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Beauty supplements I'm loving for working out

I talked about how I was first introduced to the Evolution_18 beauty supplement line last month, and since then I’ve been using their beauty supplements consistently every single day. I wanted to write a follow-up post about them to let you know what they have done for me and my body, and how I have incorporated them into my lifestyle.



You can read all about the different supplements here, but I wanted to dive into the benefits I’ve seen personally. Most of the beauty supplements I’ve chosen to take from this line are all forms of collagen. I love that Evolution_18 provides me with multiple ways to take it every day. Over the past month of consistently taking collagen in the various ways I listed below, my skin has an increased fullness and has a subtle glow. Previously I went for quite a while without taking collagen consistently, so I loved seeing the benefits appear on my skin over the last few weeks.


Beauty supplements I'm loving for working out


My nails, lashes, and hair have both gotten stronger and less brittle. If you saw in my insta stories last week, the front section of my hair is finally starting to grow out, and I do think collagen has helped aid this!


Beauty supplements I'm loving for working out


Here are the collagen supplements I’ve been taking from Evolution_18 and when/why I take each one:


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Tablets: On mornings when I have longer runs, I always opt for this dissolving tablet so that I can get in even more water during the day.


How collagen has helped me grow my hair


Evolution_18 Collagen Peptide & Protein Powder: This beauty supplement is one that I added more recently post-workouts. Especially on days where I use my weights, I try to get as much protein as I can. This has 14 grams of protein and collagen peptides. It dissolves easily in water, so I add it to my drinks, or morning smoothies. Love that they killed two birds with one stone with this supplement.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Glow Capsules with Collagen: On mornings when I don’t have time to workout (usually Sundays), I add these with my other daily vitamins. Love love that I have a pill option for collagen.


I ran out of EVOLUTION_18 Probiotic Beauty Blend Quick Melt, Lemon dissolving packets pretty quickly because I was super consistent about taking one every day. My personal test to see if I really love a product is if I want to get it again when I run out. I couldn’t wait to stock back up on these probiotics! They are so easy and pleasant to take, and they make me feel less bloated during the day.

Beauty supplements I'm loving for working out

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