3 Tips for moving to a new home. 3 Tips for moving to a new home. 3 Tips for moving to a new home. 3 Tips for moving to a new home. 3 Tips for moving to a new home. 3 Tips for moving to a new home.


We are moving into a new house next month, which means we are super busy packing, cleaning, and prepping for the move. One of the first things I do when I move into a new house is stock up on all the household cleaning supplies I will need. I always like to give the new house a really good cleaning before we are officially moved in so that I know it’s spic and span. I love that carries all the household cleaning products I have on my list, and they deliver them all to my doorstep in two days. It’s a bonus that their packaging looks just as good as their products work! It’s been my life saver, and my one stop shop for getting out new house prepped for the big move in day!

Since life is literally crazy with all we have going on right now (we are moving in the middle of the busiest season of the year!), I thought I would share three things that have been helpful for me throughout this moving process:


1. Cleaning our new place before we start moving in. This is one of the first things that needs to get done to give me some sanity! Without this step complete, we can’t start bringing all of our stuff over to the new house. With so little time and so much to do, has come to my cleaning rescue. Jet launched a new brand called Uniquely J, and I have been really happy with the quality of their cleaning supplies. They are free from harsh chemicals, which I love, and they are really good at getting surfaces clean without leaving streaks or dust behind. I’ve been using this fragrance free glass cleaner for my mirrors, and these cleaning wipes for just about everything! This all purpose cleaning spray has been amazing for cleaning the kitchen counters, and it smells so good.

2. Numbering my boxes. Instead of just writing what is in each box, I assign each room a number and label each box accordingly. This is so helpful when you have friends and family helping you move. It’s such a nightmare when all your boxes are put into the same room and you have to literally re-move all the boxes to get them into the right place. So this system keeps things simple and organized.

3. Decluttering before the move! I have been working really hard on getting rid of broken toys, donating household items we don’t use anymore, and purging my closet. If we haven’t used it since our last move, it goes! I love making a new home a fresh start, so it’s important to make this move as clutter free as possible.


We have a lot of busy weeks ahead of us with this move, but we are so excited for our new home. I’m looking forward to having everything clean and unpacked so that I can start to work on the organization and decoration with our new space! I can’t wait to share more details in the weeks and months to come.





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  1. Those are the cutest cleaning products that I have ever seen! We’re right in the middle of a move ourselves and it’s a hectic time so I appreciate your tips. We’re waiting on the carpet cleaners to finish and then the floors dry and then we can start moving things in tomorrow! We’ve been writing the room it belongs in on each box, but writing a number is much faster. Thanks for these tips!
    P.S. That picture of your little guy with so much focus on spraying the counter is so cute! What great little helpers you have!

    1. Congratulations on your move Emma! You are much further along than we are! But I have to get the new place totally clean before I can move in completely. It helps me mentally to start out with a clean clear house! Hope your move goes smoothly!

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