I use the Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark on my body once a week for a long lasting, natural looking tan. One of their large bottles gives me about 6-8 full body tans. It’s the best color I’ve found, smells so good like baby powder, and isn’t super sticky. (Get a free tanning mitt with purchase with code: LEANNE)

Tips for The Perfect Self Tan Every Time:

  • I get rid of any existing tanner on my body with gel tan remover and then exfoliate my body in the shower with my Amazon exfoliating mitts.
  • I apply to my body mostly in circular motions. I skip over my elbows, hands, and knees and wait to do those till the very end so there isn’t a lot of product left on the mitt. This helps keep those areas from getting too dark.
  • I don’t always do my back but when I do, that back self tan applicator is a must! Makes it so easy to get the entire back.
  • To keep my hands and feel from getting splotchy, I rub lotion on them when I’m all done to make sure the product is distributed evenly.
  • If I tan in the morning, I’ll add a touch of translucent powder on the insides of my elbows and behind my knees to set the tan and keep them from getting sticky.
  • I usually apply tanner in the morning and shower it off at night, but if I have to sleep in the tanner, I’ve found that this one doesn’t transfer to my sheets too bad. If it does it always washes off.
  • For the rest of the week I apply my gradual tanning lotion after my shower every morning and it helps maintain my color all week long.
  • Tanner comes off too easily on my face since I’m always doing peels and using retinol, so I just add 1 drop of Tan-Luxe to my vitamin C serum in the morning and it gives me just enough color to match my body.
  • Make sure to wash your palms and dry in between your fingers after applying any tanner to keep product from developing there!

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