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My love language is perfume. I’ve been collecting perfumes since I was in middle school, I love perfume so much. It’s one gift I’m always thrilled to receive, and Garrett knows this!

The thing I love about perfume so much is how easily a scent can transport you to a memory. I recently started buying a perfume when we go on a big trip as a souvenir and I love it! I bought this perfume when we were in London and every time I wear it I think about that amazing trip!

Perfume is also one of my favorite gifts to give. I spend forever at the perfume counters at Nordstrom and Sephora and I’m constantly testing new perfumes.


Here are a few tips to getting (or giving) the perfect perfume:

Buy the perfume, but also get a free sample. Make sure you wear the sample before opening up the bottle (or toss it in the gift bag so the receiver can wear the sample first). This way you can make sure the scent works with your Ph level and that the scent lasts a long time.

*another good gifting tip is to spritz the tissue paper with the perfume! It’s so fun to open perfume when the gift actually smells like the perfume!


My number one tip when buying perfume:

It’s worth the investment in the perfume or Eau de Parfum…don’t waste your money on a Eau de Toilette. The Parfum has the higher concentration and will outlast a Toilette. Perfume is the most beautiful form of the fragrance because it has mid and base notes to the scent that develop over the time it is worn resulting in a much longer lasting scent. A Toilette has top notes that are more dominant at first, but they tend to fade quickly.


Today I rounded up some of my all time FAVORITE perfumes. These ones are the best of the best. I don’t mess around. If a perfume smells great but doesn’t last long – it didn’t make the cut.



CHANEL “CHANCE” –  Garrett gave this to me for Christmas and it had been on my list for a while. This is one of the only semi-fruity scents I wear regularly (I’m typically a florals girl). It’s a mixture of grapefruit, jasmine, and a beautiful white musk (my favorite scent in a perfume) that lingers all day.

LE LABO “ROSE 31” –  I don’t actually wear Rose 31, Garrett does. But this is for selfish reasons on my part because I want to be able to smell it on him all day. Its a unisex scent so it works for woman as well. This scent is in my top 3 ever. Ever. It was the first Le Labo fragrance I fell in love with years ago and one of the only ones we always restock. It has a deep rose scent mixed with cedar and amber. Trust me…its good.

STELLA MCCARTNEY “STELLA” –  One of my signature scents I’ve been wearing for years. It’s delicate and feminine and it’s the scent I want my boys to remember me wearing when they think of their childhood. It’s a mixture of fresh rose, light peony, and mandarin with deeper notes of amber that give this perfume staying power.

JO MALONE “WILD BLUEBELL” – My London perfume! This one is so special to me. It’s my favorite perfume by Jo Malone and I don’t see it shared about as much as it should be. It’s a light powdery floral with white musk notes and it’s a scent I’ll rebuy over and over. Not very deep and rich, which unfortunately doesn’t have a ton of staying power, but perfect for date night or special event.

LE LABO “SANTAL 33” – It took be a little while to fall in love with this one. This scent is different from what I normally love, but Garrett gave this to me for our anniversary and I was thrilled! It works so well with my Ph balance. I smelled it on a woman at church and I knew instantly what she was wearing and I was so obsessed. It smells like style – thats the only way I can think to describe it. It’s super sensual with sandalwood, spicy, and musky notes. Totally different than anything I own but it makes the coolest statement.

MISS DIOR – I had my eye on this one forever. Very fresh and feminine with rose, rosewood, and bergamot.

GUCCI “GUILTY” – This one is another perfume that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I love the smell of this one about an hour after I spray it. It’s deep and beautify and it lasts forever (huge plus). I got this for Christmas years ago and I love wearing it to church. It’s a deep floral, so it has lilac and powdery notes mixed in with patchouli and amber. Trust me on this one.

PHILOSOPHY “AMAZING GRACE” – Super powdery and light. I love this especially when I’m fresh out of the shower. It smells like flowers and babies. I wish it lasted a bit longer, but it’s still good enough to make my list!

LE LABO “LYS 41” – This is the next Le Labo on my list. This one is ultra floral and feminine. A white floral fragrance of jasmine, tuberose, and musk. Right up my feminine alley.

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  1. Growing up we seemed to always use bath and body works spray before we left for the bus in junior high 🙃 but when I grew up I got out of the habit of perfume… so I’m coming back around but it’s so overwhelming to find some!

    Thanks for the tip with the sample and the PH. that’s always my concern, if the perfume I chose is going to make me smell terrible because we don’t mix. Haha.

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