It’s Behind The Dress: April day! Launching my Behind The Dress videos has almost become as fun as The Monthly Dress reveal day. I only wish I started it back in October when I first started the series. But that is part of the fun about these dresses… They get polished and shined and presented in fresh new ways each month. I love it.

In case you missed the others, make sure you check out the Behind The Dress: February episode, Behind The Dress: March episode, and the Behind The Dress: January episode. 

Behind the Dress: April - Elle Apparel

Let’s just get right to it. When we film and edit these videos, I like to think of them as episodes. I like to picture you grabbing a few girlfriends and throwing up this video on your Apple TV while eating cupcakes, watching it with some coworkers on your lunch break, or forcing your husband to stay up just a little longer to watch it in bed. There were a lot of moving pieces to pull off this dress and shoot. I’m excited to show you how it all came together…




I also had Jordan put together a short of the dress and I am so obsessed. It’s almost like we took the April dress images and brought them to life in a 30 second video… Enjoy!



Eli decided he wanted a book read to him at 6am in the middle of hair and makeup. If this isn't mom multi-tasking, I don't know what is!

Eli decided he wanted a book read to him at 6am in the middle of hair and makeup. If this isn’t mom multi-tasking, I don’t know what is!

Behind the Dress: April - Leanne Barlow Behind the Dress: April - Leanne Barlow

I hope you enjoyed this Behind The Dress! If there are any other aspects of The Monthly Dress series you would like to see in the future, let me know in the comments below. We can get them added to future Behind The Dress videos.

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4 thoughts on “BEHIND THE DRESS: APRIL

  1. With each month, I get more and more obsessed over not just your dresses, but the behind the scenes videos! But it’s funny that you told the story about Project Runway, because as soon as I saw the October dress, I thought you would be the perfect candidate for that show!

    1. Thank you Jessica!! As fun as Project Runway would have been…I’m so glad I decided to do this series instead! Thank you for following along!

  2. I love your husband’s commentary, hilarious! Gorgeous dress, I loved this BTS video! PS are you wearing the DIY lash extensions you normally do, or are these fake lashes??

    1. These ones are professional lash extensions! Although I did my own that I created my DIY tutorial for for over a year!

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