Serena & Lily Bedroom


We moved into our home two years ago and I was so excited about our bedroom. In our previous house the master bedroom had been converted from an attic, so the ceilings were really low and it was a really tough space to live in. Our new bedroom was all hardwood floors, very spacious, and I couldn’t wait to decorate. Living in a home with all hardwood floors is wonderful but I knew that rugs were going to play a crucial role in how I decorated. 

Fast forward two years and our room has slowly become a catch all for laundry, toys, returns, boxes, you name it. The extra space is wonderful, but so much of my decorating energy went towards our downstairs living area. We have hardwood floors throughout our room. I’ve been eyes this particular rug from Serena & Lily for over a year. I never pulled the trigger, because I thought that if we got a new rug, I would need new bedding, new paint, new nightstands, a bench for the end of the bed, new pillows, etc etc. I love decorating, but my mind is usually much faster than my budgets. I often feel like if I can’t completely redo a room at once I just don’t do anything to it. Do you feel this way?




< this was our home when we first moved in..lots of wood floors to cover >




Serena & Lily Bedroom

 < our new rug makes such a difference! currently on sale for 30% off! >




My partner in design

I had the opportunity to connect with Serena & Lily and was more than happy to make them my partner in design for this space. It was time to jump on the rug I’ve been loving forever. I also decided that I was going to use only decor that I already had to try and complete the space the best I could. I got this rug in an 8X10 and it worked perfectly in the space. 

All of Serena & Lily’s rugs are 30% off today through midnight, so now is your chance to grab one if you’ve had your eye on it forever like I did!


Serena & Lily Bedroom


Serena & Lily Bedroom



I can’t believe what a difference the rug made! It completely transformed the room. All of a sudden our bed felt grounded and there was a clearly designed spot for it in our room. We used our old headboard, mixed and matched some Serena & Lily pillows I had downstairs (I used this one in the middle of the bed and this one on our chair), cleaned off and styled my nightstands and I was shocked at how complete the room felt with just the addition of the rug. 


Serena & Lily Bedroom


Completing a room can often feel overwhelming and intimidating, but I’m realizing that it only takes a few key pieces to really transform a space. My advice to any of you struggling to design a space is to start with the rug. It will act as a background for your furniture and color scheme. 


I linked to some of my other favorite Serena & Lily rugs (like this one we have in the boys room, now on sale too!) along with other beautiful pieces.


Shop my favorite Serena & Lily Rugs…



More Serena & Lily pieces I love…



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