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Beauty supplements that I am loving.


I’m always looking for products that improve my health and products that are convenient. Give me a product that is healthy and convenient and I’m an instant fan club member. I’ve been testing out a brand new supplement line sold exclusively at Walmart called Evolution_18 and I want to share how I’m liking it.


Beauty supplements that I am loving.


The whole concept behind Evolution_18 is to provide supplements that check off all my key beauty concerns (give me that clear dewy skin glow!). This new supplement line offers effective formulas with clean, high-quality ingredients. Yes please.


Beauty supplements that I am loving.


I hand selected a few Evolution_18 beauty supplements I was most interested in trying and broke down what I loved about each one:


Beauty supplements that I am loving.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Tablets: Collagen is a key component to full youthful skin and I’ve been on the hunt for a brand that I can really get on board with. These collagen tablets dissolve quickly in a glass of water and it has a pleasant berry flavor (I love anything berry). If something works and is healthy, I can stomach it even if it doesn’t taste that great, but I was pleasantly surprised at this flavor! No need to plug my nose! The collagen, vitamins, and minerals in the tablets work together for an added beauty boost. This tablet also has hyaluronic acid to hydrate my skin, which I haven’t seen added to a supplement before.


Beauty supplements that I am loving.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Glow Capsules with Collagen: This collagen supplement caught my eye because of its convenience. No way would I pack a scoop of powder for a weekend trip, but I would absolutely throw these collagen capsules in my overnight bag. These capsules also have hyaluronic acid.



Beauty supplements that I am loving.

EVOLUTION_18 Probiotic Beauty Blend Quick Melt, Lemon: I tested out these probiotic quick melt packets for two reasons – they look so convenient to throw in my purse to always have on hand, and because I wanted to make sure that they tasted good. These have a pleasant lemon flavor that I liked! They dissolve very quickly on my tongue and are easy to swallow. These probiotic melts have 10 billion live cultures, made up of vital bacteria and essential prebiotic fiber. A super convenient way to nourish my gut for a healthy microbiome and keep my skin clear.


Look for Evolution_18 at your local Walmart or pick some up at I happily recommend this beauty supplement brand and I want to try a few others from the line as well! They have a collagen shot that I’m all about and a superfood blend powder I’m anxious to try! If you give this brand a try let me know how you like it!



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