Floral print dresses done right for spring

FLORAL DRESS  (wearing xs) ||  LIPS IN BOLDLY BARE  & CRUSH (my current go to color combo. have you tried it yet?)  ||  GOLD NECKLACES HERE, HERE, & HERE  ||  GOLD RING



I love floral dresses. LOVE them. I really wanted a floral dress to wear for Easter. In a perfect world I would have made my Easter dress…but that just didn’t happen this year. I rounded up some of my favorite floral dresses online today in honor of Easter weekend.

I scoured everywhere online and was a little underwhelmed at the floral print dresses I found Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like floral prints done right are SO good…but there are a lot of floral prints out there that miss the mark. Too busy, too youthful, too old, to bright, too bold.


Floral print dresses done right for spring


Below are my favorite floral spring dresses available online.. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! We have a church egg hunt bright and early Saturday morning and will be spending Easter with family!






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