Mom’s Best:: hot products event

Caroline, me, and Merrick with our swag
I had such a fun night last night at the Moms Best Hot Product Event!  When I got the invite, I grabbed Merrick and we headed over to check out some fun new mommy gear and help support a great cause.  I loved getting to mingle with so many talented bloggers and review some great new products.  I scored an unbelievably handy Camera Coat and won this amazing high chair in the raffle!  I was too busy stuffing my face when they called my number, I wasn’t even sure what I had won.  I don’t do the whole “win free stuff” very often, so it was a pleasant surprise!    


Last week I hit up the blogger meet and greet over at Soel Boutique with Merrick and Kayla.  It was PACKED.  Kayla and I showed up with our babies in their car seats.  We immediately ditched the car seats and just held our babes because there was seriously no room to move around.  Pretty sure my arm is still sore from holding my arm in a constant curl for two straight hours.
don’t be jealous of how great this lighting is
It was fun to see all the gorg outfits and great bloggers.  And I can’t even tell you how many red statement lips were in that place.  It was fun chatting it up with friends (Rachel, Annie, Alycia) and making some new ones (Bri, Liz…quite possibly my sister from another mister)
The blogging community can be a funny thing, because you feel like you are friends with people that you’ve never actually met, so it was great to be able to connect with people face to face.  Then you can be like, “hey! I know pretty much everything about you already, so hopefully that doesn’t make me a stalker!”