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Happy Friday! I just can’t get enough of this dress! This is the dress that I ordered in 3 colors (you can see how I styled it more casually in this post). I just got it in the olive color yesterday (it was on back order), and I wore it in a little Easter egg hunt we did with the kids, and I really love the olive shade. Today I decided to mix things up a bit and let Garrett write the post. I had him guest post a few months ago when we each shared 10 funny facts about us, and I thought I’d let him take the wheel again for this one.

The only real instruction I gave him on this was “just write something that would be a good fit for the blog and try not to make it too long.” 😉 Like last time, I’m just letting him write, and set this post to auto publish. So that means when I read it through for the first time, it will be live on the blog. Now that is trust!!

Take it away, Garrett….


Garrett writing…




Eli’s favorite things are (1) milk; (2) being thrown in the air; and (3) playing a sport that involves a ball. About 80% of my interactions with him start or end with him asking me for one of these three things. I was thinking about how funny this is and how funny toddlers are when I realized Bradley and Cash also have a few favorite things that always make them happy. Then, I realized Leanne is the same way.

Here are three things that make Leanne as happy as Eli gets when I throw him in the air:



A few mornings ago, I awoke to a fully-dressed, chipper Leanne who asked if I wanted breakfast. “Um, what’s going on?” I asked. “Huh? Nothing. But Ilene just confirmed she is coming this week!”

Ilene is the owner of the most amazing maid service we’ve ever experienced. She and her team come once per month to clean the house. Like fairy godmothers, Ilene & Co. sweep in and magically transforms our home in a short time–sometimes while we’re away.

We started hiring people to help clean the house about four years ago because I was working long hours and Leanne was balancing the boys, her business, and volunteering at church. We always prided ourselves on doing household chores, but things were getting out of hand. It was a big step for us, but we’ve never looked back. Now, it’s maybe Leanne’s favorite day of each month. (Sidenote: We clean the night before the cleaners come so they can . . . clean other stuff? So they can think we’re more orderly than we are? I’m not sure why, but I hear this is normal. I hope it’s normal.)


You may know Leanne loves boba because she posts about it all the time on Insta Stories. But I’m not sure it really comes through accurately. She likes Boba like Buster from Arrested Development loves juice.

We don’t drink tea–black tea, white tea, green tea, you name it–so we’re limited to “herbal tea” (which has no tea). Not every boba place has herbal options, so, when we discover one that does, it’s a big deal. Almost like walking into a McDonald’s where the ice cream machine isn’t broken. It’s pretty magical.


Leanne’s collection of perfumes is pretty expensive impressive. If you haven’t seen it, you should ask Leanne to show it on stories. Off the top of my head I think I can name a dozen bottles. Let’s see: Stella, Stella 2, Gucci Guilty, another Gucci one I got by accident instead of Guilty but we kept it because it was good, Jo Malone Bluebell (or something that sounds–but doesn’t smell–like it’s from a farm), J’dore, I think a JLo one, Marc Jacobs flower bottle, the tiny pink one from Dior that is Miss [something], old Coolwater one, hopefully Jovan White Musk, and how many is that? You get it. She has a lot.

But the best part of it is that she always has another one she’s really wants right now. And every time I buy her a new one she’s just as thrilled as ever.

So, since I just read something about standardized tests, let’s review this way:


Boba: Leanne :: Milk: Eli

Being thrown in the air: Eli :: Getting perfume: Leanne

You get it.


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  1. We clean before our housekeeper comes too. My son (16) doesn’t know why he has to clean his room prior to her coming. He always says, “isn’t that her job?” He has learned to do it without questioning now and I guess it is “normal” like you said for lots of families. Or at least yours and ours. Have a great Easter.

    1. It’s still a little weird to me that we even have a house cleaner! But I am so so so grateful and getting the extra time to spend with my kids that I would have spent cleaning is worth every penny!

    1. haha! So do I! it makes my load a little lighter 😉 and I’m always cracking up at what he says!

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