I struggled with postpartum hair loss for years. I lost a lot of hair after my fourth baby, and I tried everything to get my hair to grow back. It was really hard, and I never thought it would happen for me. I used to wear tape-in hair extensions because I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it to grow back. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get these front sections to grow. I thought for sure after babies I wouldn’t get my hair growth back, but now I know it’s attainable. This definitely wasn’t a short process, but I finally did it. If you follow a routine consistently and give it time, you can experience amazing growth and get your healthy hair back.

Here are the top products I have used and reordered in 2023 to help with my hair growth:

It is so nice to have long, healthy, thick hair again. All it takes is some dedication and the right products.

Quick Tips

• All of these products have helped me maintain healthy hair, but liquid collagen is the key to actually making the hair grow. I’ve been taking two tablespoons each day, and I really think this is the number one thing that has impacted my hair growth the most, especially the front sections. If you want to learn more, I wrote an entire post about how it works, along with answers to frequently asked questions here.

Maintaining the quality of your hair is just as important, and these are my tried and true products to do just that:

• On hair washing day,  I spray the front section of my hair with water and put Olaplex 3 in and let it sit all day in a high bun (or at least try and let it sit for 20 minutes before I jump in the shower).

• In the shower I use my scalp scrub first, then shampoo and then I always condition with a hair mask and let that sit for a few minutes.

• While in the shower, I comb through my hair with a wide tooth comb. This helps prevent any additional damage or breaking when combing out my hair.

• After the shower I towel dry, then apply 3 to 4 pumps of my elixir and mix it with my heat protectant hair cream. Then comb through and sleep on it.

• Anytime I use any heat protectant after that, I use the this protectant spray. Every morning I add a little elixir to my ends to keep them hydrated.

My Full Routine



SHAMPOO: Bondi Boost HG Shampoo

MAKEUP BRUSH: Iconic London Ultimate Brush Set


SUNLESS TANNER: Loving Tan Ultra Dark

HAIR CREAM: Garnier Fructis Surfer Putty

SETTING SPRAY: Iconic London Hydrating Setting Spray (Original)


HAIR CLIPS: Kitsch Claw Clips

STRAIGHTENER: L’Oreal Steampod Flat Iron & Styler

PERFUME: Penhaligon’s Empressa

LIP PLUMPER: Too Faced Lip Plumper


EYESHADOW: Tarte Bloom Palette

HAIR TIE: Amazon Microfiber Hair Ties

BLUSH: Merit Beauty (Beverly Hills)

HAIR OIL: Kerastase Hair Oil


HIGHLIGHTER: Iconic Liquid Highlight

TEXTURIZING SPRAY: Living Proof Dry Volume & Texture Spray

RETINOL: SkinCeuticals Retinol


CURLING IRON: Marcel 1″ Curling Iron

TEETH WHITENER: Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips

SCALP SERUM: Divi Scalp Serum

STYLING CREAM: Kerastase Hair Gloss

VITAMIN C SERUM: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

WATERPROOF MASCARA: Too Faced Waterproof Mascara

HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY: Hot Toddy Heat Protectant

HAND CREAM: InvisiCrepe Body Balm

HAIR SHINE SPRAY: Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray

SHEET MASKS: Collagen Facial Sheet Masks



My top four picks for the best high-rise wide leg denim. Keep reading for a breakdown on comfort, fit, and length. Some of the pairs are on sale right now at a few different retailers too. Wide leg (when done well) are some of my favorite most flattering jeans.

Most comfortable. Favorite wash color, super wide on the bottom, fit true to size.

Best details. The waistband on these is perfect. Fit true to size.

Incredibly flattering. No stretch, suck you in in all the right places. Fit true to size.

Best option for flats. Fit true to size.

Gift Guides


I love giving fragrances as a gift. Memories tie back to scents in such a strong way. It feels like such a personal, thoughtful gift to give. Here are some fragrances I love for just about anyone on your list!

For Your Mom:

This scent is very different from Baccarat Rouge. Very fresh, very clean. It’s light but also has a depth to it. There’s something about a mom wearing a musk that just works really well.

For Your Dad:

This one is such an eccentric cologne. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever smelled. Has a little bit of pink pepper as the high note, but it fades away to this really unique masculine scent that I love. This is a dad fragrance for sure.

For Your Daughter:

This one is very old school. I wore it as a teen growing up. There’s something about it. It lasts so long. In the beginning, it’s pretty musky, but it settles off so beautifully. Such a calming, gorgeous scent. For a teenage girl or someone in their early 20s, this is the scent.

For Your Sister:

The most underrated Jo Malone perfume. Not enough people talk about it. It’s a beautiful scent. It’s clean but has this gorgeous floral note to it. It’s what I would want a sister to smell like. It doesn’t last very long – probably two hours max. Good for layering.

For Your Significant Other:

This is what my husband wears. I bought it for him 10+ years ago, and I’m obsessed. I love it. It has this deep rose smell to it, but it works both ways – women could wear it too. There’s just something about it for a man that works so well. Plus, it lasts all day.

For Your Grandma:

You can’t go wrong with Cashmere Mist. We all know the deodorant – this is that in perfume form. I think she’ll love it. Very much a grandma scent, but also one you want to smell.

For Your Bestie:

This one is supreme. It has a deep earthy bergamot perfume, but there’s an underlying layer of peach to it. I know that smells odd, but it smells incredible. Lasts forever. It maintains the original scent all day long, which I really like. A girls’ girl who knows her fragrance would love this smell.

For You:

This perfume smells phenomenal – like a peony, and it lasts all day. High quality. I wouldn’t recommend any others in their line because they’re a little grandma-y, but this one is newer and smells fantastic. Highly recommend it. Unique and beautiful. One of the most gorgeous perfumes I’ve ever smelled.

Gift Guides


For that special person on your list that you’re looking to spoil. These gifts are all high quality and items that the recipient will love and use for a long time. Simply splurge-worthy.

DIGITAL CALENDAR – Such a cool way to stay organized and on top of everyone’s schedules. Love that this makes it so it’s easy for everyone in the family to reference.

LIGHTING SYSTEM – This is the lighting system I use for my videos, and I 100% recommend it. Adjustable and provides the best soft glow.

STAND MIXER – Takes baking to a whole new level. The perfect gift for the bakers on your list.

SUITCASE – A good suitcase is one of those things you’ll have for a long time. This one is amazing quality, and I love the color combo.

ROSE 31 FRAGRANCE – This scent is in my top 3 ever. It was the first Le Labo fragrance I fell in love with years ago. It has a deep rose scent mixed with cedar and amber.

EMPRESSA FRAGRANCE –  I bought this perfume in Austria. The deep bergamot and peach remind me of the intricate carvings on churches, rich colors of the Swiss countryside, and finding a secret passageway in an old library. Every time I wear it, it instantly transports me back.

VICTORIA BECKHAM JEANS – Love love love these jeans. Run true to size and elevate any look.

LEATHER JACKET – This jacket is perfection. A great gift for any girl on your list.

SIGNET RING – This would make such a sentimental gift. I’ve wanted a ring like this for forever to honor my Dad and I finally found the perfect one. It’s small and understated enough for everyday wear that reminds me of one of my very favorite people.

TESS SADDLE BAG – This bag is a classic. I’ve had it for years and just love the shape.

STEAMPOD FLAT IRON – This steam straightener is amazing and keeps my hair protected from heat.

NUFACE STARTER KIT – This device tones, lifts and contours. It makes a noticeable difference and makes for the perfect home spa night.

BOOST LED MASKThis is the most incredible LED mask. I use it almost every night while watching a show and it has evened out my skin tone and tightened my skin visibly with regular use.

MASON PEARSON BRUSH – If you’re going to splurge on a brush, this is the one.


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Gift Guides


I pulled together my favorite giftable items across all categories: beauty, fashion, accessories and home. These would all make great gifts no matter who you’re shopping for, and they’re all under $100.

MONOGRAM NECKLACE – Love how minimalistic this is. The perfect touch of personalized.

RALPH BASEBALL HAT – You know I love a good baseball hat, and I just think this one is so classic.

EMERALD BEANIE – All about the emerald. This is such a gorgeous color – and functional too!

LEATHER CROSSBODY – The best bag for traveling. You can wear it in the front as a crossbody or in the back like a backpack. You can even clip it onto a stroller because the straps are detachable! Big enough to fit a water bottle, diaper, wipes, and snacks for fast errands too.

LEATHER LEGGINGS – You just can’t go wrong with a great pair of Spanx. I have had these for years and love them.

GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE – The perfect everyday necklace.

PERSONALIZED BLANKET – Love a cozy gift that encourages the recipient to kick back and relax. This personalized blanket is a favorite.

PAJAMA SET – I have this in multiple colors and can’t say enough nice things about it. The best pajama set, and a great gift for anyone on your list.

COZY BLANKET – Love the size of this blanket, and the color is beautiful.

SLIPPERS – Slippers are always a great gift because who doesn’t love them? These are extra cozy for a nice, warm and fuzzy gift.

HOT TOOLS VOLUMIZER – This tool is as good as I was hoping it would be! I found that I like the curls best when I start at the base curling away from my face and move down the hair, just like how I do it with my Marcel.

FLOWER VASE – The shape of this vase is so unique. I absolutely love it.

TEXTURED POT – Love the texture on this pot. So interesting and different.

CANDLE – This one just smells like the holidays. You can’t go wrong with a candle as a gift.

PLANNER – Personalized and functional. Perfect for the organized – or aspiring to be organized – girl in your life.

STANLEY CUP – You know I love my Stanley cup. Everyone needs one of these.

LAYERED NECKLACE – I am so impressed by the quality of this brand, and the pricepoint is amazing. This layered necklace is so easy to throw on to complete the look.

HAMMERED MONOGRAM NECKLACE – I love the texture on this necklace. Makes for an interesting jewelry piece.

WOVEN CLUTCH – I’ve had this clutch for a while now and absolutely love it. The perfect size and goes with just about everything.

INITIAL DISC NECKLACE – I love this necklace. Another great personalized gift idea.

TOTE BAG – The shape, the color, the size – everything about this bag is perfect.

GEOMETRIC CLUTCH – I’ve been finding the most unique geometric accessories. I love an accessory that becomes the focal point of a good minimal outfit.


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A roundup of my favorite cropped cardigans! Jeans + a cardigan is such an effortless, but still put-together fall look.

I don’t have a ton of red in my closet, but I love adding pops of red, especially around the holidays. Love the buttons on this one. Wearing a S. Also comes in black and cream, and you have to see the buttons on the black one.

This one is Mango from 2 years ago but I found a very similar one with a similar price point. I reach for this classic style quite a bit.

Wearing a S. Size up if in-between sizes. Runs a tad small (but not as small as the striped one).

Wearing a S – I’m exchanging for a medium though. The stitching on this is tight and little to no stretch. I’d recommend sizing up! Love the olive + ivory – also comes in black/white.

Wearing a S. Runs slightly oversized. Love this with jeans buttoned up or over a dress.



These would all make great gifts no matter who you’re shopping for. Whether you’re looking for a host/hostess gift, teacher gift, white elephant gift, or anything in between, there’s something for everyone here. I own and love all of these products, and they’re all under $30.

IPHONE CASE – I have this phone case in multiple colors. It’s been my go-to for years.

SELFIE LIGHT – This light clips on to your phone and is the perfect portable lighting system.

BLUE & WHITE TABLECLOTH – I have this tablecloth and love it. The quality is amazing, especially for the price.

GLASS CLOCHE – I thought this cloche was so beautiful and was blow away by the price. This would make a great host gift.

MATTE JAR CANDLE – Can’t get enough of this smell from Anthro. Love these candles.

CASHMERE MIST DEODORANT – Love this antiperspirant. I always stock up on this during the Nordstrom Sale.

LIP PLUMPER – I keep these everywhere – my purse, my car, around the house – so I never have to go without.

PILLOW TALK LIP SET – The perfect nude/rose lip color that works great on everyone.

MICROFIBER HAIR TIES – These hair ties are great for the gym. They don’t damage your hair, and they stay put.

BELT BAG – For the girl on the go. This belt bag is a favorite of mine.

ANKLE SOCKS – These hit perfectly in the right spot.

LEG PILLOW – If you’re a side sleeper, you need this. Wouldn’t be a 26-minute nap without it.

PACKING CUBES – These are so great, especially for a large family. I use these to color code the boys’ clothing on trips and keep everything organized.

SATIN PILLOW CASE – Not only do these just feel luxurious, but they’re also great for your skin and your hair.

COZY SOCKS – These are so soft and come in a pack of two.

COLLAGEN FACE MASKS – The best masks and so affordable on Amazon.

RUNNING BELT – Lightweight and perfect for carrying the essentials.

PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER – Bought this for a trip, and it came in handy multiple times. Perfect for anyone on your gift list.


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Girls are super fun to buy for. Here are my favorite giftable items that work for various budgets, regardless of age.

EMERALD RING – I love a statement ring. This one is similar to the one I wear.

PERFUME SAMPLER SET – This is a great way to test out different fragrances before committing to one.

BLACK SUNGLASSES – These are the perfect minimal black sunglasses, and they are so reasonably priced.

GYM STANLEY – For the girl on the go. Perfect size for the gym or traveling.

GOLD HOOP-LIKE EARRINGS: I love these brushed gold earrings. They are similar to a hoop and perfect for everyday wear.

BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS – The color, the shape, the buckle. I love love love these sandals.

COZY SOCKS – I wear these socks every night to bed, no matter the season. They are the best.

MARCEL CURLING IRON – This curling iron gives me the best curls, and they last. I use the 1″ barrel.

INITIAL NECKLACE – A great everyday necklace with a touch of personalization. Love a great jewelry gift.

CAMEL CROSSBODY BAG – This bag is the perfect size and shape. I can’t say enough nice things about it.

CORDUROY BASEBALL CAP – Love the color and texture of this hat.

PAJAMA SET – These pajamas are so comfortable. I have them in multiple colors. The perfect gift for anyone on your list.

BLOWOUT BRUSH – I let my hair air dry about 70% before I style with this blowout brush. I LOVE this new smaller size. BARLOW15 gets you 15% off.

IPHONE WALLET CROSSBODY – This is the perfect size for traveling. Fits the essentials, goes with everything, nice and lightweight.

HEATLESS CURLERS – These are the best heatless curlers I’ve found. Sleep in them and wake up with the perfect curl.

GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE – I can’t get over the quality of this necklace. It feels so much more expensive than it is.

HONEYCOMB VASE – The prettiest vase from Anthropologie.

FLORAL ROBE – I am a robe girl. This one comes in a ton of colors and is so pretty.

MONOGRAMMED MAKE-UP BAG – I love when I can add a personal touch to a gift. This make-up bag would be great for any girl on your list.


My favorite home scents. This is such a giftable, item and I love that you can include two fragrances. Get 10% off with code: LEANNEB10

My top picks:

Santal (fall) – Think sexy sweaters and crunching leaves.
Winter Pine (winter) – A fancy ski resort without the being cold part.
White Jasmine (spring) – THEE smell they had in the hotel. Pretty and iconic.
Pomelo (summer) – Oranges, a clear water pool, and zero responsibility.
Fresh Blue (year-round) – It’s anthro’s Capri Blue’s older cooler sister.
Miami Beach (year-round) – It smells like everything around you is clean and expensive.


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We had the most amazing time on our trip exploring Europe! I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous Switzerland is. So many amazing memories came home with us.

I packed and repacked probably five times, but here are the looks that made the cut.

I found the most comfortable Mary Jane’s and I have thousands of steps to prove it. These were light and packable and didn’t give me a single blister while walking miles all over Switzerland. Just make sure you size up 1/2 a size so you don’t have to stretch them out like I did.

This slip skirt has been a favorite of mine throughout summer, and I’m bringing it into fall too. Love how easy and effortless it is, and it comes in multiple color options.

I’ve gotten so much wear out of this slip dress. They are so versatile! We walked to dinner one night in Austria, so I threw on a tweed oversized blazer and loafers.

Wore this striped sweater dress to explore Zurich – what a gorgeous city! It’s so clean and I love that all the water is fresh and drinkable!

This bag is the perfect size and shape for travel. I can’t say enough great things about it.



The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! I combed through the entire sale, and narrowed down every single category to bring you the very best finds. I’ve rounded up all my picks by category in this post. Favorite fashion finds, baby and kid items, beauty, and of course some cozy favorites as well! You can shop all these products below.

Jackets & Coats

DENIM BIKER JACKET – A biker jacket is the perfect layering piece for fall. Takes a look to a whole new level.

HOODED PUFFER JACKET – This will come in handy when winter rolls back around.

SHERPA + LEATHER BOMBER – I love the collar on this leather jacket. Such a fun way to mix textures for fall.

LONG CARDIGAN – This looks so cozy and is perfect for layering.

OLIVE COAT – This is very similar to my favorite rain coat I purchased years ago. It’s made by the same brand. Amazing quality.


Tops & Pants

COATED HIGH-WAISTED JEANS – These are so versatile and a great staple piece for fall. So fun to style.

LEATHER LEGGINGS – I love love LOVE my Spanx and can’t say enough great things about them.

WIDE LEG DENIM – Love the crop and wash on these wide-leg jeans.


Dresses & Skirts

LONG-SLEEVE BLACK DRESS – Love a little black dress for layering in the fall, and I think this is the one.

PENCIL SKIRT – A great pencil skirt is hard to find. Love the length on this one.



LOW TOP SNEAKERS – How cute will these be with sweats or leggings?

BLACK BOOTIES – These are so sleek and would look great with a monochromatic outfit.

COGNAC + BLACK PUMPS – The color combo, the pointed toe, the height of the heel – everything about these shoes is perfect. A fall must-have.



EMERALD RING – I absolutely love emerald everything, and the shape of this stone is the cherry on top.

SNAKE CHAIN – A gold herringbone necklace is the perfect everyday jewelry. Works great on its own or for layering with other pieces.

DUFFLE BAG – I love a good-sized duffle bag, especially being a family of six.


Active & Loungewear

CREAM ROBE – Love the length of this robe.

COZY SOCKS – These are so soft and come in a pack of two.

PAJAMA SET – These PJs are the best. I have them in multiple colors.


SUPERGOOP SPF 50 SET – This sunscreen is my favorite. Doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

LIP INJECTION SET – I keep these everywhere – my purse, my car, around the house – so I never have to go without.

PILLOW TALK LIP KIT – The perfect nude/rose lip color that works great on everyone.

DENNIS GROSS PEEL PADS – I use these almost every night on my face, my neck and my chest. I love what they do for my skin.

SUPERGOOP PLAY SUNSCREEN SET – More Supergoop favorites.


Kids & Baby

COZY BLANKET – So soft and perfect, whether you’re looking for a baby blanket or a throw for your living room.

2-IN-1 ROCKER CHAIR – A must-have. This one appears to be lightweight and easy to move from one place to the next.

CONVERTIBLE CARSEAT/STROLLER – Well made and beautiful! This stroller/carseat combo is such a great price.

CONVERTIBLE CARSEAT – Love that this one has cup holders for those always-present snack cups.



All you need is a good base. I found the best black tank dress on our trip to Charleston. Here are 12 ways I’m going to style it all year long.


This dress works great on its own, especially when paired with my favorite gold earrings, but let’s style it!

A little black dress is a classic, and so is a striped top. I love this classic look paired with some white sneakers.

Added a beach hat and some comfy slides for a casual, effortless look.

Black and gold are always a winning combo. I love these mules I bought last year. Linking some similar options.

Completed the look with a knotted white crew neck tee and some of my favorite sandals.

Dressed up this little black dress with a blazer and some heels.

Another play on stripes. I love this button-down knotted over a classic black dress.

Denim is always a welcome addition to any look. I love it with this black dress.

A white button-down and barely-there gold sandal are the perfect way to finish this look.

Love playing with gold. The buttons on this blazer and the gold mules play so well together.

I’ve tried a lot of leather jackets, and this one is by far the best. I love it paired with this black dress and white sneakers.

Another take on a white crewneck over a black dress. Love the crop on this one.

Which look was your favorite?