Fur jacket + navy pocket dress Fur jacket + navy pocket dress Fur jacket + navy pocket dress Just Delightful, Darling Faux-Fur Jacket in Taupe By BB Dakota Just Delightful, Darling Faux-Fur Jacket in Taupe By BB Dakota Just Delightful, Darling Faux-Fur Jacket in Taupe By BB Dakota The Perfect Fur Coat by Leanne Barlow | Elle Apparel The Perfect Faux-Fur Coat by Leanne Barlow | Elle Apparel

The Perfect Faux-Fur Coat

It’s still not super cold here in L.A., but I love this faux fur jacket! It is so soft, and it looks much more expensive than it actually is. It’s great for throwing on as a warm and stylish layer, and it goes with lots of different looks. This dress is really pretty in person, and it has pockets which I love! I wore it to church on Sunday with heels, which really dressed up the look, but you could also wear it more casually with booties. I’m wearing a size small, and it runs true to size. It’ll be great for transitioning from winter to spring with a cute jacket because it’s a lighter material.


  1. Thank you so much for your suggestions on yesterday’s post with tips on getting up earlier! I got out of bed at 6:15 and ran this morning thanks to your comments! I plugged my phone in across the room so I had to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, and I changed my alarm from an annoying siren sound to the song “Helpless” from Hamilton. So basically it was 50% you guys and 50% Hamilton magic that got me up.
  2. I’m getting my hair done today, and if you have any hair questions for my hairdresser leave them below in the comments! We will read them as she does my hair and I’ll answer them on my stories later today!
  3. I tried the pre-packaged cooked lentils from Trader Joes for dinner yesterday, and they were amazing! I don’t know why it took me so long to buy them! Definitely adding them to my TJ’s must-haves list.


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  1. Does your hairdresser have any tips for thin hair getting really staticy in the dry winter air? I have read about things like spray oils, but they make my thin hair greasy. I’ve also read to not use a plastic brush but that doesn’t seem to do much either.

    Those lentils! Trader joes was sampling them once mixed in with their bruschetta tomato topping, and it was delicious!

  2. Any tips for getting color to stick while pregnant? I have gotten my hair colored a few times while pregnant and my hormones must mess with the hair dye because it fades or goes away within a week!! So frustrating when I pay the money for it.

  3. I’m currently a chocolate brown (natural) with faded caramel balayage from April 2017 (the last time I got a cut and color). I’ve been thinking of going lighter for several years now and I’m just too chicken to go through with it. What color should I do to avoid looking washed out? I want something between yours and Merrick’s, if that makes any sense. Also, any tips for split ends? Favorite shampoo?

  4. Is it best to have clean hair or dirty hair before doing color?
    Also, how to make hair less static during the winter!

  5. How you would recommend growing your hair out?? I have short hair and I have had it my whole life and I just want to get it to your length but I’m struggling! (My hair looks like I dipped it in a vat of French fry oil after a day and a half not matter how many cans of dry shampoo I use)

  6. Yes! So glad you’re home answering these ?? So, what color blonde does she use and what coloring technique?

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