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I’m only ONE DAY away from my due date! After being pregnant for the past 18 months (…but really thats what it feels like) I’m very excited to meet this sweet baby! But I’m have to be totally honest…my emotions have been all across the board these past few weeks. We are prepping for a new baby, we are homeschooling, we are building (and buying) our first home, we are prepping for a move clear across the country, all in the middle of this crazy pandemic. I’ve been mentally prepping for the mental strength that I would need for these crazy months, but never in one million years did I think a full blown pandemic would be thrown into the mix all at the same time.

I’m not usually an anxious person or an overly stressed person. I am pretty dang mentally strong and I work really hard to do the things I know will get me in a good headspace (regular excercise, prayer, meditation, hard work, gratitude lists, etc). But these past few weeks have been rough. I don’t feel like myself and I just can’t wrap my head around all of the changes that are happening in my life right now. Some days I feel like I have a decent handle on things emotionally and some days I’m extremely emotional and weepy. It’s this strange person I didn’t know I could be, but I am giving myself grace and taking things one day at a time. Garrett has been a huge help and support to me, and I’ve also relied on close family and friends that I know I can call and just spill everything going on in my mind. There have been long periods of time where I just don’t feel like posting to social media, and when those days came, I didn’t post. I didn’t force things. It’s such a weird time in general right now. Trying to get on stories and “fake it” has just never been an option for me. I would much rather be transparent where I can and allow myself space to work through overwhelming and emotional days when pregnancy and pandemic hormones feel like they are taking over.

Now that I am so close to delivery I am finally starting to settle into more of a peaceful spot. I really want this sweet baby to come and just fill our home and hearts with happiness! I asked you all if you had any third trimester pregnancy questions for me and you send it some great ones! I answered a lot of them in stories but I also wanted to post them here for any other mommas currently pregnant that might have similar questions. I’m not really going to sugar coat my answers here. I don’t think that is real or helpful. I’m feeling a lot of feelings right now and they are really affecting my mental state going into this birth. Part of me wondered if I needed to be crazy positive and optimistic with my answers to sooth the worries of other soon to be moms looking to me for help and guidance…but pretending that I’m not feeling scared and stressed right now would actually be a disservice to the moms feeling the same feelings that I am. So here we go…




Are you having a c-section or vaginal delivery?

All three of my previous pregnancies were vaginal so I’m crossing my fingers this one is as well. But one thing I’ve learned with pregnancy is that you can “plan” all you want, but that doesn’t mean it will happen that way! I just want to deliver whatever way is the safest for my baby. 


How are you handling the move after baby?

Umm….good question! We are starting to pack things up now and will have movers come to pack up all the furniture and heavy items at the end of June. We have cross country movers hired and they will move all our items and our cars and we will all fly out there. I get overwhelmed just thinking about flying right now and we have pushed the date as far back as we can…but I am taking everything one day at a time. If the timeline gets pushed back even more, then it is what it is. I’m going to focus on being in tune with how I feel about each step of the move (timing/flying-wise) and I will move forward with flying as long as I feel 100% good about it. 


How do you feel about delivering during a global pandemic?!

I can’t sugar-coat this answer and say that I feel perfectly calm. It has really added a lot of mental stress for me. The hospital I’m delivering at is very highly rated and has a very low number of Covid patients there. As of right now Garrett is allowed to be with me in the delivery room and not having him there has been my number one worry. My doctor is wonderful and she isn’t stressed or worried, but I did find out that I will need to wear a mask when I deliver. I’m really struggling with this because I have a hard time breathing in them and they make me claustrophobic, I can’t imagine trying to breathe through pushes while wearing a mask! But my Dr said that if I am struggling I can remove mine because all of the nurses and doctors will be in hazmat suits. 


How will COVID19 change your delivery at the hospital?

My boys won’t be able to come to the hospital to meet the baby. It made me really sad at first, but I’ve reimagined what it will be like bringing the baby home and the boy’s getting to hold and greet the baby there and I’m excited for that. I also usually LOVE my time in the hospital. I love to stay as long as I can and just soak up one-on-one time with the baby, but I feel like I’ll want to get out of the hospital asap this time. I think I’ll be so ready for the boys to meet the baby. 


Stretch-mark cream?

Love the cream and oil from this pregnancy must have post


Do you have to get tested for Covid before delivering?

I thought Garrett and I would both be tested as we entered the hospital but my Dr. told me we won’t be. She said the test takes 2 days to get the results back, so they are just requiring masks. There is another hospital here that does do a test and has a 45 min result turnaround time, but she said they have a lot of false positives and negatives, so it really isn’t effective. 


Where will the boys stay when it’s time to have the baby?

My mom will dive down and stay with them. She has been social distancing since March at home and we are all healthy. I’m so grateful for the diligent precautions she has taken!


What are your pregnancy must-haves?

I listed them all (apps, for sleep, for skin, etc) in this post.


What are you putting in your hospital bag?

I will write an updated post, but here is the post of everything I brought to the hospital with Eli. 


Are you just sooooo done?!

Actually no! Crazy right?! I know babies are much easier inside me then outside me and I’m truly not very uncomfortable right now! But I feel like that with every baby. I’ve never been one to wish for the baby to come asap!


How did your pregnancies compare with this one?

Each of my pregnancies have felt different in their own way. I’m definitely carrying this baby much higher than I did with Eli. I don’t feel as much pressure super low. I was on bedrest for a few weeks with this one and had placenta previa early on (neither of which I experienced with any of my other babies). I also have had way more intense heartburn this time around. If I don’t take Pepcid each day it’s almost unbearable.


Will you have a nanny in your new house to help with the baby?

No, and I never really have. Things might change once I get to the new house and I’m trying to get everything unpacked with a baby and the 3 kids, but my boys are really pretty helpful and self sufficient. I’m definitely not against hiring help though! I think I’d me more likely to hire an organizer or someone to help me get unpacked and moved in though. 


What have you learned from the first pregnancy to this one?

That the baby/newborn stage goes fast! I was so fresh and unsure with my first baby, but with my third I felt like I enjoyed it a lot more. I will definitely be slowing way down and taking time to cuddle and bond and let the boys enjoy the baby. 


What day is your actual due date?

May 12th


Do you enjoy being pregnant?

I really do. First trimester can be rough but I love second trimester. This time around third trimester has been wonderful as well. I’m really glad that I’ve been able to enjoy it. 


Gut feeling on the baby’s gender?

I have zero mothers intuition on gender. ZERO. I always hope I’ll have an inkling or dream or something that would make me think it’s one or the other, but I have nothing. I never have with any of my kids.


Do you have ligament pain on long walks?

My lower back definitely hurts. This band helps a lot. But not as much lower pain in the pelvic area as my other babies. 


Has the belly dropped?

I definitely don’t think it has. 


Epidural- yay or nay?

That’s an easy yay for me. Everyone needs to figure out what works for them, but I love me an epidural. I love the feeling of my legs going numb and warm. It feels like I’m sitting in a hot tub. My personal philosophy is I’m already pushing a human out of my body, I’ll take all the help I can get!


Tips for a belly only pregnancy?

I think each pregnant body carries babies differently and they are all perfect and beautiful. I think it just depends on your body and it doesn’t have anything to do with anything I ate or did. 


Your favorite part of pregnancy?

I really like having a bump. I think it’s fun to see the changes in my body as the baby grows. My favorite part this time around has been seeing how excited the boys are. I love that I have three other friends that are just as excited as Garrett and I are!


Are you having a baby shower?

No. I had sweet friends offer to throw one before the pandemic, but it’s not going to happen and I’m totally fine with it. I didn’t want one with Eli, but after he was born my friends threw a beautiful luncheon and it was fun to celebrate him once he was here.


What’s a baby item you are looking forward to using?

The Doona carseat/stroller. I’m still amazed at it and everyone raves about it!


Favorite nursing bra?

The one from this post!



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