It’s been 3 months since Owen had his lip and tongue tie release procedure done by Dr. Tracy Tran and I wanted to give you an update. I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful to have the procedure done! Owen was like a completely different baby after his release and I am incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Tran. (I have a Tongue Tie highlights if you want to see more of what we went though)


Tongue assessment experience



Getting tongue and lip ties assessed by the right person is something I have become incredibly passionate about and here is why

Bradley had the exact same gassy/fussiness/nursing issues that Owen did. I could tell from day ONE. I listened to him gulping in air as he nursed and I knew something was off. I have four babies to use as a comparison, but as a new mom with Bradley I had no idea. I didn’t find out that Bradley had a tongue tie until he was ten-years-old from his dentist. I went through months and months of sleeping/nursing frustrations with Bradley and never once was he checked for a tongue tie.


I feel like Dr. Tran needs her own post here because she went above and beyond to help both of my boys. I went through three doctors with Owen before I was referred to Dr. Tran. An ENT told me Owen didn’t have a tongue tie, but I knew better. Dr. Tran came right to my home with a mask and gloves on and assessed both Bradley and Owen. She sat with us for well over an hour and explained incredibly clearly both my boys tongue tie assessments and created a plan tailored to their needs.

Dr. Tran now provides telehealth consults of parents outside of California as well!

You can contact her here and book a 1-hour consult for $200. She will go through the entire assessment, show you how to take pictures of the lip and tongue, and will work to find a trusted provider in your area. The chance to have an experienced professional asses your child correctly is so Important


Tongue assessment experience


Here is why I think every baby should get checked for a tongue tie

Bradley’s wasn’t caught until he was 10. His tongue tie not only attributed to his nursing and sleeping as a baby, but also sleep apnoea, which has altered his face shape, breathing issues, and his pallet formation. Tongue ties are also related to ADHD and learning disables as they are older because the poor sleep that they get We have at least a full year’s worth of a mixture of denial work, tongue therapy, in addition to a tongue tie release that we are now working on. I felt horrible but I never knew! This is why I want moms to know how important an assessment is and how it isn’t too late to get it fixed because it affects so many things as they get older.



Tongue assessment experience



I’m so glad we caught it early with Owen. @drtracytran performed Owen’s release in our home and brought a team of experts with her (all in masks and gloves) that taught me all the recovery stretches and myofunctional therapy exercises I needed to do. Dr. Tran made FOUR additional house calls to follow up after the release to make sure the tie hadn’t reconnected (this can happen very easily if you aren’t adamant about the recovery stretching).



Tongue assessment experience



I can’t recommend Dr. Tran enough if you think your baby or child may have a tongue tie. You can find a lot more great information about tongue and lip ties on her instagram: @drtracytran and on her website:




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