Does anyone else find running the smallest errand exhausting? 2020 messed up my shopping game – I get so easily overwhelmed. Plus the thought of leaving half my kids home to do virtual learning AND fitting it in during a time that works with Owen’s nap schedule…I’d just rather not. Walmart+ has my back! With Walmart+, I can quickly order on my app or computer when I’m low on household essentials and have it right to my doorstep fast. No order minimum!




Walmart+ is a new kind of membership that costs $98 a year (or $12.95 per month) and here is everything a membership has to offer…

  • Walmart + free shipping from with no order minimum (new!) excludes oversized, freight, & Marketplace items.
  • Free delivery from your local store ($35 minimum, restrictions apply)
  • Membership prices on fuel
  • Mobile scan & go from your phone so you can check out with your phone and make in-store shopping fast, easy, and contact free.

*all member benefits are dependent on location. Head to the Walmart+ sign up page to see which of the benefits your area qualifies for.



I’ve been using Walmart+ since it first rolled out in the fall last year and now that I have my past items stored in the app, it’s easy for me to jump on and grab any essentials I am running low on. I also like to screenshot any new products I want to try and throw them into my cart when I’m checking out on the Walmart+ app. Having everyday essentials on my doorstep in as little as one day is so convenient!




Some of these products I reorder constantly (especially the gummy vitamins) and some products I’m trying out for the first time. Here is what I had sent straight to my door with Walmart+:


FAVORITE DRUGSTORE MASCARA – I use this under any of my higher end mascaras. I love that the primer is black and I love building up my lash volume at the base with the fiber side.

FOAMING TANNER – I’ve heard good things about this tanner and the price is SO good (under $10). I’ve only tried this once and it has a green base (which I like), didn’t stink, and the color didn’t all come off in the shower. I think I want to do a second application to get a bit of a darker color.

FAVORITE BLACK DISPOSABLE FACE MASKS – I’ve never had a maskne breakout with these so I always keep plenty in my car. The simple black is my preference.

GLOW IN THE DARK PACIFIERS – I wised up and just grabbed the glow in the dark ones. I got tired of hunting for Owen’s paci in the middle of the night.

SMARTYPANTS GUMMY VITAMINS – My boys love these gummy vitamins and I love that they have 5g of sugar – a lot less than some of the others out there.

ELDERBERRY GUMMIES – My preferred way to take elderberry to boost my immune system. We blow through these since Garrett and I take them and  I give them to my kids each day. They taste so good.

BABY PUFFS – The best way to keep Owen happy, distracted, and full while I cook dinner. Now what he has mastered how to pick them up, we go through bottles of these quickly!

ADULTS IMMUNITY GUMMIES – We use the powdered version of this on a regular basis, but Garrett and I prefer to reach for this gummy version because we are jealous of all our kids gummy vitamins.

AQUAPHOR LIP PROTECTANT – My older boy’s lips are so chapped they are cracking, so I got each of them their own tube of this, stuck their initials on it with a sharpie and I have them keep it sitting on their desk so they remember to reapply multiple times a day.




Check out my most ordered items with Walmart+ in September in THIS POST.

Walmart+ is  streamlined, convenient, and always has Walmart’s everyday low prices we know and love.



Click here to sign up for Walmart+



Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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