Blush Velvet Modern Sleeper Sofa from Interior Define



How often do I sit down and really really relax. Read a book, watch a show, do nothing. Honestly, the answer is hardly ever. But I wanted to create small cozy corner in my office that let me just relax sometimes. Or take one of my 26 minute naps…my favorite thing ever.


Blush Velvet Modern Sleeper Sofa from Interior Define


One thing I really want to do to make my home office extra functional is to make it easily convert to a guest bedroom if we have company. We have a cute little cutout window that was the perfect size for a twin bed, so I searched high and low for a good sleeper sofa. Do you know how HARD it is to find a chic sleeper sofa? Almost impossible!


When Interior Define reached out to me about working together to design some beautiful couches for our home I knew they would help provide me with the living room couch of my dreams. (and they did! more on that in a sec) But an extremely pleasant surprise was that they have a gorgeous short sofa SLEEPER couch option!


Blush Velvet Modern Sleeper Sofa from Interior Define


I fell in love with the sleek modern lines of the Sloan sofa, and the fact that it doesn’t in any way look like it converts to a bed, but it does! The size was perfect, the lines were perfect, the functionality was perfect, but here is the best part.  I got to pick the fabric and the legs myself. I got to tailor this beautiful sofa to fit the colors and style of my office (still not finished, but I’m getting there!). Interior Define has a blush velvet fabric that looked amazing in photos. You can request a free swatch to be sent directly to your house, but since they have a store in LA I headed down there to grab a few swatches in person.


The color of this blush velvet it perfect. I feel like the images don’t even do it justice. It’s an ultra chic mauve/blush that picked up all the right tones in my office rug. I opted for the natural wood block legs and I love how it turned out. I’m so happy I have a cosy resting spot (for 26 minute naps) and a functioning guest bedroom when we have family in town!


Blush Velvet Modern Sleeper Sofa from Interior Define


My living room sofa is really the sofa of my dreams. The employees at Interior Define were really helpful as I was making my selection. I wanted a lighter fabric that was durable and that I could clean. Interior Define has an option to narrow down the fabric selection to kid/pet friendly fabrics, and that made it easy to make a decision. I ended up going with a Static Weave in the color “vanilla”. I took the swatch of this fabric home and I sprayed Mio flavoring and smeared Nutella all over the swatch. Then I used my strongest rug cleaner and scrubbed the spots like crazy. I would obviously treat a real stain with more care, but I wanted to make sure it could withstand stronger spray and hard rubbing, and it did! The spots came out and that’s when I decided to go for it.


White Chesterfield Sofa from Interior Define

White Chesterfield Sofa from Interior Define

White Chesterfield Sofa from Interior Define


For the sofa I went with the 90″ long Ms. Chesterfield Sofa. It’s absolutely stunning in person! The Ms. Chesterfield is a lighter, more feminine approach to the classic Chesterfield. Interior Define kept the signature tufting, but deconstructed the traditionally heavy shape. I selected the brass plated L legs to keep with the feminie modern take. I’m not a super modern person, but I love the juxtaposition of the brass with the tufting. It’s deep, but not too deep. I am able to place decorative pillows on it that don’t have to be removed in order for my guests to sit on it.


I’m revealing my entire living room next week, so stay tuned for that!


I highly recommend Interior Define. They have so many beautiful furniture options and I love that you can customize the pieces to fit your style. They are impeccably made and built to last. It makes such a different to have these beautiful sofas in our home!

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  1. Pink sofa – the white one gets lost I. The room and has a cold vibe

    The pink/ peach sofa is soft, inviting and relaxing
    No extra decorating tequiref

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