skinny tie

A while back I found a great pattern for a baby boy’s skinny tie.  I made a bunch for Bradley and have loved them.  Now he is about growing out of them, so I’ll need to tweak the pattern to make it a little bigger and a little longer.  It’s been so fun putting on these adorable little ties on him for church.

You can find the pattern that I used here (scroll through the options until you see a graphic with a pink tie on the left and a multi-colored tie on the right) in PDF format.  The pattern that they have is good through about 18 mos. 

baby boy love

DYING over the fall boys line at Zara.  These might possibly be some of the cutest little boy clothes ever.
and how cute are the shoes?!  Garrett would be so jealous of our boys…

baby dress

My friend Christy is having a little girl, so I attempted my first baby dress for her shower.  I basically sketched out a pattern from an Old Navy baby dress that I liked and went from there.  I am happy with the result.  Cute, little, and feminine.  Just how baby girl clothes should be.
I added some lace at the bottom that I had on-hand.  I think it adds just the right amount of frill.
I wrapped it in simple brown paper, tied a bow, and threw in a cute tag and flower.  I love wrapping gifts in brown paper.  You can use it for any occasion and embellish it however you please.