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Garrett’s birthday is this weekend, and we are spending it up in Big Bear. We are so excited to relax, unplug, and just enjoy time together with the boys. Since it’s his birthday weekend I thought it would be fun to do a little men’s look outfit post. If you’ve joined me here for  while, you already know homeboy has a killer sense of style. He gets men’s fashion, he gets women’s fashion, and he has good taste. One thing we both agree on is that Nordstrom is a one-stop shop for all his favorite styles. They have a great suit selection. If your man is on the hunt for a new suit and clothing/style isn’t really his cup of tea, take him to Nordstrom and have him try on one of their fitted European cut suits. They are Garrett’s favorite. I probably like them a little more than he does. Garrett’s firm requires a suit five times a week…and you won’t hear me complain about getting to see him dressed up all the time!

We wanted to do something fun for this post, so we each wrote down five things about the other person that are funny/quirky that you might not know about us. I haven’t read what he wrote about me as I type this…so I’m just going to be very trusting and copy and paste his list below.


FIVE THINGS ABOUT LEANNE (written by Garrett)

  1. She does not like feet. Like, at all. She’s not as bad as she used to be, but she used to be hyper-aware of any feet near her. Any time a foot would touch her, even discreetly or innocently, she wiped whatever it touched–whether skin or clothing–on something nearby.
  2. Listen, everyone. It’s a real thing. She does not have a sense of direction. Doesn’t matter what location you’re talking about, she does not know where it is from here. Not without a minute to think about it. Actually, give her a minute to look at the map. Wait, that map doesn’t make sense…hold on. Can you just tell her?
  3. In the four years we’ve lived in Pasadena, she has driven us home from Camarillo once (one hour drive to our parents’ house). If I’m available to drive (i.e., if I’m in the car), then she’s either working, taking a nap, or both during the drive.
  4. Leanne is humble. Any time she gets a message from someone, she’s so flattered and surprised. “Sometimes I think it’s pretend. There aren’t real people who see these posts, right?” She is beautiful and strong and confident and talented and charming. But she is also self-conscious and self-critical. And humble. (I should note, she receives many nice comments and she always talks about her “followers” as her friends. “I got a sweet message from a friend today…” I don’t want to give the impression I’m saying this so people are nice. You’re already nice!)
  5. Leanne is a good cook. She doesn’t cook enough to be a great cook, but she has it in her. Like her many other talents, she is very good at catching a vision, improvising, and adding a personal touch when she cooks. However–how do I say this?–Leanne cannot bake. We’ve speculated as to why, and I’m sure it would help to have a proper mixer, but if it requires flour or yeast or whatever else… it might not turn out.



  1. Garrett reads the Wall Street Journal almost daily. He also reads news constantly throughout the day. Anytime I’m excited to tell him about something…he’s already heard about it. I used to call him Wiki-Garrett because he’s my personal Wikipedia. He knew about Beyonce being pregnant with twins before I did. I was so excited to tell him about it, and after I did he said, “you are just now finding out about this?”
  2. Garrett married me and then all of a sudden decided he wanted to buy a motorcycle and join the military. Um….what? He didn’t say two words about either one before marriage. I told him military service and motorcycles are two things that must be disclosed prior to marriage.
  3. Garrett made up a song for each of our boys when they were babies. They are all different and he would still sing them to each of the boys at night. It’s so cute! Some of them are so random though. Eli’s song goes, “My name is Eli, you spell it E-L-I, I am the coolest guy, and I will tell you why, I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!”  See? Random central!
  4. He is good at every sport. He’s just naturally athletic. He says, “I just have good balance.”  I can never beat him at anything. When he came home from his mission, I had just finished a racquetball class, and he had been in a third world country for two years and had never tried racquetball; I was sure I had him. He beat me easily the first two games we played. I was soooo frustrated! Then, I was right behind him towards the very end of the third game, and I was so determined to win when I saw he was playing with his left hand! He still won.  I get super competitive when I play a game against him!
  5. Garrett has a very good memory. He can remember details about conversations we had ten years ago. He can tell you the name of the lady we met at the car dealership 6 years ago, and her dog’s name, and what I was wearing when we met her. But he cannot (CANNOT) remember how old he is. It’s been like this since his mission. The other day he voice texted me from the car because he was sure he was turning 32. He’s not. He’s turning 33. Even using the calculator he couldn’t remember he is 32.







in partnership with Nordstrom  |  photography by Jordan Zobrist

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9 thoughts on “ALL DRESSED UP ( + 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT US)

  1. Leanne and Garrett that was a lovely post to read. Glad to know I am not the only one who leaves long distance driving to my hubby!

  2. Leeanne you and Garrett look amazing in all of these pictures!! I hope you went somewhere special after your photo shoot. So, I love Garrett even more now that I know he is so much like my husband. Both are Attorneys, both have to read the Wall Street Journal everyday or they have withdrawal symptoms and both have Wikipedia memories!! My husband can recall conversations we had from when we were dating and we have been married 38 years!! I can’t recall what I ate for dinner last Fri!! Wishing Garrett a very Happy Birthday and enjoy your weekend in Big Bear??

    1. That is amazing the similarities! Is it a layer thing maybe? I would kill for a memory like that! Thanks for your sweet message!

  3. I loved this blog post. I giggled a lot. I’m surprised to find out you can’t bake! LOL Your home, your clothes, your kids, you are so good at doing so much!
    I would love to try this with my hubs and see how it turns out!
    You make a lovely couple and you have a beautiful family.

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