3 must-have accessories for runningSIMILAR BLACK TANK TOP (on sale!)  ||  RED LEGGINGS (on sale,wearing an XS, almost sold out) CROPPED VERSION ON SALE HERE  ||  UNDER ARMOR RUNNING SHOES  ||  NO SHOW ZELLA SOCKS (on sale!)  ||  BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES  ||  RUNNING BELT

3 must-have accessories for running


3 must-have accessories for running | 1. BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES

Must-Have Running Accessories:


I’m the kind of person that doesn’t feel the need to switch things up if they are already working…you know? I ran with my normal corded head phones for years and figured bluetooth headphones wouldn’t be that much better. I was wrong. So wrong. Running without a cord flapping in the wind is freeing I tell you!

If you are still running/working out with a corded headset STOP right now and buy these. Free 2-day shipping, and currently on sale for $24 dollars. You can’t beat that. Most bluetooth headsets that are good are closer to $60-$100. And if you don’t believe me (which you should. I test and test and test before I recommend things to you) just read the Amazon reviews on them.

I tried out a few different bluetooth headphones before I found this pair that I loved so much and feel confident recommending to you. They are sweat-proof and stay in my ears comfortably. I love that they have a short cord that connects the earphones that just rest on the back of my neck, so they can hang around my neck if I’m not using them. That was my biggest turn off to separate ear buds. Where do I put them when I want to take them off? I would loose those babies in a hot minute. The battery life is insane on them. I can go weeks without needing to charge them because a full charge lasts for 7-9 hours. And they only take about 1.5 hours to fully charge.


3 must-have accessories for running |  holy grail of running belts 


I tested four running belts over several weeks before finding the holy grail of running belts (can you tell I’m picky about my running accessories?). Between the earphones, belt, and socks, I’ve weeded through a lot of different products). At a little under $30, you get what you pay for with this bet.
The waistband on this belt is very durable. While the waistbands on two of the other running belts I tested wore out and split apart, this waistband has held up very well. Just holding it and stretching it in your hands, you can feel that it is a high-quality product. It looks similar to a normal elastic waistband, but it’s stronger and thicker than normal. This, combined with the way it’s cut and measured, also helps keep the belt tight around my waist. I do not like the feeling of my phone and belt bouncing around while I’m running. This belt fits snug and stays that way during the run.
The pouch that holds the phone is maybe the best part of the belt. First of all, it opens easily and conveniently, which allows me to insert and remove the phone quickly. A lot of pouches require you to jam the phone into an elastic cover. While this seems like a good idea, in practice it is very annoying to fight against the pouch before and after each run. Once the phone is in the case, the plastic cover allows you to use the touchscreen easily. Sometimes the clear plastic covers “work” with the touchscreen, but not really. I haven’t had any problems with this one, and I use the screen a lot to control my podcast or music (more on my favorite podcasts later). Lastly, the pouch has a pocket behind where you put the phone. The pocket doesn’t open up easily when you open the pouch, so you can use it to store credit cards, a drivers license, and even keys without being afraid they will fall out when you have to remove your phone.


3 must-have accessories for running | . NO-SHOW ZELLA SOCKS


I picked up these no-show socks at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (still going on now, so hurry and grab yourself some!) Imagine no-show socks that (a) actually do not show, and (b) actually function as socks. I have tried so many different no-show socks over the years. As a rule, they either show (sometimes just the back, but sometimes the whole top of the sock shows), or they don’t stay up. The few socks I’ve had that do not show and do not slide down my foot are always so thin that they barely count as socks. They definitely don’t work as running socks.
These socks do not show, do not slide down my shoe, and have extra padding on the heal. On sale for $16 for a pack of three, I am going to grab another set before the sale ends.



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  1. thank you for this! snagging 2 packs of these socks ASAP – the worst thing is running and feeling the socks sliding down your heel 2 minutes into a run!

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