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When we moved there was no way I was taking our old bunk beds with us. They weren’t that old, but they were horrible quality. They creaked and squeaked, and I deeply regretted purchasing them. Whenever a reader asked me what kind of bunk bed we had I had to tell them I didn’t have a brand to recommend because ours were not the kind of quality I was happy with. I learned the hard way that I got what I paid for. I opted for a cheap bunk bed thinking, “this will probably work!,” but in the end, it was a waste. I didn’t want my kids sleeping in it, and I didn’t even feel like I could give it to someone when we moved.


Big boys bunk bed - Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed - Elle Apparel Blog  Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed - Elle Apparel Blog

So for a few months after moving into our new house the boys just slept on mattresses on the floor while I got really serious about researching well made bunk beds. I am happy to say that I found a furniture brand that we have used, tested, and that I would happily recommend! The Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed has clean lines, a good design, and is so well made! I got it in white, but it comes in 5 colors total. I feel 100% confident recommending this bunk bed. In addition, I literally sleep better at night knowing that they have a safe and secure bed.

The Brady Bunk Bed has a twin bed on top and a full bed on the bottom. If you watch my stories, you might have seen how often both of my older boys end up in the same bunk at night. There is no way they would sleep if they had to have their own rooms! I love that those two are attached at the hip. The full size bed makes it not quite as squishy for them at night. It also lets me pile all three of them together when we read books.

Big boys bunk bed. Room to GROW - Elle Apparel Blog Big boys bunk bed. Big boys bunk bed.

This Dorel Living bunk bed will work with them as they grow. And if they ever end up with their own rooms, the bunk bed converts to one full and one twin separate beds.

Big boys bunk bed - Room to Grow

I also want to add that Garrett had the task of putting this bad boy together (bless his heart). Bradley helped him, and he said that the instructions were much more comprehensive which made the assembly much easier than many other pieces of furniture I’ve made him put together for me.

Big boys bunk bed.

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We also upgraded the boys’ mattresses to Signature Sleep Mattresses. These mattresses are reversible, which will let us flip and rotate the mattresses every few weeks to even out the wear of the mattress and extend the life of the mattress over the years.

 Dorel Living Brady Bunk Bed - Elle Apparel Blog

I’ve learned my lesson from buying cheap furniture! I feel like I’m finally to the point in life where I’m in a house that allows me to invest in the kind of quality furniture I’ve been wanting to own since we first got married. I’m almost completely finished decorating the boys’ room! I started with their room first in the house because I went four years in our last house without really decorating it for them. It feels so good to give them their own space that allows them room to grow!


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  1. These are perfect! I wish I had gone with the full size under the twin, so smart. And I love that they separate when you’re ready!! Yay for comfortable, safe and cute furniture!!!

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