I struggled with postpartum hair loss for years. I lost a lot of hair after my fourth baby, and I tried everything to get my hair to grow back. It was really hard, and I never thought it would happen for me. I used to wear tape-in hair extensions because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it to grow back.


** Updated: Here are the top products I have used and reordered in 2023 to help with my hair growth:



No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get these front sections to grow. I thought for sure after babies I wouldn’t get my hair growth back, but now I know it’s attainable.


 This definitely wasn’t a short process, but I finally did it. If you follow a routine consistently and give it time, you can experience amazing growth and get your healthy hair back.

It is so nice to have long, healthy, thick hair again. All it takes is some dedication and the right products.


Quick Tips

• All of these products have helped me maintain healthy hair, but liquid collagen is the key to actually making the hair grow. I’ve been taking two tablespoons each day, and I really think this is the number one thing that has impacted my hair growth the most, especially the front sections. If you want to learn more, I wrote an entire post about how it works, along with answers to frequently asked questions here.

Maintaining the quality of your hair is just as important, and these are my tried and true products to do just that:

• On hair washing day,  I spray the front section of my hair with water and put Olaplex 3 in and let it sit all day in a high bun (or at least try and let it sit for 20 minutes before I jump in the shower).

• In the shower I use my scalp scrub first, then shampoo and then I always condition with a hair mask and let that sit for a few minutes.

• While in the shower, I comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb. This helps prevent any additional damage or breaking when combing out my hair.

• After the shower I towel dry, then apply 3 to 4 pumps of my elixir and mix it with my heat protectant hair cream. Then comb through and sleep on it.

• Anytime I use any heat protectant after that, I use the Ouai protectant spray. Every morning I add a little elixir to my ends to keep them hydrated.

My Full Routine


The morning I'm going to wash my hair, I spray it with a spray bottle and dampen the front sections. I really baby those front sections because that's where I've seen the most breakage. Then I put in about a quarter size of Olapex No 3, comb that through my hair, and leave it in all day.


Then when I'm in the shower, I use the scalp scrub. I like the applicator of the Drunk Elephant scrub best. It makes it easy to get right up on the scalp. I just use the flat part of my fingers to scrub in circles and lift dead skin and old product up from the scalp. The silicone scalp brush is great for getting it clean and stimulates healthy hair.


I switch up shampoo and conditioner every once in while. Right now, I'm using Bondi Boost just on the scalp. It keeps my dandruff and dry scalp at bay. Then I use the Bondi Boost HG shampoo. I've found that it doesn't dry out my hair the way other shampoos do. Even the highest end shampoos usually cause dried out ends for me, but not this one. I swap conditioner for a hair mask. Kerastase's nutritive hair mask is my favorite, and I have tried MANY. It's great for hydration. I use it on my entire head because my hair is color-treated, but for oily hair, you could just do your ends. The HG shampoo is nourishing enough that your scalp won't be dried out.


Twice a week, I apply Kerastase Water Gloss before the mask. This product is so amazing. It's like a hair mask but even more intensively hydrating. I just squirt on the ends of my hair first and then put in the Kerastase mask. It works instantly. I feel like it's kept my blonde bright for longer. The gloss it gives is so good. I leave the mask and gloss on for a couple minutes. While on, I comb out my hair with a wide tooth comb. This helps a lot to eliminate breaking. Loreal offers a less expensive hair gloss mask that I also really like. Linked here.


I towel dry so my hair is still pretty damp when I apply the hair elixir. I do four pumps and a quarter size of the heat protectant cream from Kerastase and mix those two together. Apply all the way from front down, and on all ends. I mostly focus on the front sections because that's where I see the most breakage. I've also been including Olapex No 6. I just apply that to the ends. Then I just throw my hair across my pillow to dry while I sleep.


In the morning, I will either continue to air dry or blow it dry it on the warm or cool setting, but before doing that I use the this heat protectant. This is my go-to protectant any time I curl my hair. Hair tip: Use cream for wet hair, spray for dry hair.


I do 2 tablespoons of liquid collagen every morning. It took me about eight weeks to start seeing results but the results keep getting better and better, and I have been taking it consistently for one year. This has been the biggest thing that transformed my hair. Once a month I use Hair Wow spray. I really like it, but if you use it too much it can cause breakage because it has a lot of protein. Also a good glossing treatment. Works like a heat protectant. Great product, but use it sparingly to protect your ends.

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