Rainbow dress RAINBOW STRIPED TOP (wearing a small)  ||  RAINBOW STRIPED SKIRT (wearing a small)  ||  SIMILAR COBALT HEELS (also loving these)  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  SIMILAR TOTE BAG

Rainbow dress

How fun is this bright rainbow striped blouse/skirt combo? It is really different than something I would normally wear, but I think that’s why I like this look so much. It’s unexpected! I’ve worn the blouse on it’s own with jeans and sandals to an event and I really love it as just a top as well.

Rainbow dress Rainbow dress Rainbow dressRAINBOW STRIPED TOP (wearing a small)  ||  RAINBOW STRIPED SKIRT (wearing a small)  ||  SIMILAR COBALT HEELS (also loving these)  ||  SUNGLASSES  ||  SIMILAR TOTE BAG


I’m giddy with excitement because I get to reveal The July Dress TOMORROW! I can’t even believe that it’s already a new month. Honestly, I feel like we just wrapped up the shoot for The June Dress! There were long months of planning and prep and excitement to reveal June, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited to reveal July! A few little hints I have given away over on instagram are that July is my birthday month, that I went really bold with this dress, and that there is also a very special sentimental aspect to this dress. In addition, I had a lot of really good guesses in my Guess the Dress post last week (they are definitely worth a read if you haven’t see them).

This past weekend I was up in Utah to attend the Build A Better Brand conference with Alison from The Alison Show. It was enlightening and inspiring and I left feeling like I had a clearer vision for where I’m taking my brand in the near future. I highly recommend it for any business owners out there! Also, I scouted out locations for The Monthly Dress Tour!

Potty training update– if anyone cares 😉 I don’t understand it, but Eli is 100% potty trained. I remember how hard and draining it was with Bradley! I’d set my alarm every 20 minutes and take him. Also, I remember sitting and reading book after book to him while he sat on the toilet, trying to train him on how to go. Eli was just ready. I put off potty training him as long as I possibly could. But he watches his older brothers and he just got it!

I bought pull ups because I don’t try to train them on staying dry for nap time/nighttime until much later. But the kid kept his pull-ups dry for naps and over night. Frankly, I could NOT believe it! So he is in big boy underwear 100% all the time and was the easiest boy to potty train by a MILE. Honestly, I think every kid is different and I really don’t think its because I’m some master potty trainer. He did a full day at Disneyland with no accidents on day 4 of potty training…who even is this kid?!

If you didn’t see my post about 6 tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year make sure you check it out! We are in full sale prep mode over here. I’m working with my local Nordstrom. I’ll be taking you through the sale before it is officially live. So make sure you tune into my instagram for the footage. Also, I’ll be posting all the best buys of the sale and giving away 3 $100 gift cards the morning of July 12th when the sale starts, so you won’t want to miss it!




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