I narrowed down the looooong list of everything you think you have to have for pregnancy into the handful of items that I used on a daily basis. Here are my top favorite maternity products that I loved to use – from beauty, to belly, to sleep, to apps. My must have maternity product roundup is below!


My pregnancy must haves

YELLOW GOWN (not maternity, I’m wearing a UK size 12)

BELLY SUPPORT BAND: I have been so happy with this 3-in-one band. I wear the thinnest band under my stomach for lower back support, especially on walks or when I know I’ll be standing for longer periods of time. It also comes with two other postpartum bands to wear after pregnancy. I’ve worn postpartum bands after all my babies to bring everything back together and I swear by them!


BODY PILLOW: By the beginning of my second trimester I was ready to bust out my body pillow. Having the support for my tummy and putting one leg on top of the pillow and one under it helps align my hips and helps me get such a better night sleep (I’m a side sleeper). My pillow is from when I was pregnant with Eli from Bump Nest, and unfortunately it looks like they don’t make them anymore! So I researched other options and found this body pillow by the brand that makes my absolute favorite pillow ever. It’s filled with the same cross cut hypogenic memory foam that my pillow is and it’s such a dream. I actually fell in love with my pillow because it reminded me of the filling in my body pillow.


SPANX BODY SHAPING SHORTS: This is another MUST have. I’ve used the same pair for all four pregnancies. It supports my bump and smooths everything out in my hips and booty when I’m wearing tighter fitting church dresses and I love it. 


BABY CENTER APP: I love the weekly emails and phone alerts that remind me how far along I am and how my baby is growing! They also have really cool videos that illustrate the baby’s growth and development and I used some of them to show my boys how the baby is developing inside me. (the videos are all illustrated graphics, but some of them do show what a full nakes pregnant woman’s body looks like, so I would just fast forward that in the begging and show my boys the part when it zooms in on the baby inside the womb..just an fyi).


BELLY OILS AND LOTIONS: I’m pretty religious about rubbing oils and body butter on my bump every night. While stretch marks are genetic and sometimes can’t be prevented, keeping my stomach moisturized on a daily basis keeps it from feeling dry and stretched. I like to take this body butter and mix it with a few squirts of this belly oil and rub it all in. I also have really liked using this Tubby Todd belly oil and mixing it with their amazing all over ointment


DRUNK ELEPHANT GLYCOLIC NIGHT SERUM: Good pregnancy safe night serums can be hard to find. I used a good retinol at night before pregnancy, but it isn’t safe for during pregnancy, so I felt like I wouldn’t be able to take as good of care of my skin while pregnant. I already loved this glycolic night serum and have been using it for over a year. I was thrilled to find it is also pregnancy safe! It helps refine my pores and resurface my skin while being safe to use during pregnancy. Love love it. 


BIGGER BRA THAT ALSO WORKS FOR NURSING: I wore this bra during my pregnancy and nursing with Eli and I loved it so much I bought it again this time around. It is under $20 which is insane. It was comfy, supportive, and lasted well through washes. I got it to just hold me over until I could find a fancier “better” one..but I loved this one so much I didn’t even try any others. I love that I didn’t need to get a separate bra for my ever growing hoots during pregnancy and then get another nursing bra. And even if you do have to get a bigger size once the baby is here and your milk comes in…you really can’t beat $15. 








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  1. That bra isn’t an actual nursing bra tho it looks like right? I mean I love the price and I need new bras while I’m pregnant….I was just wondering if it was nursing too.

    1. Good catch Whitney! I just switched the link to the nursing version of this bra!!

  2. Can you send me or post the maternity nursing dress you posted on the story my sister had her baby girl yesterday and loved that dress but she can’t afford it so I secretly convinced my parents to buy it but we can’t remember or find what brand the dress was.

  3. I feel what you put in the article and understand your thoughts. The information you give me is very good, thank you very much for sharing it.

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