Behind The Dress: January

you can view the full shoot from The January Dress here


Today I’m sharing a full-behind-the-scenes video on my blog showing what it took to get the shots for The January Dress. I’ve decided that after launching the photos and time-lapse videos for each of my monthly dresses, I wanted to show a real look at the hard work that goes into getting the final image. My end goal in this series is to create a vision that I have in my head…but to accomplish that vision is not always glamorous.  Here is what it took to make The January Dress happen…..



And here are a few other shots that didn’t make it to the initial post at first… (you can see how deep my dress was sinking, but I actually love the cool effect of it deep down in the water!)

The January Dress

The January Dress


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  1. That was fun to watch! I don’t think I could have stood the cold pool as bravely as you did! The white dress is romantic and fresh! Great work!!!

    1. I’m so glad you liked watching it! and yes..it was a bigger commitment than I realized! haha!

  2. wow I’ve always been so impressed with your sewing and design skills but your commitment to the photo shoot was next level! Love seeing what you come up with each month 🙂

  3. This is amazing! The sacrifice that y’all had to go through to get the perfect shot was crazy impressive. So beautiful can’t wait for next month!

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