Today I’m taking you behind the construction and shoot from The March Dress. I revealed The March Dress (dress number 6 in The Monthly Dress Series) last week. Dress reveal day is always so much fun, but I might be as excited to share this Behind The Dress episode as I was to reveal this month’s dress!

In case you missed the Behind The Dress: February episode, you can watch it here. And you can see our January Dress underwater shoot here!

Behind The Dress: March


There is a real magic that happens during the dress creation and shoot, it’s hard to explain. I have this vision for each dress and somehow all the pieces seem to fall into place in the end. This video shows you just how much fun this dress was to shoot! We always get a little slap happy by the end of our shoots! I’m excited for you to get a full view of the gorgeous setting for the shoot, the food I will never order again at The Fabric District, and exactly what all those pattern pieces looked like laid out on my living room floor. Enjoy!



outfit while fabric shopping:  SUNGLASSES  ||  SIMILAR COAT  ||  JEANS  ||  CHAMBRAY TOP  ||  SIMILAR BOOTS 



intro video by Jordan Zobrist


If you are new to The Monthly Dress Series, here are the links to all of my monthly dresses so far…





The March Dress, part of The Monthly Dress Series by Leanne BarlowTHE MARCH DRESS



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6 thoughts on “BEHIND THE DRESS: MARCH

  1. Loved watching the video and seeing behind the scenes! I don’t remember if the consensus was long or short videos but I thought this was a perfect length. Can’t wait for next month!

    1. Yay! so glad you liked the length! It was 60/40, more in favor of a bit shorter. I feel like around 7 minutes give a good amount of behind the scenes, but not too long 😉 Thanks for letting me know you liked it!

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