Elle Apparel is a fashion/sewing design blog that targets a wide range of women.  Partnering with me is a fantastic way to reach a constantly expanding audience and drive traffic to your site.  Here are the ways I’d love to collaborate with you:

  • Sidebar Ad:  Elle Apparel is currently accepting sponsorships with stores/blogs that are relevant to this blog and its readers.  Add sizing is 200 x 200.
  • Product Placement:  I would be happy to incorporate clothing/accessories that fit with my personal style into an outfit post.  The product with be listed as “c/o” (courtesy of) and link directly to your site.
  • Product Review:  I love exposing my readers to fabulous new products that match my style and interest.  I reserve the right to share my honest option with my readers.  
  • Giveaway:  A giveaway is a great way to gain exposure of your business/product and I would be happy to host a giveaway on Elle Apparel so long as it is a good fit for my blog and its readers.  

If you are interested in partnering with Elle Apparel, please email me for current statistics and pricing at advertise@leannebarlow.com.