Elle Apparel Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Elle Apparel Holiday Gift Guide: Kids


Kids are a lot of fun to buy for, but this category can get expensive pretty quick! I tried to find gifts that are fun, educational, and useful at reasonable price points. I’ve also put together some ideas for non-toy gifts for kids of all ages below.


I also wanted to include a huge giveaway for today’s gift guide with some of my favorite products for kids! I have teamed up with some awesome brands to give 3 people some amazing gifts. To enter, simply write a comment below on today’s post, and let me know which of these 3 gifts you would love to win:


  1. Freshly Picked Moccasins: These are our absolute favorite moccasins (Eli still wears them!). They are super durable and great for learning to walk because kids can actually feel the ground in them! The winner will get to choose their favorite two pairs!
  2. Gathre Mat: This is a genius idea for moms. These are bonded leather playmats, so you can actually clean them up super easily. And they give you a nice clean place for your babies and kids to play on. I just ordered the midi mat! The winner will get $75 credit for any mat they want.
  3. Magna-Tiles: We are obsessed with these. My older boys are constantly playing with theirs! They are magnetic 3D building tiles, so there are endless possibilities for kids to be creative with these. The winner will get to pick out a set from their website.


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! THE WINNERS ARE:

Aleixs Reber – You won the Freshly Picked moccasins!
Stacie Heiner – You won the Gathre mat!
Cara Giacometti – You won the Magna-Tiles!

Congrats girls!! Please email me at so we can send you your gifts!


  • Passes to a museum, the zoo, or the aquarium
  • Kids cooking, dance, sports, or music classes
  • Host a theme night for your kids and their friends (ex: “spa night” for girls, “game night” for boys)
  • Create a costume bin or chest full of dress up clothes for them to use all year long
  • Create a fun “overnight bag” for them to use next time they have a sleepover (include favorite snacks, new pjs, etc.)
  • Arrange for a family member to send them mail once a month (great for keeping in touch with out of town relatives)
  • Take them to paint a piggy bank at a pottery shop, and help them save up for something special
  • Make a photo book of a fun event from the year (or a book with pictures of relatives for really little kids to learn who is who)
  • Have siblings make coupon books for each other to use throughout the year (or make one for each of your kids with fun events they can “cash in” whenever they choose)
  • Fill an old phone with pictures and let your kids use it as their own (good for little ones who don’t need much screen time)
  • Monthly subscription boxes for kids (or make your own box each month and fill it with fun new toys, stickers, or games)
  • Plan a date night to somewhere special and put it on the calendar so it’s “official”
  • A Netflix membership for older kids, or a gift card to Redbox for younger kids



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  1. Your picks are great! And I love the non-toy ideas, too. 🙂 Always good for a filled-to-the-brim playroom. As for the giveaway, I would definitely choose the Freshly Picked mocs. My 16 month old daughter has been living in the pair her older sister had four years ago! She could really use a couple pairs of her very own. 😉 Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  2. I’d love to win the Magna Tiles. My best friends have a 9 year old who they adopted last year from Kyrgyzstan who would die over these!

  3. What awesome gift ideas! My son will be 1 on December 5th so I’m trying to find creative non-toy gifts for him! This will be my first Christmas as a single mom with just my son and I. I’ve had to make a lot of big changes recently including adjusting my budget so it will be a smaller Christmas for us this year. I would LOVE the Freshly Picked Moccasins for my son! He would look so cute in them! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I adore your blog and following your cute family’s journey!

  4. Ooh the Gathre mat is awesome! We have the micro that we use for more than changing babies, and it’s time to upgrade to a family size!

  5. My two year old has decided he doesn’t like his bed and he needs to sleep in his pop up tent. That sleeping bag is so cute and such a genius idea! If I were to win I would choose the moccasins because I am due with a new baby boy in January!

  6. These are all great suggestions!! Shopping for nieces and nephews is fun but I’m always at a loss for what to get them. I think the moccasins would be SO CUTE for the little ones in my life!! Thanks for the list of ideas!

  7. Thanks so much for all the great ideas! I would love to win the Magna-Tiles!!! My son loves anything magnets. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  8. The Magnatiles for sure! I’ve been trying to switch out my son’s baby toys for more educational toys, and with our unexpected move we don’t have the funds for that extra stuff. ?

    1. Manga tiles for sure! I would love to play these with my kids so it would get me on the floor with them more!

  9. Love this whole list!! Thanks for sharing! Non-toy gifts are always my favorite! ???? The Gathre mats are the best! I Love that they are functional and stylish at the same time! I have a few friends who have one and I’d love to join the club!;)

  10. All of these giveaways are amazing! Magna-tiles would be a huge hit with my family’s obsession with building.

  11. Love these ideas! I have a 1 year old little boy and I’m not sure what to get him for Christmas! Eek how to choose one of the 3!!? I think the gathre mat because he is always making a mess and I’ve been eyeing them for a while!

  12. I would love to win the freshly picked moccasins! I am due next month with a little boy and have been on the lookout for the cutest mocs!

  13. I can’t decide!! I’m due in December so freshly picked would be amazing. Gathre mat for all the kids or manga tiles for my older two. But gathre mat probably wins out of all of them. Such a great giveaway. Thank you!

  14. What a generous giveaway! Oh I would love to win some freshly picked moccs! I have a baby boy coming this Christmas, and they would be perfect!


  15. I love all these ideas! Although I have a girl, I also have nephews around your boys age that would love everything in the list! I would love the freshly picked moccasins!

  16. I love the bowling set and my son would be obsessed with the train. beautiful and creative picks!

  17. These are such great pics. I love the Gathre mat! Such a wonderful product where all sorts of memories can be made!! ❤️

  18. Love all these non toy gift ideas! I’ve been following you and Merrick for years and you both put out a great non toy gift list this year. So helpful for this clutter hating mama. I’ve got two boys and a sweet little girl. We love manga tiles buuuut, my girl could use some moccs 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I’m loving all your clothing picks, such style!! ??‍♀️ I want to win the gathre mat!!

  20. These are some great ideas! I’m a first time mom, so I love getting ideas from experienced moms. I would love to win the freshly picked moccasins. My little guy has chunky feet, so finding shoes is tough, but those would be perfect and comfortable for him!

  21. They’re all awesome products but I would love the Gathre mat since it would be the most versatile for us. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  22. I love the idea of no toys gifts, and always do it over here as well. New boots, new snow coat, something a bit more expensive but that we need. However the magna-tile is my one favorite toy for my daughter. She has some and I love to watch her play and create things with it. Magna-tiles is always a good idea! ☺️

  23. I’ve been eyeing those magnatiles for awhile now! They look like they’d entertain for hours! Love this gift guide, thanks!!

  24. I looove the non-toy ideas! Those are always our favorites, since kids accumulate so many toys (where do they come from?!).

    I would love to win the moccasins – I have another little on the way & I’m dying for my 2 to match in Mocs!

  25. Great choices! I’d like to win the Magna tiles, my girls would loves. Thanks for the opportunity!?

  26. Loving all these ideas for my kids! I’m a huge fan of your non- toy ideas especially- memories over stuff! I would love to win a gathre mat for my girls!

  27. Love your blog and your cute family!! And the list of non gift ideas is perfect! Thank you!

    My daughter would love the magnatiles. She loves building things!

  28. Love the ideas, my first born reminds me of your Eli (maybe it’s the stubbornness and towhead) but we also ha e another boy due next March! It’s a hard choice but I would pick the gathre mat since it could be used with both boys!!

  29. My kids have been begging me for magna tiles this year! I’d be thrilled to pit them under the tree for them. Such a fun giveaway.

  30. We would love some new moccasins! They’re the only shoes that fit my girl’s chubby feet ?

  31. In the waiting room for an ultrasound of my second baby, and I’d LOVE to win the Freshly Picked moccasins! Thanks for all the recs!

  32. I love your sweet blog!

    I would love to gift the Gathre mat to my bestie and her 8-month old twin boys. This mat is totally up her alley and would be awesome to gift them with it. Style and function- win!


  33. My babies love freshly picked Mocs! I would definitely choose those! Cute ideas that aren’t just centered around toys. Thank you!

  34. We would love some magna-tiles. I have been considering these for my son, but they are a little pricey.

  35. Love this! Everything you touch turns out amazing! And would love the baby moccs for future babe!

  36. I would love to win the Freshly Picked Moccasin! My little boy is learned how to stand and take steps but refuses to wear shoes, his feet are too chubby haha so maybe these can help him!! Thank you!

  37. play mat play mat play mat! With a 3 month old, tummy time occurs daily- and I HATE my baby on his tummy directly on the carpet (just moved into a house we are planning on renovating. I hate germs- especially germs that aren’t mine lol) also loved the non gift gifts! Sometimes memories are the best gift!

  38. What a great list of ideas and giveaway! I would especially like the magnatiles! I love open ended toys that let kids my kids be creative.

  39. Such fun things! With a new baby coming just after Thanksgiving I would have to choose the moccasins! They are too cute!

  40. I have been wanting some FP mocassins for my 6 month old son! They are adorable and I would love for them to be the first pair he starts toddling around in ?

  41. I love this ❤️ We usually do small Christmas gifts for our kids and do a family trip every year. My husband and I decided early on that we’d rather create memories that give them too many “things.” So I absolutely love the non toy gifts! I think my kids would love the magna tiles! Love your blog ❤️

  42. I just love your blog♥️ & I’m obsessed with X-Mas pj’s.. I would love to win the j.crew jams for my boys! Thank you so much for the opportunity?

  43. Ah, so excited about this gift guide! I would love two pairs of freshly picked moccs, and I can’t wait to buy some of these other gifts for friends with kids!

  44. Whoops, didn’t fully read.. I would DIE for a pair of FP moccs! I’ve never bought them bc they are so pricey.. but literally enter any giveaway I can featuring them?? Thanks Leann! Just obsessed with your… everything. Lol

  45. I have wanted to try both freshly picked and gathre for so long! I’ve heard amazing things about both!!

  46. Freshly picked moccasins ?? I would love to get a pair. One for indoor slippers (the tile gets cold in the winter) and a pair for church or play!

  47. Great gift ideas! Love these products! Love the freshly picked moccasins for the giveaway! Been eyeing them up for my daughter as she is just starting to crawl and pull to stand!

  48. First I would like to take the Opportunity to thank you. I love following you. Your real life and honest life style is a breath of fresh air with a lot of people promoting anything. As a mama of four boys ranging in ages from 11 to 2 I really think the gather mat would be perfect for sports home for everything. Thank you for the giveaway.

  49. Ahhhh I’ve been dying to get a pit of Freshly Picked moccasins for my newest niece. I would love to win those!! This gift guide is so helpful for all the littles in my family. Thanks so much! ?

  50. Gah! How can you pick one with three awesome options like that?? I’ll go with the magnatiles… thanks for all you do, love your blog and insta!

  51. I’ve been wanting a Gathre mat for so long!!! It would be so awesome to win one ❤️ Thanks for the great gift guides & the fun giveaway!!

  52. I think I enter in ever freshly picked giveaway I see! I have a 9 month old baby girl and walking is coming up quicker than a mama would like! But maybe it won’t be so sad for me if she is rocking come cute mocs!!! And I LOVE your gift guides!

  53. I have been wanting to try the Gathre mats so I would love to win one! Love this gift guide! I have been seriously STRUGGLING to come up with what to get my kiddo!

  54. Such a good gift guide! I would love to win the freshly picked moccs. I’ve been eyeing them for my 1 month old baby boy! ?

  55. What a fantastic gift guide! I would love to win a gathre mat, they are not only so functional but darling!! What a fun giveaway!

  56. What a fantastic gift guide! I love your ideas! If I were to win I would love to try a gathre mat, they look so functional and cute!

  57. Oh I would absolutely love to win a gathre mat! My 1.5 year old son and I go to the park nearly every day and we need a good quality picnic blanket for our trips! Plus, I am expecting baby #2 this spring and I know she will love relaxing and doing tummy time on a soft gathre mat in the shade while we watch big brother kick his soccer ball around! What an incredible giveaway!

  58. I would love love love to win the magnet tiles! I have been wanting them for my son but even on sale they cost a bunch! The little moccasins would be perfect for my newborn too! So I’ll take both! ?

  59. The gathre mat would be so cool to win!! We live in an all carpeted duplex (except for the bathroom) and I can think of SO many uses for the mat with my busy 2 year old! Great post with some awesome ideas.

  60. Ohhhh love them all!!!! My boys would love the train set! They been asking for the last couple years! The glow in the dark pajamas! So cool!!! And the magnatiles because those are just a great toy to have!!! You are the best !!!

  61. My son is only 9.5 months old but I would pick the magnatiles. I taught kindergarten and grade 2 before having him and played with those at school. They are fantastic!

  62. I would love the freshly picked Mocs! Just started getting them for my little guy and they are perfect for learning to walk!

  63. What a great gift guide! I have two boys who would be thrilled to get magnatiles! I have heard they are amazing but have yet to try them 🙂

  64. Love this giveaway! It’s so hard to choose which prize would be my favorite but probably the Freshly Picked Mocs. I’ve got an early walker and a baby on the way. I see a few more years of moc wearing kids in my future 😉

  65. Magna Tiles! I’ve been wanting to get these for my kiddos! I’ve heard such great things!

  66. Love the list! Magna-tiles are already on my list for gift ideas from family. Freshly Picked mocs are also one of my favorites and i know my daughter would fall apart if she received a customized sleeping bag. But my absolute favorites are the non-toy gifts. We are blessed to live in a neighborhood with lots of kids slightly older than mine and we receive the hand-me-down toys!

  67. I can’t decide! Such great gifts! I’d go with the Freshly Picked moccasins or the Magna Tiles since I have a 2 yr. old and a 7 yr. old!!

  68. I would love to win the mangatiles for my twin nephews. They would love these for Christmas! And I’m sure their dad would too 🙂

  69. Oh so fun! I️ would absolutely love anything from this list. If I️ had to choose though it’d be the gathre mat. I️ have been eyeing that for the past year, and it’s on my wish list by we’re in medical training so it’ll have to wait. I️ just love the name of the product, and the concept of gathering everyone on I️t to play and have family memories. ?? I’m lucky enough to win!!

  70. Love the gift guide you put together! My little girl Quinn would love some FP Mocs! Thanks for making us laugh!

  71. Freshly Picked Moccasins! Baby boy is starting to try to walk. Why does it all happen so fast! I love seeing you with your three boys ?

  72. I love those magnet tiles but my little one will be walking soon and I think the freshly picked moccasins would be a great gift! I loved your non gift ideas too! Thank you for the great content!

  73. Loooving these ideas! Especially the non gift ideas. We’re trying to be more minimal! I️ have had my eye on a gathre mat for months but it’s definitely not in the budget. All your picks and prizes are amazing though!

  74. I know our kids would love the Magnatiles! what great prize options though! thank you for hosting such exciting giveaways!

  75. Seriously these would all be so great! My son is almost three and would love the magna-tiles and I’m due with another boy in February so the moccasins and mat would be so great!

  76. This is so kind. I’m so grateful to have your insight and style on my feed. You’re just such a blessing. I want all of these. Such great gifts! I’m hoping for the Gathre mat. ?

  77. I would love the freshly picked shoes. They are my favorite for kids! And such great ideas/picks. Now to only narrow it down…I’m trying not to go crazy this year!

  78. Your gift guides are soooo good. Thank you for saving my holiday shopping! I’d love to win any of those but especially the gathre mat! I’ve had my eye on one for a while!

  79. I love these ideas. I’m due in TWELVE DAYS [omg] with my first and would love to win him some Freshly Picked moccs!!

  80. I’ve heard great things about the magnatiles. What a wonderful activity to encourage creativity.

  81. I love those overalls! I think H&M might be my favorite shop for kids clothing. And since we moved so far away from my family a year ago that idea of an email a month from a family member is just perfect. I’ll definitely arrange that for my son.
    My boys LOVE magna-tiles! Even my 17 month old loves to play and get creative with them. We would love to grow our collection. But I think I would love the moccasins the most. Freshly Painted is usually way out of the price range for me but their shoes are just the cutest.

  82. I would so love to win the magna tiles for my 2&4 year old! That would be amazing! Thanks ?

  83. Ah, it’s hard to choose just one! I’d love to win the gathre mat! My daughter is almost 10 months old and loves being outside. The gathre may would be the perfect addition to our picnics in the park!

  84. I would love to win the magnatiles! I have a 5 year old and 2 year old that are both in love with building and designing.

  85. Oh my goodness we would love to win a gathre Matt! We are expecting our first baby, and I have wanted one ever since they started up the company.

  86. I’ve been wanting to give my son some magnatiles for a while now but have never bit the bullet and bought them. It would be so great to win!

    1. I forgot to say what I’d like to win! Haha oops. I would love to win the Gathr mat. I’ve been wanting one for a long while!

  87. Your gift pics are such a lifesaver! I just had a baby who is 6months old and would LOVE to win the freshly Picked moccasins. They would be such a sweet addition to her first Christmas outfit this year! ❤️?

  88. I would love the freshly picked moccasins!! We’ve struggled with infertility for years, and finally were able to get pregnant with our miracle baby!! Baby girl is due in January ❤️❤️
    Thanks for all the great gift ideas!

  89. As an Auntie/Mom to two kids with every toy they need, thank you for making a non-gift list! With the chaos of the holidays it’s easy to forget and telling people gift cards isn’t fun. I’ll definitely be passing that list around.

    1. My son pressed send too quickly! Also, LOVE the Christmas list for men. Dad will definitely be getting some great gifts for the man who also “has everything.”

  90. I would definitely chose the freshly picked Mocs! My daughter lived in hers as an infant. Would love to win a pair for my newborn baby boy.

  91. Love your holiday list for kids! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with what to get them because there is just so much out there!
    We would love to win some FP moccasins for my 1 year old! You can’t go wrong with shoes that are comfortable and baby remove proof ?

  92. My daughter loves the magnet tiles! I have a small set for her and would love to have some more for her to play with. I love watching her build and use her imagination to come up with new things

  93. All of these prizes are just too good! I would probably have to say the Magnatiles though. Have herd great things about them!

  94. I would love the Freshly Picked Mocs! They are my favorite for my daughter…can’t believe I never got them for my other kids!

  95. After struggling with PCOS, my husband and I are expecting a our first little on in April of next year! We would LOVE the Freshly Picked Moccasins to keep those ten littles toes warm 🙂

  96. This gift guide and this give away ?? I would be the happiest mama if we won the mocs! Our little man is on the move and I’ve heard from PTs these are the best shoes for learning how to walk.

    Love all your posts!

  97. The Mocs for sure. I desperately wanted a pair for my first but couldn’t justify the cost, we had just bought our house. Expecting number 2 and would love to have some for him/her.

  98. I appreciate you putting some ideas that aren’t toys! My kiddos have lots of toys and I’m sure will get more from family. Somewhat educational & good price points are major for me! Thank you for all the great ideas! Can’t wait to get shopping ? we would honestly be happy with any of the 3 amazing items you are giving away! Freshly Picked Moccasins, well, you can never go wrong with them. They look cute on every baby/toddler! I’d love an easy clean up Gathre mat. I know so many people who rave over the Magna Tiles. We would love to try them out and see how many different things we can build with them. Thank you again! Love your blog + insta! ?

  99. All of your picks looks so great! Love your Insta-stories and getting to know the you behind the photos!
    Would love the Magnatiles! A family has them at church and my daughter always peers over the pew to watch them play 🙂

  100. I would love to win a pair of freshly picked moccasins! My little girl is almost walking and I would love to have some cute moccasins to put on her small feet! I’ve been holding off buying any before she walks because I want them to last a long time!

  101. What a great list! And such a hard choice of which one would be a perfect gift for my sweet girl! I️ think the Magnatiles would be great for her age this Christmas!

  102. Love this!! Thanks for all your hard work! I absolutely love following you!
    We would love the magna-tiles! Heard amazing things about them!

  103. Fun ideas!!! We are doing a “Fun Day” for one of our kid’s gifts. It’s going to be a whole day with fun(and simple) activities we don’t do often! We would love any of these awesome products…but we would probably have to go with Freshly picked!!! Baby sister needs some new kicks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I think your blog is the sweetest! I would LOVE to get the magna-tiles for my 2 year old! He is so energetic and creative and I think they would be amazing for his imagination and for when he needs a quiet activity.

  105. Love love all the ideas, thank you so much! If I won I would pick the gathre Mat. I would love it for days in the park while the kiddos play.

  106. Loving all of these great ideas for the kiddos! I am obsessed with all three: Mocs, the mat, and who doesn’t love to build with the Magna tiles. My first little one is due in February and after experiencing shoe issues with my nephews, I am a huge fan of Freshly Picked moccasins. Keep all of the ideas coming– Happy Holidays ❤️❤️

  107. I would love to win the moccasins! I have a new baby on the way and after losing our last one I gave everything baby away. I’ve heard amazing things about them and would love to try them out on our new little girl!

  108. Such a wonderful post. I would love the moccasins! My daughter is 9 months old and so far we haven’t been able to find her any good shoes. Luckily it’s still hot in Texas!

  109. I love all of the gift recommendations for babies!! I am obsessed with baby moccs and if I were to win, that’s my #1 choice! My daughter just started walking and these would be perfect.

  110. What a great gift guide! I appreciate all of the fabulous ideas. 🙂

    I’d love to win the Gathre mat!!

  111. I just love your style! We have been in the hunt for more non-toy ideas and so I appreciate these ideas because they are practical and cute! If I could pick three items I would pick first the Gather mat because I have three kids ages 5,3,&1 and we are constantly on the move and something that could help contain a mess or keep things from getting messy is something I’d love, next would be the magnatiles! My sister has some and my kids love to play with them when they go over they allow them to get so creative! And lastly, I would love some Freshly Picked moccasins for my beginner walker…. some shoes that aren’t heavy and easy to put on and walk would be awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  112. Such great ideas! Tough to choose just one for my little guy but I would probably have to pick the moccasins! They are the cutest!

  113. You have great gift picks. My son would love the magna -tiles. He really enjoys creating and building. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  114. I would love the Gathre mat/cloth. I have 13 grandkids and we have them (and their parents too of course!) over a lot for dinners, cookie decorating etc. I would LOVE one of their cloths!! Thank you!!!

  115. My 3 boys are about the same ages as yours and LOVE magnatiles! They have one set they share and it keeps them busy and happy!

  116. My little boy would love the train set, my daughter would love the magnatiles and I need the gathre mat haha. Also can’t go wrong with Freshly Picked Moccs!

  117. You’re he best for hosting this giveaway, I would love to win all those things!? I think my little guy would love the magna tiles, the train, and the letter board would be so fun to use in his playroom! I love your non toy gift ideas too! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  118. Magna-tiles are AMAZING! My kids love them! But I’ve also been in love with Freshly Picked mocs forever so, it’s a tough one 😉

  119. My two year old is super mechanical and loves to put things together and take them apart. I’d love the magna tiles for him! I just had a baby a week ago and am trying to find anything that will entertain my toddler for more than five minutes!

  120. Any of these gifts would be awesome. My kids are similar ages to yours just all girls and my youngest is 18 months. The Mocs and magnatiles would both be great!

  121. I would looooove to win the Freshly Picked Mocs! I’ve loved seeing them on your little guy (never even heard of them before out here in Indiana ?) and have been wanting them for my new baby girl! They are seriously so cute!!!

  122. The mocassins! I’m OBSESSED with kids shoes, and I’d love to add some more to my daughter’s collection :).

  123. I actually have a gathre mat and mocs on my Christmas wish list this year! I would love to have either of them for my 4th baby:) Thanks for the chance to win.

  124. So many great gift ideas! Love the more educational toys for my boys. Manga-tiles are on their Christmas list. I hear such great things about them!

  125. I would love the Gathre mat! I have been looking for a play mat for my son who is almost a year, and this would be perfect. The freshly picked moccs would be great too, I bought a couple pairs during their last sale and am just waiting for baby to grow into them.

  126. Freshly Picked Mocs for sure!!! My little dude just outgrew his first pair and they are the only shoes he would keep on his feet! Awesome gift guide!

  127. Those glow in the dark pajamas are SO STINKIN’ CUTE! ? And thanks so much for offering the giveaway. I would love any of the prizes, but especially the Moccs for my baby, or the Magnatiles for my preschooler . Thank you for the chance and for the awesome gift ideas!

  128. Love all of these ideas! I have been wanting to get my son a set of Magnatiles for a while, I would love to win a set! His little creative mind would love playing with them!

  129. I would love to win the Magnet tiles to give the little boy I nanny for Xmas! He would love it!! ?

  130. Hi! I would loooove a gathre mat!!! With two kiddos under two, it would be so handy to have! 🙂

  131. I have twin girls on the way, and would LOVE the moccasins for them! 🙂
    Thanks for the great gift ideas too!

  132. I would love to win the Freshlypicked Moccasins! That’s all my baby will currently wear, which is totally fine by me because they are so dang cute!! My girls also love those tiles, so doesn’t hurt to have more of those – less fighting, if you know what I mean! ??

  133. I may have given myself an anxiety attack trying to pick on the giveaway!!! Ha ha it’s all so so good. I think the big splurge that I would never do on my own is the insanely adorable Freshly Picked moccs. I salivate over them and can never buy them. You’re the best for so generously offering this big giveaway!

  134. Love this gift guide!! My favs are the Magtiles!! My two are obsessed with the Magnaforms (very similar) and play with them all the time! They are even great to travel with on the plane. Also love the non traditional… this year we are asking family to contribute to passes to Disneyland and class for swimming lessons and ballet since we just moved to SoCal!! My son and Eli are only a few days apart (I think we even had the same due date) and we still love to wear our FP Mocs! I’m due with #3 in May and would love to get some new ones for baby!

  135. Such a great idea!! I have 2 year old twin boys and we would love the Freshly Picked mocs!! They are great, because they don’t have laces and it just makes every mamas life much easier ??

  136. Magnatiles! My two year old boy is obsessed with the ones at our library and I would love to get him some!

    Great gift guide by the way! One of the better ones I’ve seen 🙂

  137. I️ would love to win the FP moccasins. My husband is deployed and we are having our third baby in January. We have 2 girls and all girl stuff.

  138. Fun ideas! I totally pick magnatiles since they’ve been on the someday list for a few years and I’m hoping to fit them into this year’s Christmas budget.

  139. Love all your ideas. I just had a baby boy and have been eyeing the mocs so that would be by pick!!! He would be total heart eyes in them. xoxo

  140. I would love to win the moccasins. We have surprise twins on the way and they will be here right before Christmas. Buying for two gets expensive ha ha

  141. I love the non toy gift ideas!! I feel like those can be used/given year round! So cool!
    We would love to win the magnet tiles!! Those are so much fun!

  142. I would love to win the Gathre mat! My little guy uses one during speech therapy and they are so awesome!

  143. gathre mat!! seriously i would give my left hand to never have to wash another grassy blanket from the park or softball game!! i’ve been wanting one for years (since they were called the playground!!) and i have the changing mat but never got around to getting one for the family! this would be such a wonderful prize to win!!

  144. I would love the moccasins! I can never bring myself to spend that much on shoes for my littles… but would absolutely love to have a pair!

  145. I’d LOVE to win the moccs for my daughter and the rest for my son!!! He’s 2.5 and loves building things, and my daughter is 6 months and loves taking her shoes off ??‍♀️ Help a sister out! ?

  146. The magna tiles! My three year old LOVES to build and fix anything and everything….he known for taking apart random things just so he could put them together so I’m sure he’d love these!

  147. Oh my goodness such a great give away! We love freshly picked moccasins and are about to outgrow the current size we have! Growing baby 🙂

  148. My daughter is walking and growing fast so I think she would have the most fun with the magna tiles!

  149. Oh man. This is great! My baby would look adorable in those Moccs! And my older kids would love those tiles! Also, love your gift ideas!

  150. Oooh tough choice. But gotta say the magna-tiles …Or play mat. But the moccasins are adorable. Okay definitely the magma-tiles. I think… too hard to choose!!

  151. These are such great ideas!! I love all your gift guides. I would love to win Freshly Picked Mocs for my baby boy!

  152. I am LOVING all your gift guides!! Also, give me all the Magnatiles! My 3 & 4 yr olds are OBSESSED and keep demanding bigger structures.

  153. We would love the magnatiles in our home! Perfect gift for a almost three year old!
    The moccasins would be fun too for my 2 month old!

  154. Great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing. I would love to win the manga-tiles, custom sleeping bag and custom name book.

  155. You are too kind for doing this!! I would love the Freshly Picked moccasins for my baby girl, due next month!

  156. Such great gift ideas! We’ve been trying to do more non-gift gifts recently and it’s been so fun. I’d love the Freshly Picked moccs for my baby on the way. My two kids have worn them since birth and I love them so much!

  157. I can’t decide which I want more, the magnet tiles for my older kids or the moccs for my newborn. Probably the moccs. 🙂 I loved this post and all your choices!

  158. I’m having my first baby in March and the playmat sounds awesome! (But the shoes are super cute too ?)

  159. Magna-tiles! We just got our first box for my son’s 4th birthday and 37 tiles just isn’t enough!
    Also love your non-toy gift ideas!

  160. I know this might sound funny but my kiddo has the cutest, chunkiest feet that are constantly on the go. Because he has these cute pillow feet, seriously you could take a nap on them, his shoe options are limited. I have found that moccasins are the best fit. While I know what shoe fits him best I cant necessarily afford it. We have the best daddy who is going through residency and buying FP Moccasins would be outside the budget. So long story short I would LOVE to have FP moccasins, because really who doesn’t love seeing a cute, curly haired, chunky boy walking around in shoes that actually fit him well. THANK YOU!

  161. Love all of these ideas! Great for first time moms like myself to have some ideas for our registry. I would love the Freshly Picked Moccasins for our first baby due in February. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  162. Great post to read while I’m online currently shopping for kids stuff! And great giveaway!! All three of those are amazing but I must say I’ve been eyeing a Gathre mat for a LONG time now and would love to have one. Hasn’t been in our price range yet but I’m hoping one day…

  163. We need some magnatiles in our lives! With two engineer parents, our 3 need some good building toys for sure!

  164. Everything is all so cute! So glad I found this blog/instagram. I would loooove the gathre mat. I am expecting my first baby come May and all of my mom friends have told me I need a gathre mat. Thanks for a fun giveaway 🙂

  165. I would love to win freshly picked mocs or gathre mat! Love your blog and you are gorgeous also!

  166. As always, love all your picks! My three year old just got the magna tiles for her birthday a few weeks ago & LOVES them! I also really appreciate your non-toy pics! We are planning to get zoo & MOSH (museum of science & history passes) for our kids this year. The gifts that keep on giving right? ??? Anyhoo, I would love the Moccasins for my 4 month old ☺️

  167. First, thank you for keeping it real- beyond the gift guides to the real daily life. All moms should support one another and share what real life brings to us because frankly most of the time others are going through the same thing! Your blog gives us that platform. Secondly, my 9 month old would LOVE some freshly picked moccasins!

    1. Oh thank you for saying that Megan! I try to keep things as real as possible around here 😉

  168. Such great gift ideas! I would love the freshly picked mocs. They’re adorable and would be perfect for my daughter!

  169. Love this and just saw the for him gift guide too- I’m gonna hit that up too!! I would love any of these! The 3 yo would love magnatiles and I would love some Moccs for the 3 month old!

  170. Thank you for posting all of these awesome gift guides! I would love to win the magna-tiles for my 18 month old little boy. I’m always trying to find “toys” that will be fun but also help with development. I absolutely love reading your blog! ??

  171. These are all great! I would love to win the magna tiles. My son had something similar that he was obsessed with, but they were in the one box that we lost in our last move and we haven’t replaced them yet.

  172. I would love the freshly picked moccasins for my daughter. We’ll be welcoming her to this world in March, 2018.

  173. Thanks for the amazing gift guide! I love getting Christmas present ideas from other moms. My 6 month old would look adorable in the freshly picked moccasins…I would definitely pick those!

  174. This is the best giveaway! All the prizes are so great, so hard to pick!! But man those gathre mats would be amazing to have!

  175. Magnatiles! My son cries every time we pick him up from preschool because he’s playing with them. I wanted to get them for him for Christmas, but they’re so expensive! ?

  176. My kids would love the magtiles. We got a small set last year and they have been dying for more. Love your page it’s so uplifting, humorous and informative.

  177. I would pick the magna tiles. My mom has a set at her school and my little one loves to play with them. It would be amazing to have a set at our house.

  178. Oh, you make it too hard to choose just one! My baby is almost 10 months old and wears a pair of freshly picked moccs everyday, but sadly is just about to grow out of them. I would choose the freshly picked moccs to have two more pairs in a bigger size for him!

  179. Great list!! We would love a Gathre mat! Especially with a new baby on the way for our family in May.!

  180. I love the backpack, would be so great for our little one on the way! And I’ve heard great things about the happy mat! The Mocs are just the cutest!

  181. Your list is darling! I especially love the creative non-toy gift ideas. We would really appreciate the gathre mat. Happy holidays!!!

  182. All of these gifts would be great! I have a little 6 month old baby boy that would love all three! I would like the baby Moccasins. He is going to be learning to walk before I know it and would love for him to have the best learning experience!

  183. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of the Guthre mat! I need this in my life – my toddler is getting messier and messier during mealtimes! That’s what I would get if I won the giveaway 🙂

  184. I have been eyeing. A gathre may for a while. I would love one to sit on in the grass so I don’t get a wet bum!

  185. This is all so good!! Gosh, I’m thinking the magna tiles for my oldest daughter. I think she’d love them! ❤️

  186. I would love to surprise my sister-in-law who just adopted a baby girl with the freshly picked moccasins! She so deserves it it’s been a rough road and they are adorable. Thanks so much for doing giveaways

  187. Such wonderful gift ideas! I would love to win the MagnaTiles as my little one is just getting into the building stage! That said, we also LOVE FP Moccs; they have been some of his first shoes!

  188. I would love to win any of these prizes, but I would probably choose Magnatiles! My kids are pretty close in age to yours and I think they would LOVE them!

  189. Either the Gathre mat or the magnatiles. Both are things that I have been wanting to give my little guy. Great giveaway!

  190. I would love to win the moccasins!! They are so cute on your little one I would love some for my little..

  191. Love your holiday gift guides! Freshly picked moccs would be an awesome prize to win for my little girl. Thanks!!

  192. I’m so glad I found you through IG! I love your shopping guides & your outfit styling has really helped me out of my postpartum clothing rut, I am a bit more bold in my clothing choices:) so thank you!! Any three of the options are wonderful but I’ve had my eye on a gathre mat for awhile… so functional!

  193. As a new mom I would love to win the play mat. Anything easy to clean is my idea of a great product!!

  194. Thank you so much for these ideas!!! I love that many of these are custom and the kids will know it’s special for them. Those capes are adorable. I would be happy to win ANY of those prizes for my kiddos! I love the non-gift ideas too! Great post.

  195. How to pick just one?? This is such a great give-away!!

    I’d go with the Freshl Picked Mocs!! My baby was born in September, and I’m dying to get his little feet in some cute Mocs!

    Love your blog/IG!!!!!!

  196. I would love to get a Gathre mat for my baby niece that is due to join the world on Christmas Day 🙂

  197. We loooovvvvveeee magnatiles!!! I’ve been eyeing a gathre mat for awhile. With 5 kids 10 and under it would be so useful, especially during baseball season. Thanks for the chance to win and all the suggestions for gifts.

  198. These are awesome! I may have to get the glow-in-the-dark PJ’s for my son, he would love! ?

    Honestly I would love to win any of the giveaway prizes! Baby girl (due in 8 weeks!) would love the moccasins, big brother would love the tiles, but both of my kids would be able to enjoy the Gathre mat and I’ve been eyeing them for months! ?

  199. I would love to win the freshly picked moccasins!! My mom got my son a pair last year for Christmas when he was just born but he’s out grown those now. He’s just turned one and those would be perfect shoes for him!!

  200. Love your picks!!! I need to start shopping, I’m sooo behind! ? as for the giveaway, I’d honestly love any of the three! The Mocs would be amazing for my almost 10 month old starting to walk, the gathre mat would be sooo useful on so many occasions and the magnatiles would be such a fun toy for her for such a long time! I’d be more than thrilled to have any of the three!

  201. Yay, what a great giveaway! I really want to try a gathre mat but I’m sure my son would say magna tiles 🙂 they all sound great!

  202. Love all of these ideas! Would love to win the magnatiles. I’ve heard they’re awesome and I’m sure my kids would love them.

  203. Love your gift guide and such a great giveaway❤️! I just ordered two Gathre mats for Christmas gifts so I would choose the manga tiles for my three boys!

  204. My kids have a small set of Magna Tiles but it’s hard to build a lot of them. They would love another set of Magna Tiles!

  205. Freshly picked moccasins for sure!! THose shoes are amazing, the only ones that stay on. A gathre Mat, bowling set!! My daughters would be in heaven

  206. Would love the moccasins!! I have a two year old that would look so cute in them!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  207. I would definitely love the manga tiles!! I have a 6 year old and 2 four year olds. All 3 would love to play with these together!!

  208. I love all the options but I think I’d be most excited about the magnatiles! I love how open ended and creative they are and I hear they’re a great toy for both boys and girls!

  209. Love the gift guide! I’ve been trying to decide what to get my daughters and this definitely helped. I love that little bowling game, that’s so cute! I would love some moccs for my 9 month old and the magna-tiles for my three year old. All our great!

  210. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! The winners for the giveaway are:

    Aleixs Reber – You won the Freshly Picked moccasins!
    Stacie Heiner – You won the Gathre mat!
    Cara Giacometti – You won the Magna-Tiles!

    Congrats girls!! Please email me at so we can send you your gifts!

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