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I love changing out my front door wreath for the holidays. It’s a quick way to get in the holiday spirit and something fun you and your guests can enjoy! I used to have a fall wreath but over the years it got pretty banged up, so I decided to create a new one for this Halloween.


How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

I didn’t love the pre-made wreaths I saw available online so I decided to create my own. I started my search at eBay! Did you know ebay has tons of great Halloween decor items? I was blown away by their selection.


To create my fall wreath I started with a simple green wreathfor my base. This gives you a really good starting point because it’s already filled with foliage, and I just get to add to it as I like.


I picked this eucalyptus wreath I found on ebay. I got it in 2 days (did you know you can filter by shipping speed?) and it was perfect! Then I found a bunch of faux fall leaves here.


How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Once you have your green wreath and the additional leaves you want to add, the process for creating your own custom wreath is simple:

Step one:

Cut off sections of the leaves with a wire cutter. Make sure you leave a long enough stem on each section you cut off. (you can cut this all up at once if you like, but I like to cut it as I go)

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step two:

Move the leaves on your wreath away to reveal the base of the wreath. Take the stem of the section you just cut and push it into the wreath base to secure it. You can also super glue the stem in, but I found that it was pretty secure just by pushing it into the wreath base.

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step three:

Make sure the leaves that you are adding are going the same direction as the original leaves on the wreath so that the final look is cohesive. Continue cutting leaf sections and securing them into the wreath. Place sections on the inside and outer edge of the wreath as you go to give nice even coverage.

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step four:

Once you have completed the entire wreath, go back and add in any extra leaves to sections that are a bit empty. I like the look of incorporating a larger number of fall leaves to my wreath for a bigger fall effect.


I found this cute bat garland on Ebay as well and it’s so cute! It was really inexpensive and I ordered 3 packs. I taped together 2 packs to make it all around my door, and used the third garland on my fireplace.


I can’t believe I found all the supplies I needed on ebay! I just typed in what I was looking for (ie: faux fall leaves), then filtered by 2 day shipping, and I had lots of great options to choose from.


NOW I get to reveal Eli’s Halloween costume with you! You guys, this year’s costume is going to be pretty obvious if you follow me on stories. Eli has a strong love for DJ Marshmello (he likes his dances, his music, and eating the food). He does his little Marshmello dance everywhere we go. I gave him a Marshmello mask for his birthday, but I wanted one that lit up for him to wear on Halloween so I can keep track of him easily while we are trick or treating.


Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Look what I found on ebay!

This mask was so perfect. It was so inexpensive and the best part is it has a button attached to it that lights up the face with blue lights! You should have seen his face when I showed him. He is obsessed! This mask I grabbed on ebay made for the easiest, funniest costume!


Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

As you start to decorate for Halloween, make sure you mark ebay as a shopping destination! They have all things Halloween at a great price points. I always filter by the “buy it now” and “2 day shipping” options and I’m really impressed with their selection.

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