It’s crazytown right now, isn’t it? I feel like I wake up every morning to some new news story about Covid-19, or an earthquake, or the stock market. I’m trying my best to keep calm and just make sure we are all staying healthy and keeping to ourselves at this crucial time. 

I tried on this ultra soft dress a few weeks ago and it’s now on sale


I asked you girls on my insta stories earlier this week what you wanted to get when you scrolled through social media and blogs and most of you said you wanted an ESCAPE! So when I saw that Nordstrom was offering 25% off sitewide today I jumped on to take my mind off things and escape a bit, and I hope this helps you do the same. Literally, everything on their site is 25% off, but I rounded some of my long time favorites (+ a few cozy loungewear items while we all WFH). 


My favorite maternity leggings for working out. These are buttery soft, stay up, and so comfy I could wear them all day. 


My all time favorite pajamas. I have owned these in 5 colors and just grabbed the light blue ones. They run a bit big but I don’t mind that for jammies, I wear a small.


My top two favorite perfumes Santal 33 and Wild Bluebell – these are such beautiful unique fragrances. I talk about them a lot on my stories. 


My cognac velcro sandals – I find myself reaching for these almost every Sunday. They go with everything and are easy to put on, especially because it’s hard to bend over now!


My go to lip combo of Boldly Bare and Tutu. I stocked up on both of these colors. I wear this combo almost everyday. 


My ruched dress I own in 3 colors. Still wear it constantly (not maternity, runs 1 size big)


My favorite everyday foundation. It wears more like a tinted moisturizer and I love mixing it with my moisturizer too. I have shades Neutral and Tan (tan for the summer).


My beloved glopro! I use this almost every night. This is the kit that I bought initially and it’s 100% worth it. 


The robe of my dreams. I searched high and low for this robe and it’s the perfect weight and the softed robe out there. I’m wearing it right now 😉


These soft joggers look so good right now, I just ordered them in a small. 


Two of my gold necklaces that I wear almost every day. I love pairing both of them together. 


I have loved every second of this cardigan. I’m shocked it’s still in stock. I wear a small in the silver shade. 











I truly hope you are hanging in their with your mental and physical health! Take some time to disconnect from social for a bit each day to exercise, take a nap, enjoy your kids (before they drive you nutty), or get lost in a book or movie.


shop all my picks below:



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  1. You made such a nice selection of pieces here. I totally relate with the bathrobe you selected. It got me intrigued “The robe of my dreams. ” How does that look? I was thinking about mine? I did not have a robe of my dreams, but in case I would choose one, definitely I would choose a similar one with the one you have in this article. Very natural and nice style you have. I am a little bored with the content on blogs, but your honesty and simple style makes be feel really comfortable and curious to see your content. I work in online marketing, and I consume so much content on a daily basis. (plus I am a woman and I love beautiful stuff). You made a great impression. Great Job.

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