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This week is a BIG one because I will be revealing the band new Behind The Dress: July episode (have you seen The July Dress yet? If not check it out here) this Wednesday and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access starts this Thursday! I’ll be talking about both throughout the week on my Instagram and stories. But here on the blog is where you will find all of the information in one spot.

Light blue dress + Nordstrom Anniversary SaleLIGHT BLUE DRESS  ||  SIMILAR DENIM JACKET  ||  SIMILAR COGNAC BAG  ||  FLORAL HEELS


Last week I got an exclusive look at the entire Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’m talking…EVERYTHING. I can promise you..this is going to be a good sale. While I can’t share everything with you just yet, I am going to let you in on some of my all time favorite items/products that will be on sale starting Thursday. In addition, which ones I think will sell out fast.


Light blue dress + Nordstrom Sale sell out predictions.

Before I dive in, I want to remind you that if you don’t have a Nordstrom card you won’t be able to shop this sale during their early access time period starting Thursday. I’m not huge on having a ton of cards and I’m very selective about cards I apply for. However, I highly recommend getting a Nordstrom card here before the sale starts if you don’t have one. It’s free and it gives you access to all the sale items early. Make sure you check out my 6 tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale post to find out why the card is so important. Also, why it made all the difference to have during last years sale.


Light blue dress + Nordstrom Sale sell out predictions.


  • Round frame Ray Bans on sale for $70 off!
  • A classic gold watch by Tory Burch watch on sale for $249 (regularly $375)- a gold watch is a classic staple that never goes out of style!
  • Baublebar will have a pretty statement earring in a deep bordeaux on sale for $31 (regularly $48)
  • A Donna Karan Cashmere Mist gift set for $30. I’ve loved this scent forever- its great for all ages!
  • There is a Tory Burch watch I fell in love with! It’s cognac and wraps around the wrist twice- it will be $70 off!
  • A great lineup of perfumes will be on sale for just over $100 including, Versace Bright Crystal, Narciso Rodrigues For Her, and Marc Jacobs Daisy.
  • SUPERGOOP will have a great combo on sale. Love their sunscreen.

Nordstrom Sale sell out predictions.

I use my PMD once a week!
  • Thursday will be your chance to grab yours for $60 off! It will be on sale for just under $100 and it’s always a super popular item.
  • MAC will have some killer lipstick duos for under $20 in great pink tones.
  • The lash serum everyone swears by that I’ve been using for a few weeks will be on sale!

The ultimate makeup products that last me all day long.

My favorite Bare Minerals matte lip spreads in the perfect 3 nude shades!
  • I predict this one will be extremely popular because they are such amazing lip products. A pack of 3 will be on sale for just under $40.

  • Not too many running shoes- I was surprised! But there is always a good pink pair and this year Adidas will have a really cute pair that are identical to this color! This is always a fast sell out! I have this pair of Adidas I wore in this post and I love them for running between 2-5 miles.



Ivory crochet bell sleeved spring top.


I went back to look through all of the baby/kids items that will be part of the sale and you guys!! My favorite FAVORITE stroller ever is going to be on sale for $130 off! It is normally $529 and will be on sale for $396. I literally opened up an Etsy shop when I was pregnant with Cash and sewed and sold clothing so that I could afford this stroller. It converts to a double stroller easily and you aren’t stuck always having a double.

I also stuck my infant seat on with the adapter with Eli, AND I take it running. It technically isn’t a running stroller…but it has worked just fine for me for the past 5 years! I was chatting with the manager of my Nordstrom yesterday and she said “this stroller is going to sell out fast“. I will be doing a full baby roundup post, but I will add this stroller and another stroller to my post on Thursday so they are easy for you to access if you are in the market for a stroller! You can see more images of the stroller in this post. It is the ONLY full size stroller you will need because it can grow with you. I talk ALL about this stroller in my Ultimate Baby Registry Guide post.


Also for your mommas to be, they will be having a killer combo sale on this Nuna stroller, infant car seat, and carseat adapter. Amazing quality and the travel system will be $250 off during the sale! This is the infant seat I had with Eli and I loved it. It comes with a magnetic cover to cover the baby when you want and is so sleek and beautiful. You can view this car seat in my Ultimate Baby Registry Guide post.

  • Quay is one of my favorite sunglass brands and there are FIVE Quay sunglasses that will be on sale ranging from $32-$39 (regularly $60). INCLUDING the La Playa sunglasses which are a favorite of mine. I have them in silver and you can see them in past posts here and here. No way these ones last long in the sale.

Olive green amazing leggings for running

  • My favorite running leggings are on sale every year and there will be some amazing options this year! I always get the high waisted long leggings. This year they will have a red pair that will sell out! On sale for under $40 (normally $59). You can view one of my favorites from this brand in this blog post.
The classic Capri Blue Voluspa candle will be on sale!
  • Its my favorite candle ever and I always stock up. I predict everyone will be stocking up too since it will be on sale for under $20.
  • My all time favorite V-neck tee will be on sale for under $20 (normally $32) and I always stock up on them! This year there will be a black and white striped one (along with about 5 other colors) and I predict the striped one will sell out fast. That will be the first one I add to my cart! These tops run pretty big. I have some in a small that are very oversized, and some in an XS that fit me perfectly, so I would suggest sizing down. I’m wearing the white V-neck tee in this blog post.
  • There is always an amazing bootie that is the envy of all (like this one from 2 years ago, and this one from last year). I have my eyes on about 5 of them. But this designer has an amazing one that will be on sale for under $100 that will sell out fast I predict!
SO many good and classic Tory Burch bags.
  • They will have a cognac tote bag almost identical to the one I use all the time. It’s my most used bag and if you are in the market for one hope on this bag on Thursday! The one I will be recommending will be on sale for $352, almost $200 off the normal price. This bag lasts forever, holds its shape, and goes with everything. You can see the one I use here.
  • An insane sale on classic matte black Hunter boots and quilted boots in the short and tall versions. Just ONE color available though, so these ones will go fast! On sale for under $100!
  • I am crushing on 2 pairs of block heels by one of my favorite shoe brands. Both will be on sale for under $80. One in a velvet lavender, one in a burgundy tweed and I predict both colorways will sell out first.





I mentioned this in my stories, and I really feel strongly like I should share this here as well. While The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so much fun to shop and so much fun for me to cover for you. I do remember very clearly what is was like a few years ago when I couldn’t afford to shop the sale. Garrett was in law school and I had just quit my job to stay at home with our first baby. Even the basic tops that were on sale for $20 were out of my budget!

It was definitely hard not feeling like I could participate.

However, I want to tell all of you in similar financial situations it is just fine. Every blogger on the planet will be covering this sale. And I know how easy it is to get down or feel like you should buy buy buy even when your financial situation isn’t at a point where it would be a smart move. I’m here to tell you there is a time and a season for this kind of thing.

It’s not the end of the world if you cant afford to shop the sale this year. Maybe you will next year, or in a few years! I know what the FOMO is like and I can totally relate and sympathize. I feel you girls! But it’s better to be financially smart about what you can realistically afford rather than go into debt! Anyway- that’s just my 2 cents. I don’t want anyone feeling sad or left out.. I try to always have everyone and every budget in mind!



This THURSDAY, the first day of the Early Access portion of the sale, I will be giving away THREE $100 Nordstrom gift cards. If you were here for the reveal of my Nordstrom sale post last year, you might remember that my site crashed one hour after my post went live due to all the traffic! We beefed up everything on the backend to gear up for this week so we will be ready for you!

This Thursday morning check Elle Apparel first thing in the morning when my site goes live (I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram)- usually it’s around 6am.

  • Leave me a comment THURSDAY’S blog post telling me one of your favorite items from all my sale picks.

I will be announcing the THREE $100 winners throughout the day on that same blog post. I’ll announce the first winner at 10am, the 2nd winner at 3pm, and the 3rd winner at 7pm (PST). If you are a winner, shoot me an email asap and I’ll get your gift card emailed over right away so you can use it on the sale! This giveaway is the biggest Nordstrom giveaway I do each year and I absolutely love getting to spoil you a bit!






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  1. I am so excited for the fun fall booties this year! I have never really invested in a great pair, but I think this might be the year!

  2. Oh the Jeffrey Campbell boots!!! I’m a boot fanatic and those are amazing! Also the Capri Blue Volcano candle!!! So yummy!

  3. Yay getting so excited after reading this!! I’m excited for Hunter boots and Quay sunglasses!

  4. I’m excited for the PMD device and the mention of the lavender velvet block heels!

  5. I would love to get a great fall/winter coat. Something stylish but classic.

    1. I found 2 classic camel colors I will be linking to in Thursday’s post! Such a classic staple- keep an eye out for them!

  6. I’m so excited for the quay sunnies and Zella leggings! I can’t wait to stock up on some wardrobe staples!

  7. I’m excited for the Quay Glasses, work out leggings and v neck! So so cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I can’t wait for the sale! Thanks for sharing your top picks. I really want a pair of the Quay sunglasses, and I have had my eye on the Tory Burch wrap watch. It’s just a classic piece with a fun flair.

  9. I’m excited for the purses/bags that will be on sale. I’m on the hunt for a good small cognac crossbody!

  10. I’m actually excited for the Capri blue candle as silly as that sounds! I can never justify the price for a candle but mayybbeee I can when it’s on sale =) and of course stocking up on basics!

  11. I know it might seem odd but I’m excited for the neulash serum. I see it on sale every year and never pull the trigger, this is my year 🙂

    1. yay! I’m using it now and I can already tell a difference after 2 weeks!

  12. I got some quay sunglasses per your rec and i love them! I’m hoping to grab another pair 🙂

  13. I can’t wait for the Tori Burch riding boots. I die every year! and I still haven’t been able to afford them! I’m a hairstylist and I have saved my tips like crazy trying to save for them. I can’t wait for this sale!!

  14. I’m excited for some new Zella leggings, I wear them year around and this sale is the best time to stock up!

  15. I appreciate your comments for those of us who can’t shop this sale. I usually avoid IG during the sale week so as not to have to hear all about the things I wish I could get but can’t. But I feel better about it now. I wish more bloggers would say “if you’re in the market for x, y, and z; here is what you should buy.” Instead of saying “you have to have this and this and this” all the time. Much appreciated.

  16. I am hoping that men’s smart watches will be in the sale!! Do they go pretty low with watches? I’m hoping I can surprise my Hubby for his birthday this month!

  17. Are there going to be any good long(like over halfway down thigh length) cardigans in the sale?! I have been on the look out for a good replacement for my much loved one that I can no longer wear out of the house. I live in SoCal so I need a casual one that goes well with cut offs for cold nights.

  18. That lacey, white Free People top (with the big sleeves) in your sunglasses photo… will that be on sale!? I’d love if it was!

  19. Yay!!! I love all your picks! Also I think you are super sweet to give a pep talk to those who may not be able to afford to shop at this time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fashion blogger post something like that….it’s really sweet and shows how kind and caring you are!❤️ And lastly…..SUPER excited for the giveaway!!!??❤️ Thank you!!!

  20. I just have to say, I absolutely adore that you put the message out there to those who might be feeling that things are a bit too tight to take part in the sale this year. It says so much to your character and the genuine type of person you are and just know that your caring attitude and thoughts for others do not go unnoticed. Can’t wait for the sale and so appreciate your behind-the-scenes info to get the most out of it!

    1. Ahhh!! The Nuna car seat will be on sale! I had it with Eli and loved it! It will be in my baby round up sale post!

  21. I’m so excited to shop Baby Girl stuff this year! Especially baby bling bows!!

  22. Great post! I love all of your picks! Cant wait to try the lash product and I must have the lavender wrap coat! I have been torn between getting it in lavender or camel…..the lavender is such a pretty statement coat…but the camel is practical. AAAH… I wish I could afford both of them!

    1. I know! Its a touch decision! I bought a camel coat 2 years before getting a lavender one…if that helps at all with your decision! I think its good to start with something you know you will get the most use out of first!

  23. I hope they have a VSA necklace for sale, I’ve been waiting to buy one for 3years! I would also love a very nice fall sweater.

    1. I’ll keep an eye out for that necklace! I found 2 beautiful sweaters that come in lots of good fall colors from one of my favorite brands I will be linking to on Thursday!

  24. I’ve had my eyes on a classic Tory Burch bag. Im so excited it’s included in the sale!

  25. I am SO happy I found you in time for the Nordstrom sale! I have already added some of the items you’ve mentioned to my wish list. Thank you so much!

  26. I’m definitely interested to see what they’ll have for kids, especially for girls. I’m already thinking of back to school shopping.

  27. Leann, I love how you included the last statement for those who might have FOMO with the sale. I always look forward to it, some years are better than others, but it is easy to feel this way. I really liked how you reveal items and character in your blog. Thank you for that and all you do!

  28. i need new asics! so i can finally get back to running after having my 2nd baby (she’s 4 mos and i have a 2 year old eek). the vans old skools are super cute too. there’s also xmas gifts like diffusers and blankets that i always pick up.

    i love that you included the disclaimer about not being able to fully shop the sale. i am totally there at this point so i have to be really sensible about purchases. currently quit my job as a lawyer to stay home with my babies and while soo worth it, def get that fomo from the nordies sale!

  29. Hi Leanne! Lots of awesome picks 🙂 I’m looking forward to the sale this year. I just finished school and got my first full-time job *\(^ o ^)/* Thank you for writing about the FOMO and being on a budget. That has definitely been me the past 6 years lol. Just a small sentiment like that makes a lot of people feel better <3 I really want to invest in some good work pieces to make me feel confident and comfortable as I transition out of student life, so I will definitely be looking for a nice bag – that Tory Burch tote looks perfect!

  30. Coats, jeans and shoes!!! Maybe a Madewell tote if they’re included again this heat and definetly checking up on Vince and Rag and Bone!!

  31. So… excited to get my first pair of Hunter boots! I’ve been waiting for a good sale on them what seems like an eternity!!!!

    1. Yay! Its such a crazy good deal for such a high end stroller/car seat! I’ll link it for you in tomorrows post!

  32. Oh my so many new things this year I’m hoping to take my mom before my birthday and pamper ourselves

  33. I feel like I should be focusing on furnishing our new house, but I’ve been planning to replenish my staples: tees, Zella leggings, hopefully a camel long cardigan and I’m still kicking myself for not ordering a blanknyc suede moto last year.

    1. There is a BlankNYC moto jacket this year!! Its the best moto jacket of the sale! I’ll link it for you in tomorrows post!

  34. I’m excited for your favorite workout leggings especially seeing them in RED ?

    …and all the flats, mac lips, candle, jeans…

  35. I am excited about the running leggings and PMD!! I am a teacher and a mom of two. During the school year, I don’t make the time for myself. This summer, I signed up at a fitness and started taking care of my skin! I am feeling so much better about myself.

  36. So many great picks, I’m especially excited about the PMD! Your Instagram videos were so helpful and I already ordered the cleansing brush with your $70 off but still waiting to decide 100% whether I can order the PMD or not! Thanks for being so helpful!!

  37. I can’t wait to get the Zella Laser dug high waisted leggings! Thank you for the awesome blog post with all your picks!

  38. I will definitely be including a pair of sunglasses or two in my shopping cart – not to mention a few pairs of shoes. I ordered the Spin Brush when you mentioned it awhile back and love it–such a great price with your discount. Thank you so much for all of your hard work showing us some great pieces — you’re the best!

  39. I’m excited to hopefully purchase the PMD. I’ve been wanting one forever! I also am hoping to purchase tennis shoes for my two older kids for school in the fall.

  40. Definitely excited about the Tory Burch bags! I’be been carrying a bulky baby bag for two years and it’s time to switch over!! And gimme all the fall items ?

  41. So many fun things! I would love to get a pair of hunter boots! Or some baby stuff for my little one! ???

  42. Love all the links and tips! I’m shopping for some good fitting jeans, a pmd and some shoes!

  43. I absolutely love the ray bands and the jean jacket. They both look superb on you!??

  44. I’m most excited for the Ray Bans and the Tory Burch watch! They’re both such classic accessories that i’ll get a lot of use out of!

  45. The camel tote and a pair of Vince Camuto booties in black! I’m trying to skip all the posts about the sale because I’m in no position to buy right now. But I always love that you tell us that’s ok! Thanks.

  46. I’m excited to try several of the tees! I’ve never tried them and my favorite tees for the last 7+ years are no longer being made….so time to find a new favorite!!

  47. I’m excited for the Halogen modal v-neck! Haha basics and neutrals are my jam. I am so grateful you mentioned going through different financial seasons! My husband just finished grad school and I’m about to start so grocery shopping is my main shopping outlet hehe

  48. Tough to pick just one but I’m eyeing that Tory Burch tote (the Robinson), probably in the tan color. Thanks for breaking it all down for us!

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