My results after using Olay Retinol



I love any opportunity to try new skincare products and share my results with you. When I try something new, I like to only use that product or line exclusively for a while so that I can clearly see the results.I was excited when Olay asked me to give their Olay Regenerist Retinol24 collection a try for a few reasons:

Number one: Retinol is a product I have used in my skincare routine and it’s the #1 most dermatologist recommended ingredient to help with fine lines and deliver smoother + brighter skin.  

Number two: most products containing retinol are expensive. I’ve found some that I really love, but they come at an insanely high price tag. I love the idea of a product that delivers results at a much more affordable price point. 



My results after using Olay Retinol


Why retinol?

I want to break down why retinol is a product that I always make sure to use in my routine. Retinol is important because it visibly improves fine lines & wrinkles, texture, brightness, firmness, dark spots, and pores. However, the steep price tag and dryness/irritation that I got after some retinol products have caused me to switch around from brand to brand. 


My results after using Olay Retinol


My results after using Olay’s Retinol24 collection

Four weeks ago I switched over my nightly routine to start using the new Olay Retinol24 eye cream exclusively every single night and here is what I noticed:

No drying/redness: Retinol24 products are different than other products with retinol because Olay’s formula is made with vitamin B3 so they are effective and hydrating. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t experience any dry or cracked skin after four full weeks of use. 

Less steps, similar results: I wondered how this product would compare to my normal routine. I’m used to applying multiple oils and creams after using a retinol. I woke up each morning after using this product with soft hydrated brighter skin! I’ve never used a retinol product that left my skin so moisturized. 


My results after using Olay Retinol


A breakdown of all 3 + my FAVORITE Retinol24 product


The Retinol Serum is scent free and left a dewy glow on my skin. 


The Night Face Moisturizer left my skin velvety smooth. There was this layer of incredibly smooth moisturizer locked in so much hydration!


My absolute favorite product from this collection is the Retinol24 Night Eye Cream. This is one of the thickest eye creams I have ever tried and left that same velvety smooth texture around my eyes that the face moisturizer did. I’ve always had to avoid my eye area when using a retinol. That was a bummer to me, because my fine lines tend to appear around my eyes, so it felt a little counter productive. My favorite part about this product is that Olay found a way to create a retinol product that is safe to use around my eyes! I woke up each morning and could still feel the hydrating effects around my eyes. A little goes a long way, and I will most definitely be using this product in the future.


My results after using Olay Retinol

My results after using Olay Retinol


I love that Olay allowed me plenty of time to use this collection and really get a feel for how the products worked. Thank goodness that there is finally an effective affordable retinol line. I’m happy to be able to recommend these products to you! (I recommend grabbing that eye cream…it’s impressive)


Thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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