haha!

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