Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee. Fur vest + casual white tee.


Fur vests are so much fun to wear during the fall and winter months. They add great texture and instantly enhance a layered look. Since they tend to be the focus of the outfit, you can get away with throwing one on with a really simple look like a white tee and jeans. And the best part is, every fur vest changes your look differently because of how unique each vest is. I’ve added five of my favorite faux fur vests below.

And now for a fun life update! First off, NO, I am not pregnant. For all of you that hopped on over to see if my announcement was that we were having another baby…sorry to disappoint! haha! But if this were a pregnancy announcement post, there is no way it would be at the bottom of a regular old outfit post 😉 Much more drama would be involved. You guys know me well enough to know that! But I have an exciting announcement regardless…


We are moving!!

Aaagh! You have no idea how good it feels to write those words. I have loved our tiny bungalow home here in Pasadena, but we outgrew it about a year ago. I’ve tried really hard not to voice all my complaints too much on my insta stories, but just know that we have been cramped for months and months. I am constantly reorganizing, rearranging, trying everything I can to keep some order to this house, and we have been searching and praying for a bigger place for what feels like forever.

Pasadena is tricky because it is full of tiny old homes. Very rarely are there homes with 4 bedrooms. So we looked all around neighboring cities, and we were open to the idea of buying somewhere else and having Garrett commute. But nothing felt right. I have really been wanting to buy our first home, but there just wasn’t anything around us that was the right fit. A few weeks ago, Garrett suggested the idea of renting a bigger place here in Pasadena instead. While I didn’t love the option, I was open to it. So we started looking, and we were still discouraged with the options. Then, last week I went and checked out a home just a few miles from us, and I about died. A beautiful home just a few miles from us for rent that fit my style perfectly, with space! I had been eyeing this certain section of homes for years, but I figured they were never in the plans for us. Long story short, I jumped on this one. There were already tons of applications for it, and a new renter had already been selected. But I worked a little magic, and by the literal grace of God, we got the house! It is in our same school and church boundaries, so the transition for the kids will be pretty seamless. We move the beginning of December, so November is going to be complete madness. But I am SO ready! I can’t wait to share more of our new place with you soon!









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8 thoughts on “5 FUR VESTS I’M LOVING + A LIFE UPDATE!

  1. This is so exciting!!! Congrats!! My husband just got a job in Pasadena and we are looking to move up there at the end of the month! If you have any recommendations on places or areas let me know!! ❤️

    1. How exciting! Pasadena is so dreamy but housing can be very tricky! I would look around Upper Hastings and Lower Hasings area. Sierra Madre is a tiny city right next to Pasadena that is nice but more expensive. Try not to be too close to the freeway (lots of bums in that area). If you find something you like act fast! Houses get snatched up so crazy fast! Good luck!!

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. The extra space is the only thing that will get my butt in gear for this move!

  2. I’m just curious…why have you chosen to rent over buy? Usually people want to invest in a home instead of “throw their money away”. We are currently renting and have the mindset to buy in a year- so I’m just curious for your reasoning maybe it would persuade me to rent instead of buy.

  3. We are in Pasadena too and the rentals are just -__- That is so great you found a bigger place. We’re on the hunt but first are trying to figure out what school we’re sending the kiddos too. So stressful!

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