The Ultimate Loungewear Roundup SWEATSHIRT (run tts, wearing a small)  ||  JOGGERS (wearing a small)  ||  SIMILER DENIM JACKET  ||  WHITE SNEAKERS (tts and so comfy. I walked all over London in them!)  ||  SUNGLASSES

All my favorite sweatshirts and joggers.

Okay, FIRST OF ALL, The May Dress reveal is WEDNESDAY of this week!! I’m literally rocking back and forth in my chair right now I’m so excited. I love The Monthly Dress reveal days, and I am screaming inside over this one. We already shot the dress, and I’m waiting to get the images back, and I can just feel that they will be exactly how I envisioned the dress in my head. Also, my assistant Jill said she thinks this is her new favorite dress shoot (including The February Dress shoot)….sooooo that is saying something!

The best loungewear brands online. The Ultimate Loungewear Roundup

As much as I love wearing jeans, blazers, heels, and blouses, around the house I am usually wearing a comfy pair of joggers and a sweatshirt. I love to be comfy at home, but sometimes being too comfy causes me to be less motivated to get work done. Does that make sense? I feel like, “well if I’m wearing loungewear I might as well LOUNGE!” So the best solution to being comfy at home while working and being as productive as possible is to throw on a little makeup. When I’m not shooting or in meetings, I try to keep my makeup very minimum. But there is something motivating about having some makeup on, even if I’m not planning on leaving my house. It’s almost like I need to force myself to be productive, or else that makeup will go to waste!

All my favorite sweatshirts and joggers.

I have a few favorite brands of joggers, sweatpants, and sweatshirts. So I want to make sure I cover them all here for you in this post. I like my loungewear to me really soft. I also want them to have good shape to them. So I don’t feel like a total slob. I really love the look of a cute matching sweatsuit outfit like this one. It can easily be morphed into an “out of the house” look with a cute denim jacket and sneakers. I would also wear jeans with this sweatshirt, I think it’s so great. It has this braiding neckline detail that is subtle and really cool.

The Ultimate Loungewear RoundupSWEATSHIRT (run tts, wearing a small)  ||  JOGGERS (wearing a small)  ||  SIMILER DENIM JACKET  ||  WHITE SNEAKERS (tts and so comfy. I walked all over London in them!)  ||  SUNGLASSES





MY 7 FAVORITE LOUNGEWEAR BRANDS (and my current favorite sweatshirt & jogger picks)


The Laundry Room:

I just discovered this brand…are they new? Was I living under a rock? They take loungewear and add the coolest details to each piece, making them wearable outside and inside.


Make and Model:

This brand has such amazing soft joggers. They have great basics and are really decently priced for the quality! They also make one of my favorite tee shirts ever


Wildfox Couture:

More of a youthful feel, great graphic sweatshirts with really soft stretchy fabric that drape really well. Durable! 


American Eagle:

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their loungewear! The sizing can be a little tricky sometimes, but great pricing, and they go on sale frequently. 

  • I own THREE PAIRS of these joggers! For under $40, they are a great price and go on sale quite a bit. They have a cool smooth fabric feel, almost like a yoga pant, but better. They run big, so size a full size down! Seen in this post.
  • They nailed the slouchy sleeve on this sweatshirt. The coral color is my favorite. And $34!
  • I’m not above a fleece jogger. These look amazing for the winter…or when I turn the AC down crazy low in the summer when Garrett isn’t looking.


Barefoot Dreams:

Perfectly named. The fabric on their cardigan is fluffy and soft and makes me want to take a nap. 

  • Do you know that I make it a point to touch this cardigan every time I walk through Nordstrom? I do. It’s that soft.
  • How amazing would this plush shawl be for traveling? It would double as a blanket on the plane.
  • If these pants feel like the cardigan I mentioned above…I might need to start touching them as well.


Sincerely Jules:

Extremely well made and well designed. The chicest loungewear I’ve found. 


Free People:

Not as soft fabric as some of the other brands I listed, but dang they make great loungewear.









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