Basically my life goal is for my home to smell like a Ritz Carlton. If you’ve ever walked into a hotel lobby and thought, “This smells amazing. What is this?” there’s a good chance it was a scent from Air Esscentials. I have their home filtering system that’s been running through my home for about a year, and I also have their plug-in wall diffuser, which I love. You can save 10% sitewide when you use code: LEANNEB10.

 They have two new products I’m really excited about. The first is this ceramic diffuser (AE 1200), which you can connect to your phone via bluetooth. You can specify when it comes on, for how long, the strength of the scent, and more. It also lights up, and you can change the color of the lights. It is so convenient. I keep mine on my cabinet, styled alongside some vases. Just make sure it’s near an outlet because it needs to be plugged in to work.

The second product I’m really excited about is the AE 501. It’s portable, cordless and so convenient. It’s easy to hide behind other decor if you don’t want it on display. Not very loud at all, and you can change the intensity. Works great for a bedroom or kitchen or just one room you want to keep smelling beautiful. It’s also available in a gift set, which is perfect for the holidays. You can pick two scents that come with it, so you can customize based on the recipient.

Now on to my favorite scents! I’ve tried about 30 different ones, so you can trust my selections. Here are my top picks:

Santal: The perfect fall scent. Smells like leather-bound books. A bit feminine. Deluxe.

Winter Pine: I ordered the biggest bottle of this one. It’s Santa Claus in a bottle.

White Jasmine: My spring scent. This one reminds me of dating my husband. My mom had jasmine growing around her front door, so when Garrett and I were dating and he dropped me off, it smelled like white jasmine.

Pomelo: Perfect for summer. Smells like orange groves, but more like mandarin orange. Cute oranges. This is what laying by a pool and not chasing kids smells like.

Fresh Blue: Smells like it sounds. Fresh and light. A little bit of a sweet hint. I like this year-round throughout the first floor.

Miami Beach: This is another great year-round scent. If I can’t have housekeeping come make my bed every day at 10am, I’ll settle for my house smelling like the Miami Beach Ritz Carlton.

There are so many great scents and gifts (or things for yourself!) on their site, and don’t forget, you can save 10% sitewide when you use code: LEANNEB10.

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