Barlow Baby Four


Ahhh! I’m pregnant! I’ve been so happy and so excited and dying to share this news with all you girls with what feels like forever. It’s such a weird thing to try and live my life a certain way on social while hiding such big news! I’m so not used to that, and it’s felt weird not being able to be so open (especially on stories) with you!


I wanted to write a more candid post about this pregnancy filling you in on lots of details. There has been kind of a lot going on behind the scenes and so much to say with this pregnancy. So here it goes…


Barlow Baby Four


Was this pregnancy planned?


Yes! I always hoped that Eli wouldn’t be my last baby, and I knew we wanted more, but I was also very slow and mindful about when the right timing would be. We started having kids really early on, so I wasn’t in any rush with baby number four. Also..there is something really magical about Eli and I just wanted to soak up his littleness as much as possible! Things shift when a new baby comes along (in many great ways!) but that baby you once had is all of a sudden so much bigger than your new baby and I just wanted all the baby time with him. I also wanted to be at a slower paced place, not so many big projects, not so rushed. So we were very methodical and prayerful about the timing of this pregnancy and just so very grateful and happy that we have a new baby coming. 


How far along? Due Date?


I am 14 weeks along, and due mid May. I’ve never had a spring baby and I’m just so excited to experience a baby in the spring! Also…to not be a hot sweaty mess at 9 months pregnant in August (*cough Bradley, *cough Eli).


Are you finding out the gender?


We are not finding out the gender. Crazy huh?! This one might need it’s own blog post sometime, but long story short – I feel really strongly that I want the focus of this pregnancy to be about the health of the baby and excitement for a new addition. I haven’t had great experiences finding out the gender of my babies in the past (or with comments from strangers around me…anyone remember this post?) so I feel really happy and content about not finding out. I’m going to be obsessed with this baby no matter what the gender! 


Barlow Baby Four
<Eli is SO excited to be a big brother! When we told him we were having a baby he said “I need to be a strong big brother!” and dropped to the ground and started doing push-ups>


How have you been feeling?


This is a bit of a loaded subject. I’ve been feeling pretty dang good. I didn’t even notice that big of a drop in energy the first few weeks. I definitely relied on my 26 minute nap every single day, but I was already taking them 3-4x a week. I still had great energy in the mornings. I was exercising 5-6 times a week, runnings 3 days, strength training 2-3 days, and I was so grateful! Working out had become such a mentally healthy time for me. It was when I got the most inspiration and the most energy. I was in a groove and so happy I was able to keep it up while pregnant. 


I have been getting nauseous at night. I got a little nauseous with Cash at night, and super nauseous with Eli. I had zero sickness at all with Bradley. When I get nauseous my mouth starts salivating a ton and it’s like my body pretends it’s going to throw up, but I never actually do. The extra saliva is so gross!


I only threw up once with Cash on the side of the road and that’s it. I don’t start getting nauseous now until closer to 10pm now (thank goodness) but it used to kick in around 5pm and I would just fling Costco pizzas at the boys, tell them all their homework was probably correct, and countdown the minutes to bedtime. I wore sea bands on my wrists that I thiiiink helped (maybe it was a placebo effect…don’t know don’t care). I did a dang good job of eating healthy all day until I started feeling sick and then I would have Garrett run to the taco truck around the corner to get me 5 more street tacos even though I had 3 of them for dinner. Then I would sit in my bed at 11 pm crying eating street tacos because I felt like stuffing food down me was the only way to make the nausea stop. 


Which makes me feel like I need to write more about food…




I haven’t had too many cravings. The aftertaste of candy or sugar makes me so sick (but hasn’t stopped me from eating the boy’s Halloween candy). I made a special trip to the grocery store to buy 15 cent Top Ramen for lunch one day because it sounded amazing, and it was. 


One time I saw this butter lettuce and tomato salad on someone’s insta stories and it made me salivate so much I had to go to Trader Joes and make my own every day for lunch for a week straight. 


I’ve been strangely obsessed with eggs. I eat 2 fried eggs every morning and they are so good. I also have a bag of saltines on my nightstand. One of my favorite late night snacks is saltines with cream cheese spread on top and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute sprinkled on top (most underrated TJ’s seasoning IMO…better than Everything But The Bagel). Try it! 


I do also live and die for bubbly water. I’ve been pouring myself a glass of Perrier with ½ a squeezed lime every night and it really helps my nausea. 


The not so great part…


This pregnancy was going so well and so wonderful, except a few weeks ago I had a little bit of a scare. I started bleeding a little bit and panicked because that hadn’t happened at all with any of my other pregnancies. I called my Dr. and she told me to lay down and let her know if there was more. I stood up after about an hour and there was a huge gush of blood (no other way to describe it! Sorry if this is TMI) My Dr. told me to rush to the ER right away. At the ER they checked on the baby and the baby was totally fine, but I had a good size subchorionic hemorrhage along my uterus wall. The size of it was a big concern with my Dr. She said if it got any bigger it could cause the placenta to detach, resulting in a miscarriage. So I was put on strict bed rest for 7-10 days. She also said after bedrest I wouldn’t be able to exercise until the end of my second trimester, and then only short walks.  


It was a very scary time for all of us, but we prayed a ton and Garrett and I always felt like things were going to be okay. Throughout this whole pregnancy I’ve said that the baby’s heath is my #1 concern. Bed rest was not one single iota of fun. I would literally wake up in the morning, stand to brush my teeth, wash my face, use the restroom, and then lay back in bed….until bedtime. I was totally down to do anything to keep the baby safe…but I did start going a little stir crazy. One time I watched a spider crawl all the way up our ceiling and drop down onto the bed next to me. That was the most excitement I had in TEN days.


But I have a class act husband and the world’s greatest friends. So many people stepped in to help. Garrett was an absolute hero – making lunches, driving to school, piano, scouts, soccer, football, laundry, bedtime, EVERYTHING. Members of my church brought me dinner and my sweet friends watched my kids, cleaned my kitchen, gave my kids rides, etc. The boys were so kind and understanding. They always came home from school and made sure I was laying down with my feet propped. 


I did get some really great quality time with Eli. When he was home with me he would bring me books to read to him. And let’s be honest, we also watched freaking Coco for 5 days in a row and it was amazing. 


How is the baby now?


After my last Dr’s appointment we are feeling so much happier and confident! The hemorrhage has diminished in size, my uterus and the baby are bigger now and the placenta is really well attached. The Dr. was very happy about what she saw and said as long as I still take things easy, everything should be just fine. 


So now I’m going up and down the stairs slowly and trying not to stand too long at a time. I have to be honest…I’m pretty bummed I can’t exercise like I was before. The thought of getting out of the groove for so long and having to get back into it in 6-7 months later is really hard for me to wrap my head around. But I can do it. It’s going to be a mind over matter thing and all I really want is a healthy baby. I’m finally feeling good and confident that this will be a great pregnancy and it finally felt like the right time to share it with you all!


Barlow Baby Four


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your excitement and love! It’s been hard keeping this from you girls but now I’m excited to share more with you!!

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26 thoughts on “BARLOW BABY NUMBER FOUR!

  1. Aww…Congrats! Happy for you and your family. I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with my second and it was very scary. She’s 10 now so, it all works out!

  2. Bless you! We had 3 girls and then a basketball team…FIVE boys! I would tell people all day long that life was great, and I meant it! My saying is, Dirt and noise, We love boys! And those sweet girls, too. But my boys do look after me. The youngest is 23. You’ve got a wonderful attitude and a Christ centered life. Again, God bless you!


    P.S. One of our cutest and dearest friends are Maggie and JB! We were at their wedding .

  3. Blessings for a healthy pregnancy- love your boys ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And will enjoy getting to know this one, too!

  4. Omgosh! I’m so happy you are and your baby are doing better! I am 10 weeks now. I have been craving the same…eggs, cream cheese and tacos (and other stuff! We have cool taco trucks in Miami but not so up the street, so Taco Bell (or hell) lol has been it. Anyway! Excited for the whole Barlow clan! 💓

  5. I had a super random thought 4 days ago and thought “I wonder if she’s pregnant”, and you are!!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and an awesome transition from 3 to 4 kiddos!

  6. Beautiful and your brave for going for #4 . After my baby girl was born she had cows milk allergy. I figured out afterwards the dairy products were my nausea culprits. I had bleeding with my 2nd baby boy and he was born healthy! Congrats on your baby angel.

  7. I am really happy for you guys!! You certainly make beautiful babies 🙂 Leanne, You are my hero (I am newly married and scared to dead for pregnancy, partum, etc) and regarding the gender… I am SO mad sometimes why people would always have some mean things to say.. as easy as “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. He/she is a Gift for you, from God, so he/she will be very loved.

  8. Congrats! I’ve been following you for a bit because I too have 3 boys. We got pregnant earlier this year with #4 and I know what you talking about…the questions from strangers and pretty much everyone…”Are you trying for a girl?…yada, yada. I was just hoping for another truly blessed healthy baby, so I brushed it off. We just had our 4th (fourth!) boy last month and I couldn’t be happier about my little man pack. They are the best! Best wishes on the rest of your pregnancy!!

  9. I am so incredibly happy for you, Garrett, and the boys!! I will be thinking and praying for you throughout the pregnancy and can’t wait to see all the updates and blog posts!! Congratulations <3

  10. I am so pleased for you and having just a little bit of that clucky longing feeling. Don’t tell my husband!

  11. Our son is a May baby and let me tell you, it is such a beautiful time of year to have a baby! We live in Utah, so everything was bright green, the trees were blooming, and it was sunny and warm. I always tease my husband we should only have May babies 😉. Congrats to you and your family, and I hope this pregnancy continues to be nothing but healthy and thriving. ❤️

  12. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I loved this post. I also read the one you linked about how you feel having 3 boys. I have 3 boys and it was exactly what I needed today to remind me that they are exactly what I need and I love them so much. Thank you!!

  13. I’m due a month before you and my morning sickness also occurred in the evening time. I never threw up just felt nauseous and so exhausted. Congrats! This is our first baby and we are really excited about it! I’m hoping for a girl but I’ll love my baby if it’s a boy.

  14. Congrats! I am due at the end of May with my second. So nice to follow along to your story. I’ll be looking to you for some maternity clothing inspiration- you are always so stylish!

  15. Glad after some down time, you and the baby are doing well. Such happy news, my son was born in April, such a great time of year to go on walks with the baby in the stroller. You are lucky to be in LA – pregnant in Chicago during the winter brrrr.

  16. I’m so happy for you! I’ve had a hemorrhage like that during pregnancy before too and it’s so scary. I’m so glad your body is healing and the baby is growing! Wishing you all the best! 💕

  17. So exciting. I am on surprise baby #2 – a few weeks left. Also had the hematoma on my first pregnancy- sooo scary so glad you now have good reports! I was on restriction my second tri but baby comes first and I did end up running 6 weeks after I gave birth – i was super sore but it comes back to you! So exited to see you preggers – you are too cute!

  18. Congratulations! And how exciting that you’re waiting to find out gender! We waited with both of ours and it was SUCH a fun surprise.

  19. I am glad that your and baby are now healthy. i know how a scare can rock your world. I also had a difficult third pregnancy with placenta previa and was on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. That is how I discovered your blog, in fact! Before that I had no idea what a blog was! Like you, I also had just found my groove with everything in life, including an exercise plan, but changes had to be mad for everyone’s safety. I wish you all the best!

  20. Oh my dear beautiful friend! I am so happy for you that baby and you are both ok now! Thank you for sharing all the details, I admire your vulnerability and openness so much! My heart ached at the scare you had and at reading your post about all the negative comments about having 3 boys because your boys are so darling and you and Garrett are such amazing parents! You only deserve the best wishes and excitement for your family to be exactly as it is! For some reason people think a woman who is pregnant gives them license to say whatever they are thinking/put their own feelings and opinions on someone else. Phhhhh. I am so excited for you no matter what because either way you are having another BABY!! Another blessed child joining your family! If it’s a boy, WONDERFUL! If it’s a girl, WONDERFUL too! Either way is a WIN!!! We waited to find out with Eliza because I felt very similar to some things you expressed and it was pretty wonderful to be surprised in the delivery room! And I swooned and adored her right away as I know you’ll love yours! I’m praying the rest of the pregnancy will be smooth sailing and that you’ll find gentle ways to exercise to feel good and keep your sanity (I went for lots of walks which are fabulous and did water aerobics with lots of grannies at the Y! ;D LOVE you FOREVER and congrats again and again! Thank you for populating our earth with darling, beautiful, good people!

    1. Hi Trine!! Thank you so much! We are so excited. And that is so fun you didnt find out with Eliza, I didn’t know that! Yay for babies right!? Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family! I hope we can connect in Camarillo soon!

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