Join my Golden Girl Community

The Golden Girl Community is a group of women who share my love for liquid collagen (I call it my liquid gold) AND a love for business. As a member of my Golden Girl Community, I will be your mentor, cheerleader, and help set you up with the tools needed to create and run your own successful business (all while raising babies and setting your own work schedule!)

Golden Girl Community access$199.99

In order to be part of my community you will need to set up your own Social Marketer account  through a site called Shifting Retail. As a Social Marketer, you will receive your own own affiliate link for earning commission and get access to exclusive education in our private Golden Girls Community. The Social Retail site is where you will create your own links and track your commissions. In the Golden Girl Community I get to share my business knowledge with you AND you get a whole group of like-minded women cheering you on!

Step 1:

  • Set up your Social Marketer account right here

  • “Social Marketer Enrollment” will already be added to your cart.

  • Select any order from the “Basic Packs” (I get the LIQUID BIOCELL LIFE ENROLLMENT COLLECTION – $159.99), add to your cart.



Step 2: 


  • Set up your Smartship. In order to receive commissions from your link, you need a min of 75 pts (approx. $100) set up on your Smartship order. As you get customers, your commissions and product credits will end up covering this monthly cost.



Step 3:


  • Fill out your shipping/ payment info. Under “Register your Website Name” put your first and last name. Then click “Complete My Enrollment”.


Step 4:


  • Set up your commissions account on to link to your PayPal or bank account. (make sure you do this before promoting so you get credit for your sales!) These commissions payments come through twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Once you are signed up you will receive an email that walks you through your Modere dashboard and shows you where you can find your custom referral code and affiliate link.

Have questions? Text “GGC101” to (434)212-2120