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I love giving fragrances as a gift. Memories tie back to scents in such a strong way. It feels like such a personal, thoughtful gift to give. Here are some fragrances I love for just about anyone on your list!

For Your Mom:

This scent is very different from Baccarat Rouge. Very fresh, very clean. It’s light but also has a depth to it. There’s something about a mom wearing a musk that just works really well.

For Your Dad:

This one is such an eccentric cologne. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever smelled. Has a little bit of pink pepper as the high note, but it fades away to this really unique masculine scent that I love. This is a dad fragrance for sure.

For Your Daughter:

This one is very old school. I wore it as a teen growing up. There’s something about it. It lasts so long. In the beginning, it’s pretty musky, but it settles off so beautifully. Such a calming, gorgeous scent. For a teenage girl or someone in their early 20s, this is the scent.

For Your Sister:

The most underrated Jo Malone perfume. Not enough people talk about it. It’s a beautiful scent. It’s clean but has this gorgeous floral note to it. It’s what I would want a sister to smell like. It doesn’t last very long – probably two hours max. Good for layering.

For Your Significant Other:

This is what my husband wears. I bought it for him 10+ years ago, and I’m obsessed. I love it. It has this deep rose smell to it, but it works both ways – women could wear it too. There’s just something about it for a man that works so well. Plus, it lasts all day.

For Your Grandma:

You can’t go wrong with Cashmere Mist. We all know the deodorant – this is that in perfume form. I think she’ll love it. Very much a grandma scent, but also one you want to smell.

For Your Bestie:

This one is supreme. It has a deep earthy bergamot perfume, but there’s an underlying layer of peach to it. I know that smells odd, but it smells incredible. Lasts forever. It maintains the original scent all day long, which I really like. A girls’ girl who knows her fragrance would love this smell.

For You:

This perfume smells phenomenal – like a peony, and it lasts all day. High quality. I wouldn’t recommend any others in their line because they’re a little grandma-y, but this one is newer and smells fantastic. Highly recommend it. Unique and beautiful. One of the most gorgeous perfumes I’ve ever smelled.

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