Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress. Ruffle lace turquoise dress.TURQUOISE DRESS (I’m wearing a small, fully stocked!)  ||  ROSE GOLD  PUMPS (these run small, I ordered 1/2 size up, under $100 and comfortable!)  ||  NUDE SHOULDER BAG  ||  GOLD CHOKER  ||  GOLD BALL HINGED BRACELET 


You know how you see a dress online and it looks pretty cute, but you get it and it’s even better in person? That is this dress, 100%. I feel like the images of this dress on the website don’t really do it justice. It’s a dark amazing turquoise color (not as light as the website images show), and it’s one of the most unique dresses I have ever worn.

If you watched my insta stories during fashion week, this was the dress I was stitching up the neckline, and then couldn’t fit over my head 😉 I made a few little edits on this dress, where I stitched up the neckline (that might sound intimidating, but I just did a loose hand stitch; a safety pin would work just fine), simply because it came down a little low in the front for me. And it comes with the same color turquoise slip underneath, but instead I paired it with a nude slip (the same one I wore with this dress last year). Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when the dress is that good. (you can find a very similar slip to the one I made here)

I shared a hot new color trend for fall in yesterday’s post, and today I wanted to share another one of my favorite fall trends: metallics. I went back and forth over ordering these shoes for fashion week, and I’m so glad I did! They were so comfortable! I walked quite a bit around the city in these heels, and the back of them comes up higher than my other true stilettos, which is what I think made the difference in comfort. I am also really glad I ordered 1/2 size up in these. They fit me perfectly. These heels are under $100, and they are striking in person. They look much more luxurious and expensive than the price tag would suggest. If you are on the hunt for a good metallic accessory that will get a good amount of wear this season and won’t break the bank, these metallic heels are it! As a side note, they come in lots of other really great colors. A good nude, a patent nude, blush, black, etc. These would be a really great nude pump as well!

Side note: As we were shooting these images I was crossing a fairly busy intersection. We would wait for the light to allow us to cross, and then wait for people to walk across, and shoot as quickly as possible before we had to be out of the cross walk. We did this over and over for a few lights to make sure we got just the right shots. At one point a girl walked by and muttered loudly, “you sure do want that shot don’t you!” I just ignored it, but thought “why yes…yes I do.” It’s taken me years to finally feel comfortable shooting while other people are walking by. I used to get so embarrassed back in the days when Garrett took all my pictures. I would be a hot sweaty mess and insist that we wait until everyone was out of sight before shooting. Now I’m not phased. Anything to get a good shot of the movement in a great dress!



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